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Faerie Cloud Racers: How it all Began

by ginelga


The tale of Faerie Cloud Racers has gone back through many generations. Even before members of the Neopian Elite began to participate in "Cloud Racing" competitions, and even before the Money Tree was ever created. There is only one true tale to this marvelous story. A story which ties a tale between two of our most well-known Faeries, Jhudora and Illusen. This is a tale that has been forgotten and altered to our needs throughout many years, and I am here to tell you the whole (and true) story, as it all started on a boring Summer day…

      "That is preposterous! That is the - the most unintelligent thing I have heard throughout my many years! Me - living in Meridell! That will never happen! It is more foolish than even the thought of an asparagus Chia! My fellow faeries, what kind of nonsense is this?" A faerie of deep purple turned her menacing glare upon a large group of faeries. A great piece of the cloud the faerie stood upon drifted away with every fuming breath she took.

      A kind voice arose behind the faerie and a heavy silence fell upon the crowd.

     "Jhudora, your cruel attitude and your menacing features will only get you so far. The Faerie Queen can no longer let the war between my supporters and yours continue. We must find a way to resolve this, and that is my only solution. I suppose you don't have any ideas yourself?" A beautiful faerie flew past Jhudora and landed upon the cloud a number of faeries were sitting upon. Her magnificent hair fell about her shoulders as she casually flattened out her green wings - which shone like emeralds in the bright sunlight.

      The faerie named Jhudora began breathing heavily, causing her cloud to drift away completely. Fluttering to a larger cloud, she put on an evil grin and laughed harshly.

      "Oh, Illusen. Pretty little Illusen with her kindness and generosity. Nobody wants a faerie like that! The only thing you can do is go on your knees to everyone, offering gifts and compassion! In Faerieland a strict and wise faerie is needed! You have no such attributes! I happen to indeed be great friends with the Faerie Queen, and on several different occasions I recall her mentioning that a Faerie just like me was needed in Faerieland! It will be I - and just I - who will reside in Faerieland with the Queen. I would rather eat dung than live in - in Meridell!" Jhudora finished with a deep breath and waved her dark hair over her shoulder. With a slight smirk, she began polishing her long, green nails.

      Illusen merely smiled, which came as a shock to Jhudora, who muttered a distinct insult under her breath.

      "Jhudora, on many occasions I also recall the Faerie Queen telling me that kind and brave faeries belong in Faerieland, not rude and hurtful ones - such as yourself. And I also recall your name in that conversation… oh yes; she stumbled upon the idea that you were not the faerie that belonged in Faerieland. But…" She raised her hand as Jhudora began to protest. "…this dispute can be resolved with a simple game. A game that requires intelligence, bravery, and a wise eye. Allow these faeries," she pointed around the cloud at the faeries staring apprehensively at Illusen, "to choose whether they would like to side with you or me." And with that, Illusen sat down and stared curiously around at the faeries.

     Jhudora looked at her suspiciously, but seeing no point in arguing, she instead shrieked: "Well? What are you waiting for! I do need you to side with me!" And with that, a bundle of faeries scurried over to Jhudora, looking frightened.

      Jhudora smirked and looked at Illusen, who was smiling.

     "Nothing I didn't expect. Now, shall I explain?" she said, turning toward the faeries who had sided with her and smiling kindly. The faeries around her nodded excitedly as Jhudora's thunderous voice arose from behind.

      "Wait a moment, wait a moment. Why should I trust you? Over my many years I have learned not to trust my enemies…" Jhudora said, narrowing her eyes. The dark faerie who had sided with Jhudora nodded greatly.

      Illusen smiled. "When, Jhudora, have I ever been caught telling a lie? Well, I guess I'll have to tell the Faerie Queen that I had come up with a solution that would decide who lives in Meridell but you refused to do it. I'm sure she will be able to recognize the better faerie then…" she said, standing up.

      Jhudora moved forwards slightly. "Okay, okay… just explain! I've got a home in Faerieland to prepare!"

