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Ice Cream Machine - the Guide with Cherries on Top

by travelerofneopia


GAMES ROOM - You know Adee? Ya know, the little Chia who always asks you in random events if you know you can refer people? Yes. That Adee. Adee has a game out called Ice Cream Machine starring, well, Adee! Follow this guide and lend your ears to Chias everywhere 'cause they don't have any and you will become the best Ice Cream Machine-Person there is!!

Overview of Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine consists of a Chia dodging a bunch of ice cream scoops, an ice cream machine actually. She must dodge the killer scoops that are trying to hit her... this time the Ice Cream is out for revenge!

You play the game by moving your mouse, as you control the Adee. Move your mouse left and - gasp - Adee moves left. Amazingly, it's the same thing if you move her down or up, or EVEN .. diagonal o_o Yes, incredible I know.

Also, unlike another game which is now ... dead, and in the Game Graveyard, you can not "teleport" Adee by right-clicking the mouse and transferring her. This will END the game. So put your right-click finger in your mouth or something so it doesn't disturb you.


There are 13 levels in Ice Cream Machine, each harder than the one before. The levels are as follows:

Level 1 - Strawberry - Dodge 25 Scoops - Just dodge them ... the level is soo easy it's not funny.

Level 2 - Vanilla - Dodge +25 or 50 - A little harder, but nothing to much to worry about.

Level 3 - Chocolate - Dodge +25 or 75 - Same with vanilla, easy to dodge.

Level 4 - Mint - Dodge +25 or 100 - Still pretty easy.

Level 5 - Blueberry - Dodge 125 - Pretty easy.

Level 6 - Vanilla Chocolate Chip - Dodge 150 - A little frustrating if you're beginning.

Level 7 - Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate - Dodge 175 - Getting harder!

Level 8 - Peach - Dodge 200 - Getting annoyed?

Level 9 - Vanilla Chocolate Swirl - Dodge 225 - The swirls o_o Get them away!

Level 10 - Double Chocolate - Dodge 250 - Phooey. My personal hardest level.

Level 11 - Tigersquash - Dodge 275 - Eep!

Level 12 - Rainbow - Dodge 300 - Dodge Ack! Incredibly hard!

Level 13 - Garlicy Bratwurst - Dodge 325 - The last and final level!!

As you can see, levels 1 through 6 are pretty easy, but 7 through 13 are an incredible challenge! Oofa!

Bonuses and Not-So-Bonuses

What is a game without bonuses? Why, it's not a game at all!

The Toppings! - These scoops are covered with flavored toppings: Strawberry, Chocolate or Caramel. Do the flavors really matter? Dunno. But these toppings give you double the normal points of an average scoop, or ten. Also, multiple-topping scoops are worth triple of the normal scoop, or fifteen points! Rating: Good!

Green Plus - This scoop will speed up the scoops! No actual reason to get this really, so don't! Baaaaad.

Red Minus - This scoop will slow down the scoops! Great if you're stuck in small levels, around 1 through the 7th, but using multiple of these can be very painful in later levels as the scoop will come slow but in multiple, sometimes impossible to dodge. So beware! Rating: Good if you know how to use it!

Silver Shield - This scoop will be explained a bit a bit later. Rating: Whaffala Good!

Strawberry Bomb - This scoop is is either good or useless. If you touch it it will destroy all scoops on the screen, but none of them will go to your points, just that it will make you "start again". If you're stuck and are lucky enough to get one, it will be a lifesaver but it's quite rare. Rating: Use it to your advantage. Don't take it without a reason.

Heart! - This scoop will give you an extra life!! Not shabby, eh? This scoop helps millions! More of this scoop will be explained a bit later. Rating: Whaffala Good x2!

Light Blue Big-Chia - This will increase the size of Adee. Do NOT get it! Rating: Baaaad!

Purple Small-Chia - This will decrease the size of Adee. Very useful, get as many of them starting at the level you find hard. Rating: Awesome!

Yellow Scoop With Cherry - Heh. If you touch this scoop it will give you +100 points! Rating: Heh, get it if you can!!

Blue Fish Scoop - This scoop will give you +250 points! An awesome scoop! Gather these to get a high score or go for the avatar! One of the big kahunas! Great!

Look At How You're Doing Tips

Tip One- If you have a score of over 1000 points after finishing the chocolate level, you're doing good!

Tip Two- If you have a score of or over 3000 points after finishing the blueberry level, you're doing awesome! If not, don't start the game over, just try for more!

Tip Three- If you have a score of over 6000 points after finishing the strawberry vanilla chocolate level you're going incredibly well! Don't start over if you don't, as it is hard to do it, but possible.

Stopping Info Tips

Tip Four- If you have a size-enhancing or a speed-enhancing scoop doing its stuff during the game, and you get Shield, Heart, or any point-increasing scoop, the enhancer will stop and everything will go back to normal. It's better to get any of those (heart, shield, etc..) than any of the enhancers, so still go for them!

Tippy Tips

Tip Five- Every scoop in the game counts as 5 when they pass off the screen (except for the obvious flavored ones). This means that if you do not need to get a scoop in early levels, such as slowing scoops in the chocolate level, let it go. They will be worth 5 points anyway, and it's better than getting something that you do not really need.

Tip Six- The Shield. After the easy levels, this scoop will become in handy a lot. Use the shield whenever you see it in harder level if possible, as they can mean more points with luck! If you find a fish or cherry scoop during the game while having a shield on, just go to it and receive it! Do this in time though, as you have only some seconds of immunity! When the shield turns red, just move around, dodging the scoops as if you were normal, since it's safer. If you find another shield while you have a shield, get it. This renews the old shield and gives you a bigger opportunity to get extras and easier for scoops to pass.

Tip Seven- Hearts are better than anything else in the game. If you see a heart and a fish scoop at the same time during the game, get the heart. Hearts are your way to getting the avatar or a trophy in this game! With a lot of hearts in hand, it's a lot easier to finish the game completely, while point scoops just give you some more points. Get the hearts at any possible time!!

Well, this is it! It's time for me to go. I hope this guide has helped you in at least something, as this is what I've learned as I played. Overall, this shouldn't be a tip, but a message to all who want the avatar or a trophy: Practice!! Practicing is the key to success! It makes you better in every way, and you might even find more helpful tips while playing! Later all! Good luck!!

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