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A Royal Quest: Part One

by poopdoo134


He couldn't remember how many times he had been in that terrible pound. Well, let's start from the beginning. It was mid-October. The sky was blue and cloudless, the air was hot and humid, and Fighter was no more than three days old. His owner had abandoned him. While Fighter was in the pound he was left out in the rain with little food and nothing to cover him from the rain. He was left as a blue Kougra in the pound that terrible day. Worst thing was, he never saw it coming. Fighter's owner walked him to the shops in Neopia Central. During the time they talked and had a nice day. Fighter and his owner stopped at the pound and she talked to that weird looking Techo. His owner gave him a bag of neopoints and with tears in her eyes she told Fighter goodbye. For the first days he was overwhelmed by sadness and anger.

     After a few days Fighter's luck turned around.

     A nice and happy little boy came in and said, "I am looking for a nice clean and cute pet."

     He shaped up and groomed himself with his tongue.

     He looked at Fighter turned around and yelled to the Uni who was in charge of adoptions, "I want this one!"

     Fight was happy, oh so happy, that he was leaving the pound. He got to know his new owner, whose name was David.

     "I hope you will like your new home," he told Fighter.

     "I am sure I will," Fighter happily replied.

     They got back to their humongous Neohome and David said, "Pick any room you like."

     Fighter ran up to the top floor and got the biggest room. It was great. It had a blue and orange bed that was spinning. It also had a sofa and table and toys for Fighter to play with. He was very happy.

     David said, "Tomorrow we are going to the shops. I am looking for some foods and want you to help me pick them out."

     "Wow! Really, you mean it?" Fighter cried with happiness.

     "Yes I do."

     After that they ate dinner. It was great. They had tigersquash corndogs and neocola with a Kacheek lolly pop for desert and some very tasty chocolate pie. Fighter and David played a little bit of Gormball. Fighter smoked David; by the time they were finished he was covered in silver gormball goo and then Fighter went to bed. It was cozy but sort of dizzy. He stopped the bed from moving by putting a toy under it. He slept great with the blue sheets and fluffy orange pillow.


     The next day Fighter got up and cleaned his fur.

     "Hey there," David said. "So, are you ready to go?"

     "I sure am! Let's go," he replied.

     David got on his little blue bike and Fighter ran and they were off to the Neopian shops. First they went to the chocolate factory, and Fighter got lots of chocolates. He got a bag full but somehow he just could not eat it all. Then they went to the healthy food store. Fighter didn't like it much but his owner did. Eww, healthy humans.

     "Oh, David, can we go to the toy shop for me to play in?" Fighter asked once he saw the big Kacheek on top of the toy store roof in all its yellow bright glory. "I just love plushies."

     "Why yes, we can go if you like," David replied.

     See, he was the first pet and only pet David had at this time and he could not have been happier to say that. Fighter walked next to David and they were headed home. Fighter really liked their home, it was so cozy. They walked down the brown dirt road with the beautiful green grass waving in the wind as if it were greeting everyone who walked past it.

     "Fighter, I have to tell you something," David told him.

     "Sure, you can talk to me about whatever," Fighter replied gracefully.

     "You see I took you on this shopping spree because I am getting a new pet tomorrow, and I was hoping I could get another pet to help me look for things, since I didn't know what Kougras liked," David said aloud.

     "Yeah, am I getting a brother, or a sister?" Fighter pondered.

     "Well… you see I - only want to have one pet," David said.

     "Well, then that means I... I... No, don't make me, no, don't!" Fighter cried in horror.

     Not only did he realize he was being put back in the pound but Fighter was getting walked to the pound right then. It was the best but now worst day ever.

     He cried and shouted, "No, I don't want to go back!"

     "I am sure you will be gotten by someone who will love you forever," David replied to him.