      Illusen nodded and sat down once more. "Alright, now that our little problem is settled," Illusen said as Jhudora began to glare, "I shall begin the explanation. I have been brewing an idea in my head for quite some time, but have never thought much of it. Until now, of course. I thought of it as just for fun, a past time hobby if you may, but I find that it conveniently suits our needs at the moment. As all of you know, the whole of Faerieland is made up of clouds. Quite often we use these very clouds," Illusen pointed at the clouds they were sitting upon, "to transport ourselves when we are in no mood to fly. Over my many years of flying on these clouds I have come to notice that they present a great deal of speed. That is when the idea came to me. Now let me explain… I see that there are more than enough faeries to have three rounds. Faeries from both sides will head off with another to compete. Each will sit upon a cloud of their choice until they hear the signal that they should begin. I will bewitch these clouds so that following you as you move along will be a trail of smoke that will block anything from passing through it. You can try to trap your opponent with this wall or merely block your opponent from coming near you. The point of the game is to last as long as possible against your opponent without hitting the smoke trails left by you or your opponent. As there are three rounds, the winner will be determined by the number of points each faerie earned, and at the end of the game the scores will be added up. This game requires intelligence and a wise strategy against your opponent. I - and I am sure the Faerie Queen will agree - believe that the appropriate faerie for Faerieland will be determined when this game has finished. Jhudora, you and I will face in the third and final round. Now, shall we begin?" she finished, looking around at all the faeries, who looked deeply impressed.

      Jhudora snorted. "I think it is quite clear who will win this childish game; you might as well give up Illusen," she said with a slight snigger.

      Illusen smiled and flew towards Jhudora, who hissed and backed away several feet.

     "We will see, Jhudora. May the best faerie win." She held out her long and slender hand towards Jhudora.

      Jhudora's dark eyes flickered from Illusen's hand to hers, and she laughed harshly.

     "Always trying to be good. Go away, fool," she said, waving her purple hair about. Illusen merely smiled as if she had received a pleasant compliment and flew back towards her cloud.

      After a few moments deliberation with the faeries that had joined her side, Illusen flew above the crowd and cleared her throat. Her magnificent beauty seemed to lighten up everything surrounding her, capturing everyone's attention.

      "The first opponent of the faeries on my side will be the light faerie. She has already mounted her cloud and is ready for the signal. Jhudora, we will give you time to choose."

      From the crowd around Jhudora came a high and malicious voice which caused a few to jump.

     "Oh Jhudora, please let me go against her! I will finally get to show her who the better faerie is! I will not let you down, Jhudora, I promise!" A faerie that looked like a replica of a younger Jhudora flew up into the air. Jhudora muttered something and watched the faerie zoom happily towards a cloud.

      The light faerie laughed.

     "The day I lose against a dark faerie will be the day Punchbag Bob loses a match!" she said confidently, her bright wings soaring up with pride.

      The dark faerie opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Illusen, who was waving her hands about and muttering incantations. A large and glimmering scoreboard appeared in the sky above the racers and Illusen nodded.

      "This scoreboard will determine the points each opponent has received. In a few moments' time the scoreboard will begin counting down from three. Once done counting down, it will release a signal for you to begin. Is everyone all set?"

      The light faerie nodded happily while the dark faerie merely scowled. Jhudora's expression remained the same, and the crowd of faeries below seemed to be holding their breath. Illusen flew towards a cloud and sat down, waiting for the match to begin.

      The scoreboard lit up and the crowd gasped, whispering under their breath:


      A large spark and thunderous bang erupted from the board and immediately the faeries flew up into the air on top their clouds.

      The dark faerie had started off with a great deal of excitement. This seemed to worsen her strategy, which now seemed to be to zigzag anywhere.

      The light faerie however, moved with calm ease, blocking off the dark faerie's entry into her area.

      From below Jhudora was heard yelling angrily at the dark faerie.

     "What in the world are you doing! Don't go that way! You're going to block yourself off - " Before Jhudora could continue, the crowd groaned and the dark Faerie crashed into the trail left by herself. She peered over her shoulder and yelled. Sparks emitted from all around her as she saw the light faerie stop her cloud with ease.

