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At the Faerie Festival

by precious_katuch14


FAERIELAND - Welcome one, welcome all, to the Faerie Festival, where various kinds of faeries come to celebrate their very own special day as a whole! Whether you're a simple but important elemental faerie, or a different sort with a power all your own, this is one holiday you wouldn't want to miss.

Even though my partner-in-crime - I mean, writing - and I aren't exactly faeries, we sure don't want to miss this. That's right, Shadow and Kat are mingling with the magical folk, but of course, we make sure that the Fire Faeries don't burn our notepads accidentally!

Shadow: Well, are you done with the intro, Kat?

Kat: Coming!

(The author named Kat wades through the crowd, trying to avoid elbowing as many faeries as she can. Finally she reaches her friend, Shadow.)

Kat: Whew, so many faeries! Honestly, if we want to do an article, we either have to do it fast, before we get crushed by the crowd or do it shorter, before we... get crushed by the crowd!

Shadow: I know. So... what now? Do we do an interview? I think an interview would be nice.

Kat: Ooh, good idea. But... well, loads of Neopian Times reporters have interviewed Jhudora, Illusen, and all the really famous faeries. Wouldn't it be a better angle to do one about the lesser-known magical heroines of Neopia?

Shadow: Who, Kayla?

Kat: No, the lesser-known faeries!

Shadow: Oh... Excellent idea. How many?

Kat: How should I know? That's why they're lesser-known, you know.

Shadow: I see. I do hope we can fit in four or five here... *looks around* Do you see any new vict - I mean, interviewees?

Kat: I think there's a flitter of wings... over there!

(Kat points to a flutter of pale, green wings with a spidery deep, lush jade network running through the large faerie wings. Shadow nods silently, and the two authors quickly make their way to the not-so-famous faerie, the Negg Faerie.)

Shadow: Hello there. *to the Negg Faerie*

Negg Faerie: Hello.

Shadow: We are two Neopian Times writers who would be very happy if we could have a few minutes of your precious time during this festival, to interview you a little bit...?

Negg Faerie: Of course, I'd be happy to comply.

Kat: Thank you. Let's see... *leafs through paper* Ah! There we go. First question: What do you think about this gathering, this Faerie Festival?

Negg Faerie: Well, it is nice. All of us gather here to chat leisurely, maybe trade some recipes for faerie food... And personally I get to check the negg collections of the other faeries. *stiffens herself haughtily* Of course, they're never as extensive as mine.

Shadow: Oh. Thank you. Then, is it true that you have all of the neggs in the world, since you're the negg faerie?

Negg Faerie: Obviously not. Neggs are a profound joy and a too important part of Neopia to be selfishly kept by one single person. The reason I sell my pretty neggs for negg tokens is to allow Neopia to become richer by having more neggs to choose from.

Kat: *whispers to Shadow* I think we've covered our basic questions... Let's move on! *points to the Tooth faerie, who stands not too far in the distance*

Shadow: Thank you very much for the interview, Negg... Wait a second! Do you... Well, have you got a name? Not just the Negg Faerie or something like that...

Negg Faerie: I am afraid that I have to remain nameless, like some of my lesser-known colleagues.

Kat: Ooh, ooh, Miss Tooth... uh...

(Seeing someone waving and calling her name, the lovely tooth faerie flits forward in a flurry of pink and blue. Of course, as she smiles, she reveals two rows of perfect white teeth. A toothbrush sticks out of one of her back pockets.)

Tooth Faerie: Oh, I'm nameless too. Like the Negg Faerie. *pushes the Negg Faerie aside*

Negg Faerie: Hey, watch it!

Shadow: Wait, wait, don't fight!

Kat: Yeah, we've got a question for you too, Miss Tooth Faerie!

Tooth Faerie: You do? *fixes hair up quickly*

Shadow: So what do you think of the Faerie Festival?

Tooth Faerie: Well... it's a very lovely celebration. I enjoy it every year, because it is the one day that we get lots of special treatment. But that's not all. Sometimes I meet up with some old friends to chat... oh yes, perhaps now I have a good reason for becoming more generous with my avatar...

Negg Faerie: You have an avatar? But I have a whole Neggery.

Tooth Faerie: So? Some Neggs can give you toothache. That's why I'm here!

Negg Faerie: Are you trying to say that you're better than me?

Tooth Faerie: Well... it's true.

Negg Faerie: What the -

(Suddenly, the Library Faerie squeezes her way out of the crowds, inadvertently stepping into the impending fight. She tosses back her brown hair, and everyone can see that her nose is buried in a thick book. Her purple skirts gently sweep the grounds like rippling waves.)

Library Faerie: If you two ladies would... *gestures at the Negg Faerie and the Tooth Faerie* Hush. This is neither the place nor the time for arguing. The Festival is an occasion for celebration and joy, not for petty rivalries such as those of Jhudora and Illusen.

(As the two faeries walk away in separate directions, the two authors heave a sigh of relief over the fact that the argument had not provided any disastrous consequences. Before long, they turn their attention to the Library Faerie, another lesser-known faerie of Neopia.)

