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A Bakery Review

by corky_the_puppet123


NEOPIA CENTRAL - Wowee! I just finished eating the baguette I got at the Bread Master’s Bakery and boy was it delicious! This article will give you a review of the Bread Master and will tell you a bit about some of the items in the bakery.

This quaint little bakery is simply divine, and the baker is so nice to all of his customers. He always greets them cheerfully and elegantly at the door and always leaves a great display of scrumptious items in his shop.

We ask ourselves just how this magician can come up with these culinary inventions. Well for now, no one will ever know his secrets. Until then, bon appétit!

Here I have eight of the Bread Master’s many creations you might want to sample. All of them, I can assure you, will please and satisfy your pet. And all of these items can be bought at very low prices that a newbie could afford.

A Meaty Lupe Treat is a great choice for any Lupe and it is just simply wonderful! You can buy it for just around 500 NP at the shop wizard. Yes, any Lupe would be very thankful for this treat of such high altitude and greatness. The ground meats will make your Lupe go crazy and they will always be asking you for one of these magnificent treats.

Cherry pie might be the right decision for you, a huge pie that is filled to the brim with lip-smacking cherries. This is a great choice if you are having a party, because they are so cheap at just around 300 NP at the shop wizard. But if you are a person and you want to keep your clothes clean, then cherry pie might not be the best choice for you because it leaves a nasty stain. Other than that, this pie is so divine it will leave your mouth watering at just the smell and it goes great with ice cream.

Maybe a chocolate dipped Peophin Cookie is the wonderful thing for you. A delicious cookie that is dipped in chocolate is a great thing to munch on for an afternoon snack for just around 200 NP at the shop wizard. You can eat this cookie any time of day you want and it is just great dipped in milk with a great assortment of other cookies from the bakery. This cookie will make your pet as happy as can be.

The jam pastry is also a dynamic choice for any pet of all shapes and sizes with its delicious strawberry jam and flaky pastry crust. You will simply love this dish for about 500 NP at the shop wizard. I highly recommend that you should buy this dainty pastry for any pet you want to be at your side for life. This is a magnificent little item for you to buy.

Or maybe a chocolate Tuskaninny Cookie might tickle your fancy! Its delicious real cocoa will give it its wonderful chocolatey taste and it is shaped just like a Tuskaninny’s head, which makes it a wonderful thing for a Tuskaninny collector. The price ranges around 900 NP at the shop wizard. I would go and buy this item in a second because it is such a great, great item for any pet who wants a cookie for a snack or at lunch at school.

This item is a little more expensive but if you work hard, you may be able to afford one. Why not try the chocolate stuffed pastry? It is a flaky pastry that has a mouth watering, gooey, scrumptious, melted milk chocolate, chocolate bar stuffed inside for a whole out good pleasure center that your pets will just love. You will have them at your ankles begging for one and you can buy one for just around 2000 NP in the bakery but in the shop wizard it will cost about 100,000 NP. Though it is expensive, it is worth it. Your pet will be happy for the rest of the year!

Another great item here is the strawberry shortcake which is a great little cake which is used as a bowl for whip cream and a strawberry. This little number will please pets of any kind and the whip cream is whipped to perfection and the strawberry is ripe and plump. The cake is like biting into a cloud. It is so fluffy you could use it as a pillow. Any pet would be delighted to be treated to one of these marvelous cakes. This is great as a midnight snack for any pet. This can be priced as low as 100 NP at the shop wizard. Great and cheap; the best kind of combination I always say.

This is also a very pricey item for you to buy, but it is the grand finale of my article. This is a must have, no doubt about it! This item is the item of your dreams and will make them come true. (Not Literally!) It is the awesome, lip moistening, glorious, goldmine that is formally known as the chocolate cherry cheesecake. This little beauty will cost around 2400 NP in the bakery but once, again it will be the big 100,000 NP in the shop wizard. But this cake is worth it with its drizzled white chocolate on the top and its three cherries just sitting perfectly on top of the cake and layer of cherry jam just smushed between two huge chunks of cheesecake with the perfect drizzles of different types of chocolate on each layer of the cake makes it complete. This cake will make all other Neopets envious. They will be taken over by the green eyed monster. This cake is what all of you out there need to have, a fancy dessert. This is a wonderful little prize to any account. You must have one.

     If you can’t find the food you’re looking for, I am very sorry. I will try to put more up in the Neopian Articles if I can. Thanks for reading my article and I hope to read yours in the future.

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