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The Neolodge - a Stay to Remember

by agnoline


NEOLODGE - Admit it. If you've been on Neopets long enough, you've probably left your Neopet at the Neolodge at least once or twice, whether just for experimentation purposes or maybe because you were not able to care for your pet for some amount of time. The Neolodge comes as a handy place for us owners, for if there is a time when we go on vacation or are unable to get online (or if we are just plain lazy), we can simply put our pets in the hotel (for a maximum of 28 days) and they will be kindly taken care of during this time. For anyone unfamiliar with the Neolodge, I will go through the options that you have while checking your pet in. I of course will definitely elaborate on these options to make them a little more interesting and talk about them, as if I were the receptionist at the hotel.

(NOTE: for anyone who does not know where the Neolodge is, it is in the the main shops, first page, on the right.)

[This tour will be given in a five star hotel, the Astrovilla.] Enjoy reading! I hope you have fun reading. *Note:* When "you" is said, it is referring to your pet, as your pet is the one getting the tour.

Why hello there! Welcome to AstroVilla Hotel! I will be your receptionist for the evening, as I will guide you around the area and discuss your options that you have here. Hopefully by this tour you will choose to stay here a few nights to enjoy many things which I believe will interest you!

Firstly as we are walking down the lobby please take a look to your left. Here you see the dining room, large and elegant. The chandeliers are a bit bright yes, please excuse that. They should dim by dinner time when hopefully you have the oppourtunity to have a meal from one of our best chefs that work here! (These would be Antonio the Draik and Matilda the Bori.)

Not only do we have a nice and royal dining room but a rather casual Burger Bar right ahead of you, where you can stop by any time for a burger and drink. Socialize and have a good time! Many pets come here during the day, especially at lunch. You should be able to meet some cool pets if you strike up a conversation! The workers here are very social and love to greet customers with a smile. They will do their best to make you feel at home and serve each customer fairly.

Next, I will guide you to the tennis court. After all this eating, you should probably burn some of it off, no? Break a sweat by playing tennis with pets of all levels of expertise! You never know who you will be matched up with. ;) Not only will you feel healthier later on but trust me, it is a lot of fun!

If your muscles are tense after all this playing, don't be shy and take a step into the Sauna or Jacuzzi! We are currently using some of the best technology available in these areas to best comfort you and allow you to remember your excellent stay here. Up to eight people in the jacuzzi, so you will be able to socialize while getting a relaxing break.

Okay, so once you've left the jacuzzi, it'll probably be dinner time. But, you look like a mess! What to do? Don't worry! To your right here, you will see the Grooming Palour, where you can get all kinds of accesories to make yourself look magnificent! Choose from a variety of things to buy, from combs and perfume/cologne, to hair accesories and shoe laces!

After your fine meal at the hotel, you'll probably want to get out and have some fun! At the AstroVilla Hotel we have TWO swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor - but as it's currently very cold outside, our outdoor pool is closed. The indoor one is nicely heated and well-maintained! We even have 2+ lifeguards there every hour the pool is open, to ensure your and your petpets safety.

Wow, and after all this day of fun, you will definitely need some rest! At the AstroVilla Hotel our bedrooms are elegant and royal, with many options that you can choose from! If you choose the Suite, you will get an extraordinary package, filled with a Neopian Times delivery every day you stay here and even your own 24/7 maid or butler to clean up any mess! (Also they will fluff your pillows so that you can have a good relaxing sleep!) Your room will have two levels, basically with the bed on the level, accompanied by a fireplace and many other things (such as a dresser, chairs, etc) - and the top level a relaxing cozy area, from which you will be able to look out the large window and see the magnificent view of the park and beautiful high trees.

Lastly what to do with dirty clothes? You can't just keep them laying there! Well, no need to worry. We have Laundy Facilities all around the hotel. Also, in the suites, you even get your own washer and dryer! No more walking to the laundry mat, just take a few steps and there you are! No longer must you wear those stinky clothes again; from now on they will always be fresh and clean.

Prices? Each night with all of these options will cost 512 neopoints. Just take that times however days you would like to stay here. (28 days would equal a little over 14k). But trust me - you will be pampered 24/7 and you will definitely love it here! (Even your petpet will love it; I mean, why wouldn't they? They will get boxes and boxes of treats!) Anyhow - I hope you choose to stay here for a few nights and believe me you won't want to leave!

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