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Toybox Escape Guide

by powerzoshi


GAMES ROOM - Ever wondered what lies beneath Doctor Sloth’s toybox? Well, it’s not your ordinary toys, but they are actually robotic neopets, which are trying to scramble out so that they are free from Sloth’s “prison!” These toys were designed to take over the world, but they had no anger or anything to make them evil, so Dr. Sloth thought they were useless, and threw them into the toybox. These little neopets burn, jump, dig, climb, make ramps, and push their way out for freedom. Careful, they don’t have long, or they’re toast!

But don't fear! This guide that I've made shall aid you, so that you can get those little robots out before Dr Sloth does anything bad to them!

In Toybox Escape, there are 6 neopets and 20 levels. Those Neopets are Myncis, Kacheeks, Unis, Kougras, Shoyrus, and Scorchios. Each have their own special ability, and with their ability, they will be able to work together to make it out safe and sound. Here are the abilities of the Neopets (after the next sentence). To activate the ability, press on the neopet’s face at the bottom of the screen

Mynci: Myncis come in 3 colours. Purple, Green, and Blue. Their special ability for the game is to climb up walls. In the first level, to complete it, you need to click on the purple and green Mynci wherever they are, and at the first wall they come in contact with, they will climb up. Watch out! You’ve got to think and time when they should climb. If you make a mistake, you may accidentally make a Mynci climb up towards a wall, which at the top has spikes!

Kacheek: Kacheeks come in 3 colours. Blue, Yellow, and Green. Their special abilities is to push coloured blocks. They will push the first coloured block they come into contact with. Careful! Make sure you know when to tell them to push, or they may push a block and lead them to spikes, or even flatten another neopet!

Uni: Unis are only in 1 colour, that is white. They can create ramps to help neopets go on platforms that are unreachable. They will transform into a ramp when they come into contact with the first wall they bump into. Careful about when you use the ramp! You may lead a neopet to the exit, without getting the Uni to the exit (because the neopet is in the exit, and therefore can’t use an ability to get out) if you use the ramp incorrectly!

Kougra: Kougras are available in 4 colours. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow (Basic Colours!) These neopets dig through coloured blocks. To make the Kougra dig, it must be underneath a coloured block. It cannot dig normal blocks. Careful where you dig, because you may make a trap for other neopets, or even yourself! You have to think before digging! Keep that in mind! =) In 2 levels, you will experience one with 2 Kougras, and another with 4. In those, you must think; otherwise you will easily lose a continue! (Note: I can’t remember the level number, sorry).

Shoyru: Shoyrus are available in 2 colours. Red and Purple. These neopets can jump. The advantage is that they can go across spikes and lava that are 2 blocks wide easily, and they don’t require the help of a Uni to get to unreachable platforms. Make sure you time your jump, and make sure you jump at the very edge of a platform, or you will fall down, or fall into lava or spikes! As soon as you press on the Shoyru’s face, it will jump.

Scorchio: Scorchios are available in 2 colours. Red and Green. These neopets can burn coloured blocks. A Scorchio will burn the first coloured block it comes in contact with. Careful when you use it, because you can easily burn the wrong block, and it may lead you into a trap! Be careful, as an advantage may be so good, that it’s bad!!

That concludes the neopet abilities. As I mentioned before, there are 20 levels. You will find at least 2 neopets per level, and a maximum of 5 per level. You must plot what you are going to do before even trying. Keep that in mind! If you don’t do as it said above, you may lose a continue, and it is vital that you have all 4 continues for the last 5 levels.

In each level, there is a coin. These coins are a bonus, and will add 20 points to your score. To get a coin, you must plan how and what neopet is to get the coin. It’s better that you get the coin, or you may get a low score on each level! The coin is similar to both Hannah and the Pirate/Ice Caves games, because for extra points, you must collect the gems. (Remember, that’s for the Hannah games, not Toybox Escape!)

If you think it’s so easy, you must hurry about when you are going to plan, as you have only 3 minutes, or you will lose a continue. Think quickly, then try to think the fastest way to get out of that level! Remember, getting the coin will take some time, and if you are low on time, I suggest that you go for the door instead of risking it!

In the game, you will have 4 continues. When you run out of time, a continue is deducted. When one of your neopets has fallen into a trap, you lose a continue. If you need to restart, you will lose one. Once you lose all your continues, you will get game over! This is why you should plan where you are going to go, or you will lose a continue!! Here’s a hint. The easiest way to try get to level 20 is to have all 4 continues. If you can hold on to them without losing one, until maybe 15, then you should make it! OK, OK, it’s not much of a tip, but it’s better to inform you then not inform you.

Evil Sloth! In his toybox, he has many hazards that may make you lose a continue. There are spikes, lava, and gaps which won’t let your neopet out. The only way to get away from these is to take another route. Another reason why you should plan where you are going to go! Oh, and if you cannot take another route, or you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to press the restart button, but only press it if you are 100% SURE you are stuck.

At the end of each level, there is a time bonus and a coin bonus. The time bonus is the bonus you get for the time remaining on the clock. The bonus starts at 20, but decreases by 1every 10 seconds after 2:40 minutes (I think that is right, but I’m not 100%), so the faster you finish, the more points you will gain! The coin bonus is the bonus for collecting the coin, which is always 20 points. Note that you will only get the coin bonus for at the time you got the coin. An additional 20 points won’t be added after the level.

Now, when you complete Level 5, 10, and 15, you will be awarded a code. These codes can be used to skip levels, and let you play later levels. You may find them useful!

Now, the last thing to point out is trying to get a trophy. Getting a trophy is hard, because other players tend to get scores over 800+. By completing the game, you may only get 750. A tip to getting a higher score is to finish in the least possible time, get the coins, and practice playing a lot. Eventually, you may get your hands on a trophy! All I can say is try your best, oh, and good luck!

A good tip about neopoints in this game is that because the NP ration is 100NP per 100pts, whatever score you get will be the amount you get. By the time you complete the game, you will get at least 700+ points per play, making that 700+ neopoints! You will probably get 2100+ NP per day from this game! So, if you’re trying to save up for those very rare items, play this game, and it will get you the best!

Oh no! Sloth is trying to wreak havoc in the toybox, and the neopets are in there! I guess I’ll have to get them out again! I guess that’s been like 20 times now. I hope you enjoyed reading, and that this guide helped you (or will help you) about Toybox Escape! The name says it all!

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