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Auctions or Trades?

by jeran43


AUCTIONS AND TRADING POST - Please take your time and read this so you may be fair for your self and be fair for other Neopians. I really do hope you do this. It does help many many of us.


Auctioning: When you auction off an item, whether it be a food item worth 100 NPs, or a Baby Paint Brush worth 600,000 NPs, you can't get exactly how many Neopoints you want. Say if you want 120 NPs for that omelette, you aren't guaranteed to get that much. If you start your auction out at 100 NPs, there might only be one person who bids, and you might only get 101 NPs :P Say you wanted to start out the bidding of your Baby Paint Brush at 600,000 NPs, and you wanted it to last for 1 hour flat. But oh no! You only entered 60,000 NPs! ::head in hands:: There is no way that it will get up to 600,000. It might, but you would have to be really lucky. And you can't take it out of auctions, or control who bids on it. Face it, it's gone.

Trading: Ah ha…My one and only choice of selling/reselling and buying ^.^ Once again if you were selling that food item for 120 NPs, and that Baby Paint Brush for 600,00 NPs, you can control what and who offers on your items. Plus, say you entered 60,000 NPs, on your wishlist, you could either wait 15 minutes to take it out and change your wishlist, or reject anyone who offers that much until you get a fair amount. Plus you can trade for items as well.

Rating: Auctioning: 6.5/10

Rating: Trading: 9/10 I think Trading won this round ;)

Neopoint Limits:

Auctioning: Well auctioning is good for something. If your item is worth more than 800,000 NPs and you only want pure, then this might be your only choice without risking losing the rest of your Neopoints. Say you were selling a Darigan Paint Brush for 1.2 Million NPs, you could get it all at once, and maybe even more, since it is auctioning, without having to get 2 payments and risking NPs.

Trading: Ech…A downside to trading ::shudders:: Like I said above, if you have a Darigan Paint Brush, for let's say 1.2 Million NPs, and you don't want items, and you only want pure, you may have to do it in 2 payments since the maximum NPs trade is 800,000 NPs. So you are going to risk losing 400,000 NPs ((If I need the math right xP)). Now personally, that would scare me!

Rating: Auctioning: 9/10 By what I think, auctioning won this round ;)

Rating: Trading: 7/10


Auctioning: I will make this short and simple. Auction timing stinks. Once you put your item in there, it stays there. Whoever bids on it, bids on it. If no one bids on then you get it back, and you can try again.

Trading: This is short and simple too. If you put an item into trades, you can take it out in 15 minutes. If someone offers on it, and you don't want to sell it, then you can reject his or her offer and not have to worry about anything.

Rating: Auctioning: 2/10

Rating: Trading: 10/10 Trading won this round by a landslide!


Auctioning: I must say, that haggling is that fun part of buying and selling. In auctions, you cannot haggle. At all. There is a set price. So if you don't want to pay it, you don't get it.

Trading: W00tness! You can haggle! ::sings:: Oh Thank Heaven! Anyways, if the person selling has a price on their wishlist, and you want to know if they will go and cheaper, you can Neomail them, or contact them in some way and ask them. For those of you who have no idea what Haggling means, here you go: To bargain, as over the price of something.

Rating: Auctioning: 3.5/10

Rating: Trading: 9.5/10

Getting The Item Easily

Auctioning: In the above paragraph, remember how I said that you couldn't haggle? Well this kind of ties in with this paragraph. When using the auctions, you aren't always guaranteed to get your item. It's not as easy as trading, where you can haggle with the seller, and persuade them to sell you the item ;). When auctioning, you have to fight over the item that you want to buy. There could be tons of on people that want that same item from that same person, or there could be two. But either way, it's a battle 'til the end, so hopefully you have a rather fast computer!

Trading: Well obviously I will say something good about this ^.^ Just like I said that you can haggle when trading, you can also ((like I said above)) persuade the person to sell you the item ;) And you don't have to fight for it as much, which is very good, I think anyways. When you have an item that you want to trade, you can keep in contact with the person through Neomail about the item, and if anyone has beat your offer. You don't have to keep going back and refreshing every 5 seconds to see if you are still the leader in the auctions.

Rating: Auctioning: 4.5/10

Rating: Trading: 8.5/10

Well I hope that this article has helped you, or at least entertained you. Maybe you think it stinks, and those of you who do, can keep your comments to yourself ^.^ If you like my articles, then Neomail me and maybe you can be in one of my screenies if you would like. This was quite an interesting article to write, it took a while since I ran out of ideas, so a thank you goes out to angelgrl_07 for helping me. Good luck in Neopia everyone!

Remember that if you put a item in the auctions, it can not get out until the time is up. And if you put a item in the Trades, you may take it out in 15 minutes. So please keep that in mind so it will be fair for you and fair for the other fellow Neopians.

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