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Caring For Your Tyrannian Petpet

by brennamichael


Hello, there. I’m Mike, and I am a Tyrannian petpet expert. If I wasn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this because it would be pointless to listen to a guy blabbering away about nonsense care for Tyrannian petpets, but I’m getting off the point.

Anyway, this article is to inform you about how to take care of your glorious Tyrannian petpet. How do I know so much? Well, one of my pets has a reptillior named Viper. I believe they are the most venomous petpet. Well, maybe not out of all of them, but out of the Tyrannian ones. Scorch owns him, who is, by the way, TOTALLY OBSESSED with Tyrannia! He won’t let any furniture in his room that isn’t Tyrannian. Sheesh! How obsessed can you get? My gosh, I’m getting off the point again! Well, I better start before the readers get bored.

Picking Your Tyrannian Petpet

Such a tough choice. There are so many cool ones: Donksaurs, Uggatrips, Searexs, etc. Scorch was very troubled when picking his. There were too many for him to chose, but when he laid eyes on Viper, he knew that that was the petpet for him. You might have a harder time. If you are a person who insists on getting a rare one, you might enjoy a Krawk, Trumpadon, or Woolypapith. Though, you might just want the Krawk for the pet. Also, if you are going to get one that bites a lot (like Magtile, Niptor, or Reptillior), I suggest the pet that you are giving it to have hard skin. Scorch, for instance, had an unusually high defense level. But, there is one thing you shouldn’t do. Get a normal petpet and paint it Tyrannian. Those are lousy (except the Hopso, they’re cute)! Especially the Angelpi! Stupid! Wait a minute, is that a large group of mean-looking Tyrannian Angelpi over there? Uh-oh. I’ll be right back.


Okay, I’m back. Ouch, those tusks really hurt! Back to the subject, you might want to pick a gentle one. The four gentlest are Bluna, Icklesaur, Sauropod, and Rock. A lot, actually most, Tyrannian petpets bite. These three do not, but two of them still defend themselves. Sauropods defend themselves by rearing up on their hind legs and kicking, but they only do it when they’re scared. Icklesaurs use their strong frills and horns to smash into their attacker. Again, they only do it when they are scared. The only way a Bluna can save themselves is by swimming, VERY VERY FAST! Their top speed is 50 mph! They’re the fastest petpet, I’m sure of that. Rocks cannot do damage. They just sit, and do nothing at all. If your pet is active, don’t give them a Rock.

In the end I think your pet should decide what petpet they want, ‘cause if they don’t like it, they’ll run amuck.

Feeding Your Petpet

Figuring out what your Tyrannian petpet likes is actually very easy. Just look at their teeth. This may be a bit of a challenge if you have a biting petpet, but most sharp-toothed ones' teeth stick out. Speaking of sharp-teethed petpets, if your petpet has sharp teeth, feed them meat. The best type of meat is meat from their homeland like Bargasaurus Steak or Archaesaurus Tail. If your petpet has flat teeth that are meant for grinding, feed them plants. Again, they like food from their homeland like Sack Plant or Cactopus. By the way, if you get one that lives in the water, feed them grackle bugs or other sea living things like Trilo Bites. Be sure to boil them for 15 minutes.

Then again, you might come across an oddball, like Viper. Viper likes noodles. Talk about odd. Once I met an Ownow that liked any type of gross food, like fish pops. You never know. By the way, Airaxes eat bugs and Rocks don’t eat anything.

Bath Time

Bath time is the hardest part for any Tyrannian petpet owner. Why? Because Tyrannian petpets hate it. They will do anything they can to avoid it. But I have a secret. Though, once I tell you this it won’t be a secret anymore, but who cares? Okay, put brown water dye in the bathtub and when the petpets see this, they’ll go running toward it because Tyrannian petpets love muddy water. They will think it’s time to play, but you must teach them it’s not.

Steps to Giving Your Tyrannian Petpet a Bath

1. Somehow get them into a small bathtub.

2. Let them play for a few minutes and make sure they get wet.

3. Get a non-rough brush wet with soap.

4. Scrub your petpet until it is almost fully covered with soap.

5. Rinse it off.

6. Get a towel and dry your new clean petpet!


Training is not all that easy. When they misbehave they can cause damage, so you must be ready. I suggest in your backyard or a room with not much furniture to do your training. First you might want to begin with, erm, doing its business. Flat trash bags with old issues of the Neopian Times on top usually work the best. Every time they do it somewhere else squirt them in the face with a squirt bottle. They hate it.

Tricks. Not all species can do all tricks. All of them except Rock can do “fetch”. The only trick Rocks can do is “stay”. They can’t very well “sit”, can they? A good way to teach a petpet tricks is by showing them first. If they do it right, give them a small piece of steak, leaf, depending on what they like. They need to know a command for each trick. It could be anything from “sit” to “aboogla”. One very amazing petpet learned to talk…kinda. When it wanted to say food it said “foo”. It was a very special black Mazzew named Meggo. How he learned to talk, I don’t know, but I think he spent so much time around his owner that he picked up some things. One of Viper’s best tricks is twisting himself into a slinky shape and jumping into the air and doing a back-flip. It took about a month to teach him that.


So, now you should know how to take care of angelic little Tyrannian petpets. I hope this guide was helpful, and I hope you appreciate all the cuts I had to endure. Maybe now there will be fewer Tyrannian petpets mistreated. Well, ta ta for now!

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