      The crowd around Illusen cheered happily. The scores on the board read:

      Light: 87

      Dark: 25

      Both the light and dark faerie mounted off their clouds and headed toward their team, the light faerie looking quite happy and proud, and the dark reasonably livid.

      Illusen greeted the light faerie with a smile and a hug. She seemed to look confident about her team, who were all cheering happily and patting the light faerie on the back. Jhudora on the other hand, looked absolutely ferocious. She was gnashing her teeth and peering angrily at the recently defeated Dark faerie, who looked at Jhudora with quivering eyes.

      What Jhudora had said to the dark faerie was not heard, and as the Soup Faerie climbed onto a cloud a few minutes later, the dark faerie was seen crying on a distant cloud, her purple hair that looked just like Jhudora's messy over her tear-streaked face.

      Whatever Jhudora had said to the dark faerie seemed to have taken a toll on the rest of the faeries, who now seemed to look more ferocious and determined than even Jhudora could have looked.

      Jhudora snarled as Illusen once again congratulated the light faerie.

      "We've got two more rounds to go, Illusen, don't get your hopes up," she yelled with a ferocious tone.

     "My fire faerie is one of the best of our kind! A Soup Faerie will never have the chance to beat her!" And with that, Jhudora turned around and began glaring at a faerie of all red.

      The fire faerie muttered something to Jhudora and hurried off, seeming to want to get as far away from her as possible.

      Quite a crowd had gathered now. Neopets of all species were standing tip toe atop the clouds, trying to get a good view of the famous arch rivals Jhudora and Illusen. Each were muttering under their breath, telling friends who had just arrived what was going on. Already the tale was being changed.

      Up above the fire faerie had just mounted her rather large cloud. She looked anxiously at Jhudora, who was glaring at her with deep eyes. The fire faerie quickly turned away, instead gazing up at the scoreboard.

      The Soup Faerie rolled up her sleeves and smiled at the fire faerie beside her.

     "Good luck, friend!" she said cheerfully.

      The fire faerie smirked and whipped her bright red hair over her shoulder.

      Once again, the scoreboard lit up, casting bright and extravagant lights upon the crowd. Just as before, it began to count down.


      The crowd whispered the numbers under their breath, unable to control their excitement.


      Jhudora gasped and clenched her teeth together.


      The faeries were off in a bright light of colors. The Soup Faerie had a clean idea of what she was planning to do, which was to make the game fair for them both. She flew to the side, ready to close the path between her and the fire faerie, but the fire faerie had a different plan. She squeezed tightly into the small gap left by the Soup Faerie, who was surprised by the fire faerie's sudden appearance.

      Unable to slow herself down or turn around due to the alarming speed she had gathered, the Soup Faerie crashed into the trail made by the fire faerie.

      The crowd groaned.

      For a moment all was silent, until a delighted shriek broke through the air.

     "Well done! Well done! Short and quick, that's the way it should be done! It takes a true faerie to think of a strategy like that!" Jhudora leapt off her cloud and flew towards the fire faerie, who was laughing and jeering at the Soup Faerie.

      "Excellent! Wait until we win. I will have an extra something for you at my cloud!" And with that, Jhudora and the fire faerie flew off, each pushing the Soup Faerie - who was beginning to climb off her cloud - aside. She looked defeated and upset. Without bothering to look up at the dazzling scoreboard - which read: Soup: 20 Fire: 83 - she flew toward Illusen.

      "I am truly sorry, Illusen, I was sure my plan would pull through. I suppose I should have expected nothing less from a fire faerie… if only I had gone a bit further. I should go now. There are Neopets that are hungry and it is my duty to help them." She reached for Illusen's arm. "Good luck, dear."

      Before Illusen could respond, the Soup Faerie was off, flying swiftly into the clouds before disappearing completely.

      Illusen sighed and turned towards the faeries who had chosen her side.

     "We've still got another round to go, and even if I do lose, I will only be a little way away." She grinned bravely at the faeries and turned towards Jhudora, who was mimicking the Soup Faerie's fall to the crowd.

      Illusen frowned and flew graciously towards a thin and small cloud which seemed to glow as she climbed atop it.

