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The Jackals of Sakhmet - Kasha's Plot: Part Four

by arrielle5


Sakhmet City Streets -

      Dear reader, before we can continue with our tale, we must go back in time. We must go back into the past, so you can see why Kasha is who she is today. Please, let us go back fifteen years ago, back to when Kasha was a young pet.

Sakhmet City, Fifteen Years Ago…

      The Sakhmet City of then was just like the Sakhmet City of now, loud, noisy, and, of course, busy. It seemed like nothing had changed. Everyone was busy with something. This meant that we find the fiend Kasha, a ten year-old Cybunny at the time, sitting in her home, staring out the window.

      Now you see Kasha was not a very fun pet to be around. She hated to dance, she hated to sing, she hated to play, and she hated her brother and sister, Yuma and Lycos (that name sounds familiar…) Well, when little old Kasha was just sitting near the window, bored out of her wits, Yuma barged into her room, smiling to himself.

      "Hey Kasha," the cheerful little Usul said. "Come play with us!"

      "No," Kasha muttered. She tried hard to ignore him, but Yuma had ended up walking over to her. He stood near the window next to her, staring into her eyes.

      "Why not," he asked. Kasha did not answer him, but just stared hard into the window, trying to make him disappear. Yuma sighed and stared out the window as well. For a short moment, the two were quiet, but the Yuma jumped up, staring at Kasha.

      "Why are you so weird?" he asked. At these words, Kasha glared at him. How dare he! No one called her weird! No one… Kasha turned to him, still furious with him, and said, "I'm not weird; I just don't like having to live here…"

      "Why not," Yuma asked, thinking that Kasha did not appreciate their house. Kasha glared at him for a few seconds, and then pointed at him. Yuma was shocked. His own sister did not like him!

      "What have I ever done?!"

      "It's not what you've done, it's who you are! Do you know how sick and tired I am of having to put up with you and Lycos' dim-witted behavior? If it isn't one thing with you and her, it's another. Your kind is why I don't like living here!"

      Yuma stared at Kasha, mouth slightly ajar. What did she mean your kind? Since when were he and Lycos dim-witted?

      "What, you don't understand?" Kasha said, staring at him with disbelief. "Let me make it easier for you. I'm fed up with you two! You're always blaming things on me! You're always getting me in trouble! That's why my only friends are Cybunnies, like me! I've had it up to here with this family," Kasha held her paw in the air, high above her head.

      "None of you understand me! But only my friends do… that's where I choose to go…"

      Kasha turned and climbed out of the window, leaving Yuma wide-eyed and confused…

     * * *

      Do you now see the reason for Kasha's behavior? If not, I shall explain. Kasha, thinking that she was never understood, had a horrible child-life. Just as she had said, Lycos and Yuma did always blame things on her. She did always get in trouble. Her only friends were Cybunnies, and she felt they were the only ones who understood her.

      Kasha went into a state where she did not trust anyone who was not a Cybunny like her, and because of this is why she does not really respect all other species of pets in Neopia. She then assumed that Cybunnies were better than any other pet, something that we know is not true.

      There is no such thing as a better pet! We, my friends, know this. But poor, naïve Kasha did not, and that is why she is a danger to herself, and to others. Now, with that said and done, I wish to continue with our story, where we left poor Cole stuck hiding under a sales table…

Sakhmet City Streets -

      As you have read before, Cole was chased under a sales table, where many customers were gathering around to buy cheap silver necklaces, three for the price of one. How was he supposed to get out unseen by the shopkeepers he stole from? He'd probably have to risk it…

      "Okay," he whispered, getting in position for running. "I guess this is it…"

      Without another thought, Cole dashed out from under the table, and started running back in the direction he came from. He had to run, for he was not sure if the shop keepers had spotted him or not. Many people stared, others screamed, and some shouted at him for pushing them out of the way, but Cole ignored them.

      He was just about to run into the Jackals' secret hiding place, when he came to a halt in front of the strange building. He eyed it for a moment. Should he go in or not? What would he find on the other side of the curtain? Would Lee and Omar be alright?

      "It's now or never," he murmured, taking a daring step to the building. Cautiously, he pulled back the curtain, seeking his fate that lay inside.

     * * *

      "Did you get her?" Kasha demanded once Niger had returned with Omar by his side. The two looked very smug, and, even though neither of them was very tired or old, they had bags under their eyes. Niger shook his head no, sadly staring at the ground. Kasha made to bang her fist against a shelf, but restrained herself.

