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Garden Rooms are for Wimps! ;)

by tyleraapje


Okay okay, garden rooms are not really for wimps (or not just wimps), but since I am not a big fan of getting my fingers all dirty (and I have never quite gotten the hang of the garden room format with its foreground-background layering system), I decided to take a different approach to giving my neohome a nice big yard. This article is meant to inspire other "garden-challenged" neohomers in alternative methods to bringing the outdoors in and vice versa. :)

Indoor Gardens: A versatile way of bringing fresh flower arrangements into your neohome

We shall first tackle the easier task of creating a flourishing garden inside a room of your neohome. These types of additions are usually quite flexible, in that you can put them just about anywhere. In most cases neohomers will create rooms that are intended to represent a neohome's porch, solarium, sunroom, garden room or some other such area that would usually have a number of plants, but this isn't always necessary. Even a bathroom with the right setting could call for an array of hanging plants or a kitchen could have an herb garden. A favourite method of simulating earth/dirt is using any combination of dung furniture items, from dung rugs for larger garden structures to dung tubs for smaller plant arrangements, but any assortment of pots and tubs meant to be containers for your flowers will do fine.

In some cases, indoor gardens are shown to have a source of water, such as a shallow pool or misty waterfall. These are often made to be part of the garden arrangement, with hanging house plants and wiggling seaweed plants used to accentuate the pools/falls, in other words to cover up details such as seams between the pieces you have used that you do not want to be seen.. Depending on your needs, icy desks and icy tables make ideal representatives of water, though feepit petpet bath tubs work nicely for some neohomers.

So how in the world do you mesh these items together to form a colourful garden arrangement for a room in your neohome, you might ask? Planning ahead with pencil sketches on paper or even mockups of your creation in a paint program such as Paint Shop Pro can prove helpful in finalizing the design of your garden project. Once you are settled on a layout, it is simply a matter of adding your pieces to the room in the order that you want to layer them in. As with most complex compilations, you start with the bottom of your project and work upward. Lay down the base of your garden arrangement, be it stone blocks, drawers that will act as trays, or just the dung items for dirt. Then add the colouring for your flowers. This can be just about anything you wish, from multi-coloured chia chairs to bright sunny yellow rugs to fancy veespa petpet scratching posts. Basically you want something that will suit whatever colour scheme you have given (or plan to give) to the room you are putting your indoor garden in. For the final touch, add your hanging house plants and/or other greenery such as wiggling seaweed plants over the rest to disguise the mismatched furniture beneath and create a very realistic looking flower arrangement.

Outdoor Rooms

If you are like me, the method of manipulating items in a room and the method of manipulating items in a garden room are like the differences between night and day. While I often envy those garden gurus with their magnificent gnome-filled gardens, I've found an alternative to the traditional gardening that has brought me much joy and provided an extra outlet for my wild imagination.

What is the secret? Asparagus rooms! Okay, so it is no big secret, but it is that simple. Expensive maybe (one of these rooms will cost you 60,000 NP minimum to build), but for someone like me, it is basically a heaven sent alternative to pulling my hair out while trying to work with the traditional garden rooms. :P

So how does it work exactly? Basically you treat the Asparagus room (aka veggie room) as if it were the grass or yard of your neohome. While some neohomers have simulated this type of "outdoor" style by tiling bamboo tables and the like in other types of rooms such as twig, an Asparagus room simply gives you, in my humble opinion, a more appealing look of a grassy yard, complete with "tall weedy" walls. Once you have built your veggie room, the skies are the limit. You can create anything from a river scene complete with racing canoes, to a backyard bar-b-que with hotdogs and hamburgers and kids playing in the pool, to a front lawn scene complete with a colourful garden, a gravel driveway and an sporty automobile.

A favourite method of mine to simulate hedges (like you would find around your neohome) is to use various christmas wreaths, like the mistletoe wreath. Boarded up windows and wreathy bean bags make great trees and often there are those things you'd typically find in a "garden room" like the snorkle padding pool, that you can re-create for yourself in a veggie room. Just take a peek at my neohome to see what I mean. ;)

Personally, I find the challenge of creating scenes like these more or less from scratch, through combinations of items you would not normally think would go together, much more entertaining and fun than simply arranging pre-designed flowers and toolsheds in a appealing manner. (no offense to die-hard gardeners!) I think working with veggie rooms also provides you with more flexibility when it comes to adding certain types of things to your outdoor areas, such as grills, full side-walks, mailboxes, rivers, boats, and the list could go on and on. :)

Final Words

I hope this article has brought newfound silver linings to those dark clouds of those who, like me, have decided that garden rooms just are not for them....because yes, where there is a will (or a veggie room) there is a way! :) I plan to finish my neohome's yard with two more veggie rooms. I have yet to decide what "scenes" will be portrayed in them, but I am most certain I will have a super great time trying to come up with ideas and even more fun bringing them to fruition.

So, I bet you are wondering what I will do once my neohome's "yard" is complete...and there is no more need to build more veggie rooms? *looks to the clouds in the sky* Hmm...wonder if someone has tried making a plane in a cloudy room yet. ;)

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