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We Have a Blast Off!

by faeriegurl4lyfe


TYRANNIA - where Chombies, Grarrls, and Korbats roam. But they are not the only ones who decided to make this prehistoric land their nesting spot. Tyrannia is also the home of some very cool and addictive games like Volcano Run, Destruct-O-Match (I and II), Pterattack and several more. But I'm here to talk to you about a more recent addition to the bunch. Magma Blaster.

Let us examine the first few obvious traits of the game.

#1 Hero

I have yet to uncover the Alien Aisha's name; however don't you find it a bit odd that such a futuristic Neopet would be interested in a game from Tyrannia? Something here is fishy fishy… Not to mention the fact that another Aisha has once again taken over the glory. Honestly, TNT – can't you make other hero Neopets like Pteris, or Scorchios? And further more, do you want to know what I think? Oh who cares, I'll say it anyway. I think that this little hero here is the one who got the volcano to erupt in the first place, and now he is trying to play the all-powerful hero and save everyone from certain death. Pffft, despicable. We have enough Aishas trying to play heroes, we do NOT need another one.

#2 Rocks

Now, I've never actually been very close to a volcano, but my insight tells me that when colorful misshaped rocks that aren't red, yellow, orange or any other Magma related color are thrown out in top speed out of an active volcano – something's going on. It might look innocent, but come on – let's face it – since when does the team really do anything innocent without having a top secret agenda of their own? Yes, Adam, that includes you and your asparagus.

#3 Villagers

It might be only me, but once a volcano becomes active, wouldn’t it be more smart to run as far away as possible from it and perhaps even near a water source if one is available? Or maybe not even that, but you'd think with all the noise of the eruption and magma threatening to melt and scorch anything that comes in its path, you'd be far away as possible. Yet these villagers seem to like running around in circles (or lines) right at the volcano's bottom. Don’t you think there is something wrong with that picture?

But anyway, enough about that. Lets discuss the game on its self. The object as it appears to be, is to destroy as many possible different rocks. The better your aim is – the more you score (2 points for being close, 4 for being accurate).

With every level you have the option to unlock a bonus round that would help you to score more points if you blast as many rocks as possible in 15 seconds. Later, the total would be added to your current score and you could continue on with the game.

Over all, there are 5 levels, and 6 shaped rocks that you need to look out for. With every level comes a new different type of rock, in addition to the old ones from the first levels. There is the basic brown rock, then the blue with 3 line shaped red tombstone like rock, the 3rd has an odd resemblance to a sea-shell, while the 4th is red and layered. The 5th one looks similar to a bundle of small grey rocks stuck together, while the last one is a small wheel-doughnut-bagel like grey. Could it be that the Tyrannians had finally discovered the Wheel?!

….Actually, never mind. That already happened when we weren't around.

Back to our subject, with every level the amount of rocks you need to destroy, and the amount of points you need to get to move on to the next level grows bigger.

First Level: 10 rocks for the next level, and 40 points for bonus round.

Second Level: 15 rocks for the next level, and 60 points for bonus round.

Third Level: 20 rocks for the next level, and 80 points for bonus round.

Fourth Level: 25 rocks for the next level, and 100 points for bonus round.

Fifth Level: 30 rocks for the next level, and 120 points for bonus round.

So basically, the rock amount grows +5 and the points for the bonus round +20 for every level. You have 5 lives in the course of this game, and each of these lives projects as a confused villager trying to escape. When a rock hits one of them, or gets too close – you will lose a life. Be careful to not let it happen quite often, but this won't be very hard, so take more of your concentration into aiming correctly at the rocks. Unless of course one of them is dangerously close to one of your villagers.

Another somewhat disturbing image that had just crossed my mind, is the fact that the arrows at the edge of the screen are pointing towards the volcano… Now, in a normal world, wouldn't they be pointing away from it? Maybe with a big red sign saying something like… DANGER! ACTIVE VOLCANO ERUPTING! DO NOT COME ANY CLOSER! But then again, what's the fun in life without taking a few occasional risks?

Are there any hidden secrets, cheats, codes etc? None that I stumbled upon, but the game is fairly new, and everything is still open. There might be a hidden cheat out there, just waiting to come out. An extra life maybe? Or maybe even a new type of rock?

Over all, this game is quite addictive and extremely enjoyable if you're bored. It might make you a bit stressed at times, but then – what good game doesn’t do that ;)

Enjoy playing this new addition to the game room, and hopefully in your hands the silly villagers would survive without being crushed by huge flying rocks out of the skies (although, you can leave the rocks and see them get crushed, but that would be very evil of you and the game would end a lot faster).

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