      "It's not the end of the world," Omar said quietly. "She doesn't know your entire plan…"

      "Neither do you, so why are you speaking nonsense?" Niger snapped. Kasha held up a paw to silence him.

      "Quiet, Niger! I think our little friend has something here… go on."

      Omar nodded, eyeing Niger suspiciously, but said, "She's only found out half of your plan, but even if she did go to tell someone about it, who would believe her? She's a street urchin! No one will take the words of a thief seriously…"

      Kasha nodded, smiling mischievously at Omar's words. Yes, yes, of course, she thought. And Omar was right. Who would take the word of a thief seriously? I ask you, dear reader, would you listen to a thief? I'm sure you wouldn't, but that's the exact mistake dear Kasha was making right now.

      You will all learn very soon, my friend that listening to Omar was the biggest mistake that Kasha could ever make… Kasha's ears pricked and twitched. She could hear something, or rather someone, was watching them.

      "There's someone else in here," she whispered. "Find them!"

      Niger immediately started scanning behind shelves on the right side of the room, while Omar scanned the left. Kasha eyed them for a few seconds, and then, deciding to use this time to search for Lee, walked off into the next room.

      Cole backed up against the wall, hoping Niger would not spot him in the shadows. He should have known that someone would hear him, seeing as Cybunnies had a very acute sense of hearing. But he was a Wocky… and Wockies were good at hiding. Carefully, Cole slipped past the shelf and made his way over to where Omar was, crouched down searching for him.

      "Psst, Omar," Cole whispered, walking up to Omar. "C'mon, let's get out of here… where's Lee?"

      Omar didn't move. He was still crouched down low, ignoring Cole. Puzzled, Cole reached out for Omar, but was taken by surprise when Omar turned around in a flash, grabbed Cole's arm, and twisted it around behind his back. Omar pushed him up against the wall, shouting, "I found him! Over here, Niger!"


      Cole tried to push Omar off of his back, but then Niger came running over, and grabbed his other arm, making it two against one.

      "Omar, what are you doing?!"

      Omar laughed… he laughed like Niger had when Lycos was dragged away into the alley. No… thought Cole. No… what have they done... Omar withdrew his arms from Cole's, but Niger still had a firm grip on him. Niger led Cole over to an entirely different room, a broom closet, and shoved him inside.

      It seemed that the closet was the only room in the building with an actual door. How ironic, Cole thought, stumbling into the wall. Omar's laughter was ringing in his ears. How could Omar do this? What had gotten into him? And what had happened to Lee…

     * * *

      Lee's vision was blurred through the tears. Our poor little Ixi friend sat on the cold, stone floor, sobbing away, trying to drown herself in her tears. She hadn't cried like this in years, but now she was feeling all kinds of emotions, anger, depression, sympathy for Omar…What was going on, and why was it happening?

      "I told Cole poking his nose where it shouldn't be was a bad idea…" she whispered quietly.

      "Not all the time," whispered another voice. Lee jumped up, staring at the wall behind her. Had the wall just… just talked?

      "What's the matter, kid?" it spoke again. Lee rubbed her eyes in disbelief. The wall started laughing… not evil laughter, or laughing at her, but a warm, friendly laugh.

      "The hole, kid," the wall informed Lee. Lee looked down and noticed a small little hole, the size of someone's fist, in the wall. Relieved, Lee bent down and looked into the hole. She could see an Aisha smiling back at her.

      "Hello there," Lee whispered. "Wha-what are you doing behind that wall?"

      The Aisha laughed warmly, lifting up a foot as she did so.

      "I'm, how do you put it? I'm kind of stuck here."

      Lee saw a chain around her foot, and a look of sympathy fell over her face. The Aisha shook her head as if her sympathy was not wanted.

      "No, no… don't feel sorry. I guess I kind of deserve it, but then again…" She sighed, but shook it off. "Never mind… I'm Lycos, and you?"

      "I'm… I'm Lee…"

      "Come now, why so nervous?"

      "It's just… I'm not…" Lee stuttered. Lycos sighed.

      "You're not sure whether or not you can trust me," she finished. Lee shook her head, making Lycos smile.

      "I don't blame you, seeing as Kasha's nuts…"

      "What do you know about Kasha?" Lee asked urgently. Lycos shook her head in shame.

      "Aye, my friend… I know more about Kasha then you'd like to know…"

To be continued...

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