      Jhudora eyed her suspiciously and turned towards the crowd, seeming to think that they were cheering for her. Jhudora in Faerieland meant evil and hate in Faerieland. Nobody wanted that. Illusen needed to win.

      "My fellow friends, who have all come here to support me and to celebrate my victory, be prepared for a great event, an event which Neopets will be talking about for centuries to come. I will inhabit Faerieland, and no more good doers like Illusen will ever roam around my clouds again!" And with that, Jhudora flew upon a cloud and grinned at Illusen.

      "Jhudora, may I remind you that the Faerie Queen makes those decisions, and not you? Good luck."

      Jhudora smirked and looked at the scoreboard, which had just lit up. Muttering under her breath she said: "Three seconds, two, one…AHA!"

      The two faeries were off. From down below the crowd cheered for Illusen, unable to maintain their excitement. The fate of Faerieland seemed to rest on the outcome of this game.

      Illusen and Jhudora were undoubtedly very good. The better of the two was Illusen, who was moving her cloud with ease and a quick pace. Several times Jhudora tried to trick her, but Illusen simply swerved out of the way and continued to fly.

      There was a gasp from the crowd. Illusen had trapped Jhudora with her smoke trail, and all that Illusen needed to do now was continue to fly. It seemed that the game was all hers now.

      Jhudora swerved this way and that, her flying space becoming smaller and smaller. She was running out of room…and time.

      Jhudora looked around frantically. Everywhere she turned made her trapped. She only had a few seconds left. Unable to think of anything else that she could do, she raised her hand and pointed it directly at Illusen, who was still floating easily upon her cloud. She muttered something under her breath, and just as Illusen turned around and noticed what Jhudora was doing, it was too late.

      A bright stream of light issued from Jhudora's hand and hit Illusen square in the face. For a moment a look of betrayal and shock stood upon Illusen's face, until she fell and crashed.

      The whole crowd gasped. None of them had seen Jhudora do what she had just done. From below it seemed as if Illusen had just lost concentration.

      The scoreboard erupted with light once again and the new scores were displayed:

      Illusen: 144

      Jhudora: 196

      Jhudora shrieked and leapt from her cloud, jeering at Illusen.

      "I've won! Faerieland! Faerieland with no Illusen! I told you I'd win! Illusen is nothing! I've proven to you all who the better faerie is!" Jhudora yelled, now surrounded by the faeries who had supported her.

      The crowd began to thin; voices all around expressed their shock that Jhudora had won. No one could believe it.

      Illusen flew slowly off her cloud, looking distraught but happy all the same. She approached Jhudora and the jeering faeries around her.

      "I am the better faerie, Illusen. Everybody knows that now. Don't try to deny it!" Jhudora sneered.

      Illusen smiled. "I should have explained the rules fully. I thought that there was no need to, though. I thought we were all good faeries, fair faeries with good morals. Good attributes to a faerie, may I add. I underestimated you once again, Jhudora, and I will pay my price. I have a home in Meridell to prepare, but before I leave you be, Jhudora, I would like to say that I will be back. This is not the end of you and me. The end is nowhere in sight, and I want you to remember that. No matter how long, the time will come. Good day, and congratulations, Jhudora, I now know to never trust a dark faerie."

      Jhudora gaped at her for a moment, and then grinned.

      "You will never return to Faerieland, Illusen. Mark my words. Never." And with that, she flew off.

      Faerieland has never been the same since. Although still peaceful and beautiful, the days when Illusen resided there have long since disappeared. The kindness and generosity shown everyday was minimized, and Jhudora still wakes up every morning with Illusen's threat bearing upon her.

      Since then, Faerie Cloud Racers is played daily by Neopians. Seven rounds were added as a means of making the game longer. For a few years Faerieland used this game as a gathering for the Neopian elite. Every year one player would be chosen as Faerieland's fastest racer. Times have changed since then, and the game is now open to Neopians everywhere.

      The true story has now been revealed. In time, I am sure that this will all be forgotten and new theories will arise, but for now let the truth be told.

The End

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