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The Great Turmaculus

by ilovehyrule


The Turmaculus lives in Meridell… What? Oh, of course you already knew that, everybody does! Anyway, on with the story… He is a GARGANTUAN beast… You also know he's gigantunormous? Well, duh! On with the story! Nobody knows how he got there, just that a tiny little egg appeared there one morning.

     That morning, the earth faerie, Illusen, was strolling on the Meridell hills, breathing in the crisp morning air.

     "Ahhh! What a perfect morning!" she said. She took out a dark green blanket and put it down on the grass. She took out a picnic basket and took out her specialty, her cream cookies.

     "Mmmm…" she said as she smacked her lips. She was about to take the biggest bite when a green Ixi galloped across the hills and interrupted her.

     "Madame Illusen! Madame…" the Ixi panted. Illusen looked up, looking quite mad that she was interrupted while she was about to eat her cookie.

     "Yes?" she asked.

     "Look what I found!" the Ixi exclaimed. She took off her backpack and took out an egg, no bigger than her hoof. Illusen stared at it for a moment.

     "Where did you find it?" Illusen asked, still staring at the egg.

     "By your glade, Madame Illusen," the Ixi said. She gave the egg to Illusen.

     "What do you want me to do with it?" Illusen asked, cradling the egg in her arms.

     "I dunno, but… Can I have one of your cookies?" the Ixi said as her eyes grew big.

     "Oh… All right…" Illusen sighed. The Ixi took the one that Illusen was about to eat earlier.

     The Ixi ate the cookie, then galloped off. Illusen packed up her cookies. She put the tiny egg on top of the blanket and wrapped it up, so it wouldn't get cold. She walked back to her glade. She used her powers to create a carpet of leaves so it could carry up the egg to her room. She climbed up the ladder and picked up the egg. She took the egg out of the blanket and studied it for a moment.

     "I've never seen an egg like this before…" she said to herself. She studied the designs on it.

     "Hmmm, should I write to the Negg Faerie?" she asked herself. The Negg Faerie lived all the way in the Ice Caves at Terror Mountain. Illusen pondered for a bit, then took out a piece of parchment, a green eyrie quill, and a bottle of dark green ink. The letter went like this:

     Dear Negg Faerie,

     I was out on the hills of Meridell having a picnic. It was a beautiful morning, but that's not the main idea of this letter. A green Ixi was galloping across the hills and started talking to me. She took out a very little egg. I studied the designs and it looks a greenish yellowish colour. It has speckles and spots everywhere, all mostly purple and a dark green. I was wondering if this is a negg or a real egg. Please send a response back!

      Thank you,

      Illusen the Earth Faerie

     Illusen put the letter in an envelope. She put a stamp on it and snapped her fingers. The letter disappeared in a puff of smoke. She wrapped the egg back up in the blanket and put it by the fireplace. She wasn't a fire faerie, so she had to make the fire by herself. She finally got the fire going and she left her glade. A white Lupe who had a bag of letters on his back was standing outside Illusen's glade.

      "Letter for you, Madame Illusen," he said. He pulled out a letter, which was a bit cold, from his bag and gave it to Illusen. She nodded in appreciation and tossed five neopoints to the Lupe.

     "Thank you, Madame Illusen," the Lupe said, then walked off. It was a letter from the Negg Faerie, it went out like this:

     Dear Illusen,

     Nice to hear from you again. It is also nice to hear there is no destruction in Meridell. I went to my Book of Neggs, and there are no findings of the negg you speak of. It is probably a real egg, but I am not entirely sure. No matter, take care of it. It might hatch! Write again.

      Take care,

      The Negg Faerie

     Illusen snapped her fingers and made the letter go away. She went back up to her room and saw that the egg was gone! Frantically, she searched everywhere. Under her table, under her chairs, under her table… She just couldn't find it… Then, she heard shuffling in her food storage. She tiptoed up to the door and opened it suddenly. Something yelped and ran to the corner. It looked like a cute little creature, with spikes on top of its back and it looked like the same colour that was on the egg. It was shaking and its two front feet were covering its eyes.

     "Are you the sweetie who was inside the egg?" Illusen asked the creature. It looked at Illusen with one eye and nodded slowly.

     "You're so cute!" Illusen smiled. The creature stopped shivering and walked up to Illusen.

     "What shall I name you?" Illusen asked herself and thought for a moment.

     "I'll name you… Turmaculus!" she exclaimed. Turmaculus blinked its great big eyes and crawled in Illusen's lap.

     "Would you like one of my special cream cookies?" Illusen asked him. She handed him a cookie and he sniffed it. He grabbed it with his mouth and ate it hungrily. He growled in appreciation. He yawned and slowly went to sleep.

     "Awww, let me make you a bed in my room," Illusen said as she stroked him. She slowly got up, and tiptoed to her room so she wouldn't wake him up. She gathered up the softest leaves with her magic and created a little bed for Turmaculus. She went back to her food storage room and picked him up. He stirred slightly, but went back to sleep. She placed him on the little bed.

     "Good night, sweet Turmaculus," she whispered to him.

     The next morning Illusen woke up and yawned. She looked at the side of her bed to see if Turmaculus was still sleeping. He was there, but now, he was five times the size he was yesterday! Illusen gasped so loud, it woke up Turmaculus. He looked up at Illusen with the biggest eyes; Illusen couldn't help but giggle. He opened up his mouth and mumbled a word that sounded like "food!". She gathered up all the food she could and placed it next to Turmaculus. He ate all the food up in one gulp. Illusen stared at him amazingly. He opened his mouth again, and Illusen went to get more food. Again, he ate that entire pile in one gulp.

     "How can you eat so much?" Illusen asked. All of a sudden, Turmaculus grew again! He was now so big, he couldn't fit in Illusen's room!

     "Oh dear!" Illusen exclaimed. She used all of her power to try and get Turmaculus outside. She finally succeeded and she slumped to the floor.

     "Whew! That was a lot of work!" Illusen panted. She heard a huge rustle of leaves outside and gasped. All of the leaves on the trees were gone. Then she looked at Turmaculus. He had now grown four times his size. He was about as big as King Skarrl's castle! Turmaculus was now sleeping and snoring loudly.

     Illusen went out to Turmaculus and stared at him. All of the other residents of Meridell were coming out of their houses and staring at him too.

     "Residents of Meridell," Illusen shouted over the murmuring of the crowd, "I give you Turmaculus, the King of Petpets!" Turmaculus was still sleeping, but he had a huge smile spread across his face.

The End

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