Shadow: Umm... Honored Library Faerie, may we have a moment?

Library Faerie: Sure, as long as you are not too noisy. All the noise in this fair is giving me quite a headache.

Kat: I promise we'll be quiet, Miss Library Faerie.

Shadow: I hope you won't mind a few questions, miss. Now, what do you think of this Faerie Festival?

Library Faerie: Besides the concerns I voiced before? Well, the Festival is certainly a place for celebration, and this is the time we are most kind to Neopians. Kind deeds are done, and many faeries rejoice in the celebration to put their normal differences aside. All in all, it's a nice little gathering... Except all those squawking noises.

Shadow: I see. So what do you do? Oh, besides running the crossword puzzle, of course.

Library Faerie: I'm just like any other librarian, except that my place might be filled with magic. As librarians do, I lend books and take back those who return books to my library. It's a nice job... You get a lot of peace and quiet in the library, there's a spell for keeping it silent.

Kat: Interesting. I like books.

Shadow: So do I. It must be fun having a job like yours.

Library Faerie: Yes, I know. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Well, I'm running a book sale, so this is all the time I have. Hope to see you around sometime.

Shadow: Can we go to the Book Sale? Pretty Please? *eyes Kat and looks at the Library Faerie, who is quickly vanishing into the distance*

Kat: I'm afraid we have to finish this interview first.

Shadow: So who's next?

Kat: I think I spot... There! Miss Soup Faerie!

(The two authors rush to a stand where a plain-looking faerie with mushy yellow wings is stirring around in a huge cauldron with a wooden spoon that seems too large for her hands. A red bandana with white dots adorns her lush, brown hair, and to her waist there is an unmistakable baby blue apron. The Soup Faerie turns around and smiles at the two owners, holding forth two small cups of soup.)

Soup Faerie: Care to try? This is my hyper-extra-gravity-hot-and-filling-but-cold Asparagus Soup! *smiles and reveals white teeth that could rival the whiteness of the Tooth Faerie*

Shadow: *stares into her cup and shudders at the contents* Erhm... No thanks. In fact, we're just here to ask you some questions... If that's okay?

Soup Faerie: Of course! *waves energetically with her wooden spoon, splashing the two authors with hyper-extra-gravity-hot-and-filling-but-cold Asparagus Soup in the process* What do you want, dear? Just a plain old bowl of Asparagus Soup?

Kat: No, Miss Soup Faerie, we'd just like to know what you think of the Faerie Festival.

Soup Faerie: *inhales deeply as she adds suspiciously purple and foamy ingredients to her new invention* Ah, it's quite a wonderful place... To be able to let all of Neopia taste my new soups! *smiles brightly* Of course, all kinds of faeries gather here, but also some pets and owners, and I'm always happy to feed as many mouths as I can. On this special day, I might even be kind enough to give some soup to the owners who usually have too much NP. After all, a little sample doesn't hurt, does it? *waves with another bowl of soup in front of Shadow's face, in which the author shrinks back in fear*

Shadow: New soup? That's pretty cool... *stares at her bowl with hidden disgust at the floating remains of some poor squid* Do you invent new soups all the time?

Soup Faerie: Oh, no! I'd never have the time to feed all those poor pets more and more soup, and have them taste the delicacies which I brew. I'm always happy to help.

Shadow: *whispers to Kat* Do you think she's like that all the time?

Kat: *whispers back* I dunno, it's quite rude of you to ask though.

Shadow: *mutters* But it's kind of creepy... Like she works with Sloth and wants to feed the soup of D00M to all pets or something.

Soup Faerie: What are you two arguing about now? *smiles* Just have some soup!

(Before the two authors can say ‘no’, the Soup Faerie sticks a spoonful of her new variation of the Asparagus Soup into Shadow's mouth. Kat, realizing the danger, quickly turns away before another ambush of the soup as she stares at her fellow author, who is coughing insanely.)

Shadow: *takes a few gulps of air* T-thanks for the s-soup...

Soup Faerie: No, it is I should thank you! Thanks so much for trying my new creation! That's what makes me the gladdest here in the place... So many pets to help to discover the wonders of soup, and so many of them to help me try out these experiments, to help to mold them into perfection...

Shadow: Thank you. *drags Kat away before there are any more assaults of soup*

Kat: Well... is that all the time we have for today?

Shadow: Yes, I believe so, Kat. We've asked four faeries about their opinions on the Faerie Festival, namely the Negg Faerie, the Tooth Faerie, the Library Faerie, and the Soup Faerie. Now, wasn't that exciting?

Kat: Yeah... except when someone stepped on my foot, and someone else stepped on my other foot... I think I need a break. My feet are KILLING me. Well readers, it's time to bid farewell to the two psychos - I mean, authors - once again, after an interview well done. Or at least, an interview I HOPE that is well done.

Shadow: How about soaking your feet in the Healing Springs?

Kat: And infect Faerieland with horrible foot stink? Nah, Fyora might turn us into Mortogs for that.

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