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How to Get Invited to the Chocolate Ball

by sevlow_12


CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Mmmmm, chocolate, something everyone knows and loves. Chocolate is so popular these days that there is even a ball for it! As the chocolate ball approaches everyone is talking about going! But wait! The chocolate ball is by invitation only; everyone who is someone is going to be there. So just how do you get invited to the ball if you are not, say, Queen Fyora or King Hagan? Well, follow my guide and who knows, you just may be invited yourself where you can spend a wonderful time feasting on only the best and most expensive chocolates around. It is said that everyone who attends the ball leaves with a goody bag that contains 150,000 NP worth of chocolate!

Here is a 10 step guide on how to get invited to the annual chocolate ball:

1. Learn everything you can about chocolate, what different kinds there are, how much are the different kinds, which are the most popular, which are the least popular, how you make it things like that. I’m sure the book faerie would be happy to help you find books on chocolate. After all, the more you know about chocolate, the better, because you won’t get invited to the ball if you go around thinking chocolate is made from water, dirt and milk!

2. Now that you have learned all about chocolate, use what you know; make a point of bringing up what you learned in conversations with anyone. Say things like wow, it sure is hot out, I sure could use a chocolate milkshake. Then once chocolate is brought up you can talk about all the best kinds of chocolate and things like that. You never know someone on the street may hear you talk about chocolate in a very sophisticated way and then invite you! It has happened, you know.

3. Make sure to stop in at the chocolate factory at least twice a day. People have to know you're serious about chocolate. Keep in mind that you don’t know who is handing out invitations; it could be anyone, but one thing is for sure, people who are handing out invitations want to know who’s serious about chocolate and are often found spying on the chocolate factory. Also the Kiko who owns the chocolate store has the most invitations to hand out; become friendly with him and you could have the invitation in no time! Take note that you should stay away from the health food store. Chocolate and health food? Anyone who likes healthy food like broccoli and asparagus isn’t popular when it comes to people who like chocolate. Haven’t you ever wondered why Adam is never at the chocolate ball?

4. When shopping for chocolate NEVER buy cheap chocolate; buying cheap chocolate means that you are not the elegant type that is invited to the ball. Never buy anything under 1,000 NP; it may sounds a little pricey to some but just think of all the delicious and very expensive chocolate they will be serving at the ball.

5. Never tell a joke that makes chocolate sound bad in any way! If people think you’re insulting chocolate they will not want you at the ball!

6. If you’re visiting King Hagan to share some of your wisdom with him say something good about chocolate; for example: Those who eat not the utter most chocolate are those who seek not the utter most success. King Hagan himself is big on chocolate and he himself gives out invitations. If he likes your advice he just may give you an invitation. It’s not just King Hagan who has invitations to hand out. Some others are: Queen Fyora (get a quest from here and maybe you can bring here a piece of chocoalte as well as what she wanted), Tiki Tack, the owner of the golden dubloon, the owner of Kelp, even Coltzan himself is rumoured to be handing out invitations!

7. Never I repeat NEVER say anything good about chocolate chip cookies; anything that is not pure chocolate is not something these important chocolate people approve of. If you are going to mention chocolate chip cookies say something like “Yesterday someone offered me a chocolate chip cookie, can you believe the nerve of them! The cookie would definitely ruin the chocolate.”

8. Always be seen carrying around chocolate (and not the cheap kinds either).

9. Try to look as rich as possible. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with chocolate, but only the richest are invited; as long as you look and act rich they really won’t know you have only 10,000 NP in the bank.

10. Create a chocolate gallery; this is my best tip. Anyone who has invitations to hand out will always be looking at the chocolate galleries. Galleries they like are eligible for an invitation. And remember, bigger is not always better. Quality is what counts!

If you follow each of the 10 steps then you will more then likely be invited to dine, taste and rate chocolates of all sorts. It will be the best ball you’ve ever been to – that is a promise. Remember have fun, and don’t wear tight pants because they might not be so comfortable at the end of the evening after you’ve eaten all that chocolate. Ask the grumpy old king what happened last year. Actually, come to think of it, don’t! He might just bite your head off!

Now a poem about chocolate! What? I want to be invited too, you know! And what better way then for everyone to see how much I love chocolate than to have my poem in an article! Everyone will read it! Anyone who has invitations, I AM accepting!

Chocolate chocolate oh so sweet

It surely is my favourite treat

White chocolate, milk chocolate mint chocolate too

So much chocolate for me and you

I love the taste of chocolate melting in my mouth

Chocolate is so popular east, west, north and south

I love chocolate so much I could shout!

If you don’t like chocolate then why are you here? GET OUT!

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