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A Battler's Friend: Petpets

by brytelytex001


There are many strong pets in Neopia. If you are one of them, then shouldn’t your pet have a battling companion? That’s right, I’m talking about petpets. It’s only fair that your pet should have its own cuddly-wuddly battling pet so I’m writing here to show the right petpet for your pet.

Section I: The Look

Part I: Special Features - First you need to look at the petpet’s look. If it looks strong then it most likely is. If you walk into a shop and you see a Spyder lifting weights then you need that one... I’m just kidding. What I really meant is that you should look at its structure and stamina. Check for things like horns and fangs. It’s really good that you find a tough pet that has a good defense and generally heavy weight so it doesn’t get sent flying.

Part II: Health – Next look at your petpet’s health. Check its temperature; check its muscles. Make sure it's not sick and physically fit to battle. Make sure to exercise it and play with it. Petpets are meant to be played with and a privilege for a pet to have them.

Section II: Attitude

Part I: The Brave – These are the kinds you really want. The characteristics that come under this heading are fearless, strong and courageous. These don’t take any attitude from no one. When you're in the shop and looking for a petpet make scary faces and noises at the petpets. The ones that look fierce and don’t look a bit scared are the best kind.

Part II: The Wimpy – These are the ones that are left in the shop and whimper and cower at the other petpets. The characteristics under this heading are cowardly, lazy and weak. To test this stand up to a cage and go “Boo!” and if it goes to the farthest corner of the cage just to get away from you then it’s definitely a wimp. If you want to be kind and take care of it then it’s just fine but it’s got a bad chance in battling.

Part III: The Careless – Okay, so these are the petpets that just don’t care. You try to scare them and they have a face that means “Eh... ” If you want to play with them then they walk away and go into their tiny little beds. They are lazy, sleepy and far beyond wimpy. In fact, they’re the ones that let the weak pets beat them up and they just lay there and just let them do it. This is a definite no.

Section III: Color

Part I: Fierce color – This part is easy to understand. Your judgment depends on what color you want. It shows off the viciousness of your pet. A fire paint brush is a good color for a battling pet because, logically, fire is destructive. Ghost is also a good color because, well, ghosts are scary... Duh. Pink... bad color! No questions asked!

Part II: Misleading colors – These colors hide your petpet’s true strengths. They are misleading... A good example is the odd colors like dung and custard. When an opponent sees a dung petpet they underestimate it. It really depends on how strong it is, not the color. These are tricky colors that are recommended; depends on your logical judgment. All I have to say is think weird. Weird as in creative, an example is Disco. Disco is a heck of a weird color and totally confuses your enemy about your attributes.

Part IV: Descriptions – When you get a petpet look at the description The Neopets Team has put for you. Here is what they say for a Chomper:

Be careful, if you make your Chomper angry, you may lose a paw...

The key word there is angry. What they’re saying is Chompers have a temper and sharp teeth that can chomp your paw off. Look for any adjectives that they might have put in there. You want to look for feisty, strong, quick and any other positive words. They really help with picking the perfect one.

Section IV: Sorting the Goodies from the Baddies

Part I: The Goodies – These are like I said... brave. Now we look at types such as aquatic and faerie. The best are robotic petpets. Why? Because, they take command easily and follow direction. Overall, they are really obedient partners to have. In fact, once you buy it check thoroughly that TNT hasn’t installed an emotion chip. If it does I suggest you take it out. They are a great evil, oh wait, I mean battling companion.

Part II: The Baddies – They are wimpy and lazy. These are the ancient Tyrannian petpets. I mean they are sleeping all the time and even the Neopets that are Tyrannian are pretty lazy because, well, it’s olden times. Look at the owner of the Tyrannian furniture shop. Yup, sleeping on the job... figures... Do not get one of these! No offense to the Tyrannian pet/petpet owners.

Part III: The Misc. – These come in the middle of the two. I wouldn’t call it mediocre. They are good but not great. They are just fine to use in the battledome. Examples are aquatic, faerie, winter, Meridell (Olde) and many others that come here.

This is all I have to say. I myself have a Scout Unit, which is a robotic petpet and it is a good battler. I hope this helps in finding that great battling partner to give to your battling pet. If it doesn’t help then ---- *runs away* Of course it will help! What, you think I will make a pointless article for nothing... that’s crazy! I’m not insane! Well maybe a little! But you can’t blame me! Okay I am insane!

Note: If you’re reading this then I made it in the NT. My first article! Woo! I always wanted to be in here.

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