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The Worlds Within Neopia

by shadowcristal


SOMEWHERE IN NEOPIA – Think about this: Neopia is Neopia, right? There is only one Neopia, with all those dear places like Haunted Woods, Lost Desert etc. Actually, that’s not true. If you read stories in the Neopian Times, I’m sure you’ve seen different worlds as settings for each one of them.

If you thought that this piece would be a guide about Neopia, listing attractions in the different worlds (like Meridell, Mystery Island etc.), then you’re wrong! In this article, we’ll take a look at the different worlds (or faces) of Neopia that appear in a story. If you’re a writer, you might benefit from reading this article to see what kind of world fits your story. If you’re just a reader, it might be enjoyable to recognize those worlds that a writer creates in their piece. Now, let’s take a look, shall we?

The Everyday World

First off, we have the everyday world that we are very familiar with. Short stories that are set in this world are usually light-hearted and involve both owner and pets. You’ll probably also recognize things from Neopia, like shops and different worlds such as Terror Mountain.

This is the perfect world for owner-and-pet, normal and pound stories. Despite the fact that we are very close to this world, it’s not like our own and may therefore be distant to some readers. Not everyone can completely comprehend the things going on, if it’s set in some secret place like the Lost City of Geraptiku or something like that.

The great thing with the everyday world is that every detail is already done for you. There are no unfamiliar things that will need explanation (with a few exceptions, of course). There is a Job Agency if a pet wants a job, there is a Battledome for fights... and so on. If you’re reading a story that is set in the everyday world, don’t expect anything very dark. Just read and enjoy!

The Neo-Humane World

This world is just like the everyday world, with neopets... But there are some differences. For example, the usual shops and worlds may not be mentioned and the whole feel of the story is different. There may be mothers, fathers, tricksters, beggars and police here. The story will have a feel of our world in it, since it’s like ours, but Neo-fied.

Specifications on pets exist here, which may not exist in the everyday world. In this world, one Purple Grundo may not look like another. Things that are depressing and more related to our own world might occur here though they wouldn’t be in the everyday world. It’s just different.

So why choose to have a piece with the setting of the Neo-Humane world? Well, most people who read such stories can really sympathize with the characters since life in this world is so much like our own. However, this kind of realm is rather uncommon since the settings aren’t specific and it doesn’t really relate to the explore page as we know it.

The Neo-Humane world is a great world to read and write about. It may be a little tricky though, especially if you are used to the everyday world. This is the world that is most like our world, and not as happy and perfect as those cute, cuddly Neopets usually make you think they are.

The Epic World

I’m sure you know those guys. Sloth, Jeran, Kass, Hannah... Just to mention a few. One thing they have in common is that they all live in the epic world. This realm is where things happen. It is filled to the brim with magic, evil robots, rivalries and more. It can be set in a Neopian world, like the Virtupets Space Station or in Meridell. Here, just like in the Neo-Humane World, the regular rules may be bent to fit the story. You’ll most probably encounter this world if you’re reading a story about heroes or villains.

The special thing with the epic world is that there are no owners here. You wouldn’t want there to be any, since it would spoil the excitement. Just imagine a girl in pink clothes with pigtails grabbing Sloth’s ear and telling him to do the dishes... Well, I’m sure you get it.

This is the world to set grand tales in. Here is where the great people really shine. If I say ‘Jhudora’, do you imagine her sitting in Faerieland and giving a scared pet orders or sneaking around in Fyora’s bedroom and putting nasty things in her bed?

However, this world is not only limited to the heroes and villains that we know. A pet might be chosen and turned into a hero (or villain, if that suits your taste better) to perform some tasks. Perhaps they may get magical powers or supernatural abilities... The epic world will take a lot of descriptions and explanations, so make sure you dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’.

Most stories that are set in this world follow some general storyline, so make sure yours is extra creative. Don’t just make a simple plot: fight, win and win over big boss. Add some unexpected twists and feelings into it. A character’s doubt and some resistance might just be the perfect touch to a boring, old-fashioned tale.

Your Own Neo-World

Now, not every story follows one of those three worlds above perfectly. They were pretty much guidelines to describe the most commonly seen settings that you read about. There are sure to be mixes and matches of different pieces from the categories. For example, you could have a pet that has a part-time job in the library accidentally fall into a magic book and turn into a hero! That would be a mix of the latter two worlds that I mentioned, just as an example.

Perhaps you’re wondering... Which world is the real Neopia? Well, all of these worlds exist side by side, and they form in our minds. Therefore, there is no ‘real’ world but very many different views of the same, dear Neopia. Maybe you have your own idea of how Neopia really is like? We’re all different, so we’re bound to perceive Neopia differently from each other. That’s why there are so many ‘worlds’, each existing alongside another. There is no right or wrong; everyone have his or her own opinion of how Neopia looks like, and that is your own Neo-World.

Anyway, that’s it! Next time you’re reading a story, keep these things in mind as you read. Perhaps you might discover what kind of mix the author likes to write. Maybe you write yourself and recognize the world that you write about. I hope that my guide helped you to understand the different worlds within Neopia better than before. This is shadowcristal, signing off!

Author’s Note: This was written a while ago, so the information in this article might not be quite up-to-date. In any case, please note that you’ve read this article on your own risk and the author is responsible for any changes to you (mentally or physically) after reading this article, such as wanting to fill Fyora’s bed with Dung. Thanks for reading!

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