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The Top Ten Richest Neopians

by uggazew


I know I have been depriving everyone. I know that you have been anxiously anticipating the release of the first annual Top Ten Richest Neopians list. Well you know what? I think the time has come for you to be informed. The time has come for these Neopians to be revealed and honored for their great wealth and… well… pretty much just their wealth. Please keep in mind that all Neopoint calculations are based on the time of writing, and are subject to change.

We will start with our honorable mention, Nigel. You’ve probably seen him with his fancy cars and fast speech, advising fellow Neopians of the latest stock developments. Some call him a genius, and some call him a lucky son of a gun, but one thing is for certain. Nigel is one of the best players of the stock market in the history of Neopia. While his advice may be grand, be insured that it comes with a price. This small piece of every investor’s winnings has earned Nigel quite a fortune, along with an honorable mention on a list of Neopia’s Richest.

10) Enough with the funny business. It is now time to name the tenth richest citizen in all of Neopia. He may not be the most famous Neopian, but in the Neopoints department he can really hold his own. With a Neopoint total ranging in the millions, the Ghost Lupe is my number ten richest Neopian. How did he earn this fortune, you ask? No one is really sure. One thing that definitely helps is the contract signed with Neopets itself. It states that by using his face on an avatar and trophy, Neopets thereby agrees to give Mr. Lupe ten percent of all healing potion sales. It may not sound like much, but it obviously adds up. This contract along with other unknown methods has earned the Ghost Lupe a spot as the tenth richest Neopian.

9) This next Neopian won’t be nearly the surprise that the Ghost Lupe was. The ninth richest Neopian is the Better Than You Kyrii. A little known fact about Better Than You is that the game show receives half of all Neopoints earned from the game featured for the week. An even less known fact is that the host receives half of everything the game show earns. This alone gives the Better Than You Kyrii plenty of Neopoints to make my Richest Neopians list. Cuts from the game show along with various other advertisements put the Better Than You Kyrii at number nine on this list of wealthy citizens.

8) My number eight richest Neopian is none other than the Snowager. His riches are obvious, although he is often plagued by theft. If you feel the need to steal from this 300-pound ice worm, make sure that you aren’t caught. It can get ugly quicker than an ice cream cone in the Lost Desert. The Snowager may have piles of riches, but that doesn’t mean he will let anything go kindly. Greed and constant paranoia have earned the gigantic beast an eighth position among Neopia’s richest.

7) The seventh richest Neopian is actually a team. The Meerca Henchmen have earned a lot of Neopoints over the years. Whether it be from specific jobs for some of Neopia’s biggest villains or simple petty theft, you can often find this duo earning Neopoints the quickest ways they can. The richest Neopians list isn’t about how the fortune is earned, only about the fortune itself. You won’t find many Neopians with more Neopoints than the Meerca Henchmen, which is why they have earned the number seven spot on my list.

6) The sixth richest Neopians are another duo. Number six is none other than our good friends Mika and Carassa. You should’ve known they would be on the list, as their whole lives comprise of constantly selling things. This has begun adding up after a while, and easily earned them a number six spot on my list of Neopia’s richest. You should definitely keep your eye on them, because they are sure to move up the list even more in the months to come.

5) The fifth richest Neopian is none other than the Tombola guy. You don’t buy that whole bit about the Tombola not having enough Neopoints to keep running, do you? The Tombola Guy is richer than many of you Neopians who are thought of as rich. He will never fail to make an attempt to earn a quick buck, however. His die-hard determination earned him the spot of number five richest Neopian.

4) You might’ve heard of the fourth richest Neopian before. She is a little faerie we know and love known as Illusen. While I am sure she would just love for me to list her above Jhudora, her generosity is too extreme. Giving away something as expensive as a honey potion daily is enough to put a dent in anybody’s wallet. The profit from her quests and other endorsements still leaves her with a large enough fortune to claim the number four spot of wealth on this list.

3) Number three, as you have probably guessed, is Jhudora. While pretty much even with Illusen, she edges the Earth Faerie out by a small margin. This is because, in large part, of her evil ways. She, like Illusen, gives away many expensive items, but Jhudora often throws in an impossible quest simply to throw off her allies. An evil darkness and greed have earned the Dark Faerie the small amount needed to edge out Illusen and claim the third spot among the richest of Neopia as her own.

2) The second richest Neopian is no surprise. The bank manager obviously falls into his share of Neopoints. I have heard reports that his personal account at the National Neopian has a balance as large as twenty million. How does he earn this much, you ask? I’m not sure, and neither are many others. I have to think that managing a bank would be very profitable, and obviously I am correct. The plump Skeith earned himself the second spot among Neopia’s wealthiest citizens.

1) The wealthiest Neopian is *drum roll* Sloth. With a combination of evil and brains, Sloth is a very formidable opponent for any citizen hoping to make the list. Between all of his minions stealing Neopoints, and the countless millions made from his Virtupets Space Station, no one can even compete with the powerhouse of wealth that is Sloth and his Virtupets juggernaut. Don’t look for Sloth to fall off the top of the list any time soon, as he shows no signs of slowing down in his quest for Neopian dominance.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my list of Neopia’s most wealthy. Look for another edition the same time next year. All Hail Sloth!

Note from the writer: I would just like to thank Ellen for all her help with punctuation and getting me published. You Rock!

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