     He couldn't believe this. Fighter was in the pound; he was in the same storage area that he was in just a week and a half ago, with its grey and nasty walls and iron covered windows and the dirty nasty floor. He felt hate towards owners and now hoped he didn't get adopted by a filthy owner. He ate his food and went to sleep that night and wanted to escape but the window was just too high for him to jump to. Fighter slept with horrifying dreams of the pound. He was weak and fragile and now crushed to dust. He had to get out and thought up a plan. He just needed to be adopted.

     "Hello, I am looking to get a Kougra. Do you have any?" a little owner said to that vain Uni.

     "Yes we do, over here," she replied.

     They walked over to Fighter and he walked up to the bars. He replied by purring softly.

     "Aww, he is cute. I want him," this little boy said out loud to the Uni.

     She unlocked the cage and Fighter walked out. He paid her 300 neopoints and they left.

     "You're going to love it. You will have 2 brothers and a sister. I have great plans for you," he told Fighter with wise words.

     "Oh, sure," Fighter replied sarcastically.

     "I want to make you the strongest Battledome pet ever. I have four hundred thousand neopoints to spend on your training and Battledome items. I even plan to get you a beautiful paintbrush over time," he said with the nicest smile.

     "Yeah, ok," Fighter told him with a bit of sarcasm.

     They walked to Fighter's new home. It was nice, not as big as his other one, but still three rooms and fully stocked with furniture. It was about five o' clock when they got home and Fighter was hungry, and so was his owner, Cam. They went to get something to eat at the food shop shaped like a hamburger. Cam had to grab it, pay for it, and then hit a Uni to get it. The food was good. They were headed home, and that's when Fighter made his move. Cam stopped to get some neopoints off the floor that someone had randomly dropped. Fighter walked behind him quietly and then he took off running. For a second he was free and he hoped it would stay that way. But then Cam caught Fighter. Fighter hadn't realized it, but Cam had him on a leash.

     "What on Neopia are you doing?" he snapped at Fighter.

     "Humans are a waste," he replied.

     "And why do you say that?" he asked Fighter.

     "I have been in the pound many times because of you nasty humans," Fighter told him.

     They then talked about how he was left in the pound twice before Cam came to him and before he knew it they had been talking for hours.

     "Well, don't worry about the pound anymore. I have big plans for you. You will be royalty and one of the strongest Neopets in the Neopian world," Cam said.

     "Yeah, sure, and we can all get free draik eggs and make an army," Fighter retorted to him. "I want to just be on my own away from everything.

     "I mean look at my name, it's the_fighter14203," he said to him as he walked down the street.

     "Well so it may be, but it's unique and that's good," Cam told Fighter softly.

     "I guess it is," he said back.

     They arrived home and Fighter walked to the room on the right. It was just a one-story neohome. It was cozy and warm. Fighter sat and read his favorite new book "Mystery of the Kougra paw". He felt as if he was getting smarter with every book.

          Fighter fell asleep on page 124 and woke up the next morning with his owner standing above him.

     "Get up, we're going somewhere," he demanded.

     "Where?" Fighter asked opening his eyes and rubbing off the sleep crust.

     "Somewhere. It's a surprise," Cam said.

     "Let me guess, the pound?" Fighter said.

     "Never," he replied. "We are in central Neopia and have to get to Faerieland. We've got a long search, so pack food and toys, maybe a book or two."

     Why are we going there? Fighter pondered.

     "In case you're wondering, we are going there because I want to look at something the queen is holding," Cam said to Fighter as if he read his mind. "I am saving for something rather expensive and I want to go see if it is still there and it is ok."

     "Ooh, what is it? How much do you have saved? When will I know what it is? Please tell me," Fighter enquired.

     "I will not tell you what it is until we go see it, but I will tell you that it is expensive and I have one million neopoints saved up," Cam told him. "You're going to be great and live in a huge palace once you see what the item is."

     He must really like this item, Fighter thought. He wondered what it could be. Cam told Fighter he would live in a palace and would be famous, so hmm, what was it?

     "Come on, let's go; the boats from Kiko Lake are going to take us over seas. We just have to get to the beach," Fighter heard David say from the door.

