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The Best Time Capsule Ever... According to Arthus

by jen4ever4ree


Kitt and Arthus were the best of friends, ever since Arthus accidentally collided into Kitt in Neopia Central and threatened to steal his NP. It's amazing how they managed to form a friendship out of that.

     Anyway, Kitt and Arthus were very playful neopets. Kitt was a Kougra, playful by nature and always up for an adventure. Arthus the Blumaroo, while extremely fun and a little daft, was also was incredibly competitive and thought highly of himself. He once said he would become the future Queen of Faerieland.

     The two of them were usually occupied; whether it was scaring coconut jubjubs or counting grains of sand on the beach, they were hardly bored. Today, however, was one of those days that they were bored.

     Sitting in Kitt's neohome, the two of them sighed in unison. They had been spending the past half hour like that, just sitting and sighing. Arthus had come over for a sleepover, but it wasn't looking fun at the moment.

     Finally, Arthus said, "We're cool, right? Cool pets don't get bored."

     Kitt nodded. "Too right, my good friend."

     There was a moment of eerie silence between them, before Arthus's face lit up entirely. "I have just been struck with the most brilliant idea in Neopia history!"

     "Yeah?" Kitt asked eagerly.

     "It'll astound Neopians for centuries, Kitt!"


     "It'll amaze all Neopet-kind!"

     "Yeah?" Kitt urged eagerly.

     "It's the king of ideas, if I do say so myself!"


     "A time capsule!"

     There was a pause. "What?"

     Arthus rolled his eyes and let out a highly exaggerated sigh. "A time capsule! A box or something, and we put in stuff like Neopian Times clippings and items and things and then we bury it, or hide it, and millions of years later, Neopians will find it and say - 'Oh, this is what the famous Arthus and his sidekick Kitt were like as kids!'"

     Kitt blinked, rubbing his paws excitedly. "That is a good idea!"

     "Oh! Another idea! I'm on a roll today, huh, Kitt? We could write letters, to the future Neopians!"

     "That sounds great," Kitt agreed, grinning. "I'll get a box, I have one somewhere." He darted into another room of the neohome and came back, holding a box and an issue of the Neopian Times.

     Arthus sat on his tail in the living room, his bag opened up in front of him. The contents were spilled over the floor. He looked up as Kitt brought in the box. "Perfect."

     They spent the next hour hand-picking items to go into the box. Kitt put lots of his old play things, as well as his first ever book which he had begged his owner to buy but had never actually read. As well, he dumped photos of him and Arthus into the time capsule. Arthus took longer. He examined everything from his duffel bag for a long time, before deciding that his Springy Blue Blumaroo Toy was too childish, his Brainy Blumaroos book was inaccurate - after all, it didn't feature him, the greatest Blumaroo ever - and that his yellow Blumaroo keychain was far too tacky for his refined tastes.

     Finally, Arthus held up his petpet, Hubert the VI, whom he brought everywhere and anywhere. Hubert was a rock.

     "What're you doing with Hubert?" Kitt asked, bouncing a ball between his paws, his tail swishing back and forth.

     "I've decided that Hubert is the only one worthy to represent me for our capsule. After all, he did win the rock races four times in a row." Fact was, Hubert was the only one who ever participated in said rock races.

     "Won't he ... erm ... not survive? He'll be cooped up for millions of years, with no food." Kitt pointed out.

     Arthus blinked. "Oh. Hmm. I guess we'd better get going with our letters, then."


     The letter of Arthus The Great:

     Dear Who-Ever-You-Are-That-Founded-My-I-Mean-OUR-Time-Capsule,

     Congratulations! Obviously, if you found it, then you're cool. Why? Because I'm the world's best hider. I'm the world's best everything. So really, you should feel very, very honoured, whoever you are.

     Did I tell you who I am? No? Okay, well, I'm Arthus. You've probably heard of me. I'm a spotted Blumaroo. It's the best colour, trust me. If you were wise, you would trust me. Why? Because I'm super smart. I'm even smarter than my baby cousin Boo, who is a friend of a friend of a friend of an aunt of a friend of a cousin of the Lenny Konnnunderrum Lenny. Believe me, I know.

     Okay, so I'm going to tell you some of my achievements here. There's quite a lot, but it's very exciting. Hang in there, read on!

     First, when I was only a little tyke, I said the word anemonemone. It's a really hard one. But I said it. My owner was SO proud. It was then that I realized my great potential.

     Next, I trained my pet rock. His name is Hubert the VI. VI means Very Intelligent. And he is. He won the annual rock races four years in a row. I was so happy that day. I think Hubert was very proud too, but it's hard to tell.

     I've also been told how very handsome I am. And really, who wouldn't think so? With these lovely spots ... all the rage these days. They should be popular in the future too. Spots never grow old.

     I'm going to become the next Faerie Queen, I am.

     And well, I would continue, but my paw hurts from writing.

     Your Superior,

     Arthus (The Great)


     The letter of Kittttttttttt:

     Dear Neopian-of-the-future,

     Hey, I'm Kitt. Well, technically, I'm Kittttttttttt. My owner went a little crazy with the t's.( Her name's Tattota, and she loves tea and playing golf with he favourite turquoise tee.) For your information, there are eleven t's there. Not ten, not twelve. Just so we get that straight.

     I have some questions for you! I'm not sure how you'll answer me. Maybe in the future we could do it telepathetically, if you know what I mean. Okay, so, first question: what do you future Neopets look like? Are you aliens? Wait, grundos are already aliens. Okay, okay, I got a good one. Do you have multiple ears? That would be cool! No, wait. Aishas have that. I KNOW! Do you have atomic bellybuttons?!? I'm not sure what that means. Arthus told me once. He's really smart. At least, he says so. To tell you the truth, his baby cousin Boo is more clever than him. But then, Boo is a friend of a friend of a friend of an aunt of a friend of a cousin of the Lenny Conundrum Lenny.

     Arthus wrote in his letter about himself, so I guess I'll write about me. I'm a Kougra, a red one. My owner says I look like a tiger. PSH. That's so silly. What in Neopia is a tiger? My favourite things is playing on the beach with bouncy balls. They don't really bounce in the sand, but that's okay.

     I think I've run out of things to say. So bye.

     Yours Sincerely,

     Kitt (with eleven t's)


     Three days after Arthus and Kitt buried their box - in a top secret place, mind you - someone happened to stumble upon their box. This someone was Hannah - yes, that famous usul, you know her!

     Hannah was quite minding her own business. She was searching for treasure, as she usually did. It had grown to be a hobby. Some days, when stuffy caves were absent, she went to Mystery Island to scavenge out dropped NP and merchandise in the sand. It was on the beach where she found the corner of a box poking out of the sand.

     Brushing away the sand, she opened the box. Treasure? Here?

     Rats. It was just some old kid stuff. She took out a piece of paper and read it. And re-read it. And decided that this Arthus fellow was quite stupid.

The End

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