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Help! The Fishing Cavern is Causing Excess Garbage!

by purplepassiony2k


UNDERWATER CAVERN - Sure, fishing is fun and great exercise for your pets but stop and think for a minute, just how did all these shoes and junk end up in our underwater lake? You know who you are! *points accusingly.* Makes me wonder how those Scrawnyfish became scrawny. Don’t you feel bad now? I shudder to think what will happen to our brightly colored Kelp and the beautiful Waterfish if this fishing obsession continues! Only you can help protect our Lesser Spotted Fish, Rockfish, Breadfish and Blandfish. *wipes tears*

Listen pal, I'm sorry for freakin at you, it's just recently our waters have been tainted with some unusual items! Trash is suddenly being pulled (and tossed back) due to the popular trend of fishing in the past few months! For every fish someone is pulling out 3 pairs of sneakers! Why the sudden increase? In the past there were only a few complaints of a lump of wood or a soggy box or two polluting our waters NOW there are:

Rusty Old Cans

Broken Fishing Poles

Old Rotten Right Shoes

Old Rotten Left Shoes

Old Rotten Left Boots

Old Rotten Right Boots

Old Rotten Left Sandals

Old Rotten Right Sandals

Buckets of Sludge

Broken Toy Sailboats

Petrified Bones (Bleh!)

What can you possibly do, you're wondering? It's just little ol' you! Well, I'm here to tell you, all your unwanted fishing items could be someone else’s treasure! You look doubtful, reader. Are you trying to hold back a snicker? Fine, let me explain further!

Let’s take OLD CANS to start off with! Just cans, right? WRONG! How about these fun items!!

1. NP Holder: Neopoints can be stored and saved for great items like paint brushes!! Now you hadn’t thought of that, had you?

2. Music: Make Bongo Drums out of old cans for after-dinner music. Won’t your owner be so impressed and brag to all their friends!! They sound great with Silver Triangles!

3. Security System: Rig up some clanking cans and you will have a great starter security system for your Neohome!

4. Chia Pencil Holder: Pencil bags are boring. A pencil holder looks amazing and is perfect for a gift. Make one today for your Dark Faerie Pencil and Black Meowclops Pen and you'll be the ruler of homework.

5. Vase: How cool would it be to give a gift of Sponderolas in their very own unique arrangement made of one of those left over tin cans! Impressed, huh? I haven’t even started yet!

SOGGY OLD BOXES are good for nothing right? Well, lay them out in the sun and make these fun items!! You’ll be the most popular Neopet in the neighborhood!!

1. Castle Battles : Make a castle from a box and recreate a real battle! Well, ok, you will have to buy some supplies, but using your imagination, just about anything in your Neohome can be used to make your castle. :)

2. Gruundo Guitar: Make a guitar using a box, rubber bands, and pencil. Soon everyone will be asking if you can make them one! What fun! You and your neofriends could start up a band!

3. Puppet Theater: What fun you can have with your Neofriends with your Mynci Puppets and a theater that could be used for putting on shows! Maybe even make quick neopoints by charging to see your show!!

4. Treasure Chest: Arr, Matey! Make a pirate's treasure chest. Fill with gold coins (chocolate ones are my favorite!)

5. Memory Box: Create a wonderful box to help you remember Y7, a Neofriend you miss, or an important SHH event in your life!

Fine, you're thinking those are fun things but what can anyone possibly do with SOGGY OLD SHOES? Sure they stink, and they're a little gross and mangy, but do they really need to end their days in a trash can? Now I know you're thinking I’ve lost it! Check these ideas out before you commit me!

1. Planters: Fill your old shoes with potting soil and transform them into fun, eye-catching pots for your plants.

2. Games: Shoe Kick can be a fun game! The idea is to kick the shoes and see how high, how far, or how crazy they go flying. Try aiming for a target such as a Usuki Toy Hoop! (May I suggest not your neighbor’s windows!)

3. Be Artistic: Do you like to draw, paint and do all kinds of art projects? Think of your sneakers as a blank canvas and paint away. I highly recommend Sparkly Blue Paint! This does wonders for the looks of your old sneaks!

4. Chew Toy: If you’re a Lupe or Gelert you know how much fun it is to chew on shoes and boots! (and get grounded for life!) But now you can stay out of trouble OR if you’re not one of these pets you must know one - think how happy you can make them today!!

5. Mud Mania: You have to admit, the thought of getting all muddy and dirty sounds like a dream! Find a mud puddle and splash away! Isn’t it nice not to have to worry about ruining your sneakers? So who's up for a Snow Mudball fight?

Ok, I’m done my ranting but really discover the power to save our Neopia world. (Especially since Sloth seems so determined to destroy it!) In the meantime, now when you see Neopets running around with no sneakers, boots and sandals you know who is guilty of polluting and you can show them how they can clean the waters too. Now I’m clueless as to what we should do with Rotten Artichokes, Mouldy Potatos and Rancid Old Meat. Bleh. I’m sure someone will think of something! TNT has created the most amazing items made solely of Dung! Now talk about fascinating!! =K

Final Thought: Hope you consider some of my ideas! We all try to be inventive and original and this is a fun way to do so! (and good luck with getting that Squid avatar!!) -Chelle

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