     "Yeah, I am coming, hold your Unis," he replied sarcastically.

     Boy, I have never seen so many clothes, toys, books, and canned foods in one place before, Fighter thought to himself. They're all yours. Maybe someday he would own his own Neohome.

     "I will be rich and famous someday, maybe even royalty," he said out loud.

     Fighter didn't realize he was talking out loud.

     "Hmm, so you seem to be set on your future dreams and aspirations," Cam said as he chuckled. "Are you ready to go?"

     "Pretty much, I am fully packed and ready to get a move on."

     The two adventurers set off down through Meridell. They passed Kiss the Mortog, Ye Olde Petpets and finally ShapeShifter, going right down to Meridell's edge which some Neopians called Meri Beach.

     "Where are the boats, Cam?" Fighter said to him as he looked out to sea.

     Fighter took in the atmosphere of the beach and looked around. There was a small cute little bush in the grass and it seemed to all of a sudden move and shake.

     "What was that?" Fighter said out loud but didn't think Cam heard him.

     "Look over there, to the left," he replied.

     They waited for about two more minutes and the boats docked and they got in.

     "You're going to love this little gift. It will make you feel rich and great," said Cam as he put the bags in the back of the little boat.

     The boats had glass bottoms and they could see the water under them. There was luscious green seaweed and brightly colored coral.

     "Look, the coral is moving, Cam!" Fighter said.

     "No, that's a Jubjub, it's Maraquan," he replied to Fighter gracefully.

     I wonder if we will pass or even be near the Maraquan whirlpool, Fighter thought to himself.

     The two adventure seekers set out. They sailed many miles of sea. The beautiful blue sky was as blue as the water. Clouds slowly past across the sky. The yellow sunshine shone bright, and the water making slight waves made the two think of being on the beach playing in the sand and burring each other neck deep in sand. The water was so clear you could see down for miles. Shoyrus, Jubjubs, Aishas, Grarrls, and much more could be seen swimming.

     "Seems as if they are re-building, Cam," Fighter said.

     "Yes, seems as if they are. Look at that beautiful Aisha. Oh, her name escapes me but it starts with an I. Her sister's name is Caylie or something of that sort. I once saw her talking to a very lonely and low pirate," Cam replied to Fighter softly. "It's a very sad tale. The war scenes are the worst."

     "Look, Cam, you can see the cloud of Faerieland!" Fighter said.

     "Oh no! How are we going to get up there? I totally forgot!" Cam cried in dismay.

     "Well, I saw on your papers right there that you were headed to Faerieland and figured you would forget, so I arranged for a few faeries to come and fly the two of you up there," said the boat captain. "Hi, the name's Chippy. I am new to this area. Only one of my kind."

     The mysterious character rubbed his chin, and said, "Well, actually I have a friend in the mountains who sells ice creams, but they're impossible to get, so his business is slow."

     "How did you become a boat captain for Kiko Lake?" Fighter asked him.

     "I worked against the Snowager in secret. I gave hints to people on how to get this little thing that Neopet owners were after; it was like an avatar or something. And I was caught by the big snake and got run out of the mountain. There was a blizzard and I swam to Kiko Lake since it was close and found a job with the boats and here I am."

     Fighter started to lie down and tried to get comfortable on the soft seats. "Wow, cool story. My owner here and I are off to Faerieland, as you might know. We are going to look at some item that I still do not know of that's in the Hidden Tower. I am trying my best to find out what it is. Cam just won't give it up."

     Fighter looked at Cam with pure suspicion, wondering what the item might be.

     "Sorry, I won't tell. It's a total secret and is not to be told until we get there," Cam said proudly.

     "IF you get there," Chippy murmured.

     "What was that?" Cam said.

     "Nothing, just talking to my self, nothing at all," replied Chippy as he wiped the perspiration off his face.

     The group sat in the little boat with a loss on words for a while and just looked at the water and unknown lands. The crystal blue water, the green grass and the beautiful blue skies with pets flying back and forth with humans on them.

To be continued...

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