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Attack of the Slorgs!! A Guide

by jeaniesofatso


GAMES ROOM - Ha! Didn't think you would see a guide to this game THIS early, did you? Well, think again. There is someone out there in Neopia who doesn't have a trophy but has played this game exactly 36 times and counting. Namely... me.

I'm not saying I'm too good at this game, but I've decided to write a guide on how to play this game.

If you've ever played Faerie Bubbles then this will be a piece of cake for you, since it's exactly the same. Except that you blow up Petpets.

Try playing Faerie Bubbles before this game to get some practice since Faerie Bubbles, in my opinion, is WAY easier.

IF you are very, very against Florg and his game called "Feed Florg" where you waste tons of expensive petpets to feed a fat mutant Chia, I suggest staying away from this game. If you hate Faerie Bubbles stay away from this game. If you are a Slorg lover then DEFINITELY do not play this game. EVER.

Basically you get rid of the Slorgs. Use your arrow keys to control the Slorg-B-Gone machine which shoots out Slorg repellent when you press SPACE BAR. This repellent makes the Slorgs vanish into thin air... Slorgs can only be vaporised if there are three of more of them. Say you have two green colored Slorgs and you shoot a green colored Slorg-B-Gone blob at them. Then they will disappear. But if you shot the same blob between a blue and a red Slorg, a green Slorg would appear between the two.

Before you start the level you will see a line of silhouettes of Slorgs cross the screen. That is the path that this army of Slorgs will take. I suggest getting rid of Slorgs before they travel diagonally, since sometimes it is impossible to reach the Slorgs at the beginning of the line.

On the first level you will need to get rid of 30 Slorgs to proceed to the next level. The next level will require 50 Slorgs to be vaporised, and so on. The numbers will continue to increase, until you will eventually need to get rid of 5,678,293,304,221 Slorgs

The main differences between this and Faerie bubbles is that

A) This takes place in Meridell with Slorgs, a Yurble and a crazy frog.

B) Slorgs actually move.

C) If you get rid of 4 Slorgs at once, you do not get a bonus or a combo. You simply get -4 from your counter (the one at the bottom right hand corner which tells you how many more Slorgs you need to blast before the rest get scared away).

D) Um... there's MUCH better music.

E) You get powerups as well as some... bad things.

Let's talk about difference A. The Slorgs role in this should be fairly obvious. IF not, you might want to get an eye check-up. The Yurble is the farmer with the crops (the fruits), the Slorg problem and the Slorg-B-Gone machine. He stands to the left of the machine which is at the middle bottom of the screen. When you press SPACE BAR he presses the red button. The crazy frog pops out occasionally for about 1 second to the left of the screen in the patch of grass. You'll see him sometime. Just look for a crazy Quiggle who pops out of the ground for some odd reason I cannot fathom. For a 25 point bonus, shoot him with a blob of Slorg-B-Gone. Apparently this repels Quiggles as well.

Don't try to shoot the Quiggle unless you have less than three inches of Slorgs or it's a free shot.

In my opinion this is just a clever distraction.

B should be obvious.

C Is self- explanatory.

D Same as above... You can turn the sound off in this game by pressing "S". To quit press "Q".

E The powerups are either very good or very bad. The very bad I'll save for last.

Super Slorgeriser-- Um... blasts a whole bunch of Slorgs out of the line regardless their color.

Slowdown-- Slows down Slorgs temporarily.

Block-- The Slorg this creates will turn into stone until you shoot a Slorg behind it. The Slorgs in front will continue to advance, however.

Slorg Destruct-- An immensely powerful version of "Super SLorgeriser". It can get rid of an amazing number of Slorgs

Puddlewater (or something similar to that)-- the far best powerup EVER. What this does is... turn all of the current Slorgs to the same color! WOOHOO!


Multislorg--creates about 20 more Slorgs for you to vaporise. Whoopee.

Laser Failure-- The machine couldn't have picked a better time to break. Laser disappears. You'll see what I mean when it happens to you...

The worst powerup is what the Slorgs affectionately call "Revenge of the Slorgs". What it does is when you press the LEFT ARROW KEY, the machine will move RIGHT, not left. When you press the RIGHT ARROW KEY, the machine will move LEFT, not right. It sounds simple but in reality is very confusing (for me at least). What is really horrible is when your laser goes out PLUS the Slorgs decide to do something to your machine.

Some tips:

If music disturbs you, then turn it off.

When you don't need a blob then shoot it out of the screen.

If the Slorgs are getting closer and closer to your crops, do the above until you get a color that matches two of the same color Slorgs in the line. DO NOT aim for the Slorgs in front. Instead, shoot the ones in the back to pull the front Slorgs back.

Don't be fascinated by the pretty pink Slorgs on level 6 and run to the Trading Post to get one.

Find out who that Quiggle is and Neomail me the answer.

When the words "Laser Failure" appear on your screen, start shooting Slorgs like mad. Honestly, this machine breaks within one minutes of use.

Again, do not shoot the Quiggle unless you absolutely have to.

I haven't gotten too far in this game, so don't blame me if I missed a power up or two.

When you are rapidly shooting Slorgs and only look at the Slorgeriser out of the bottom of your eye, be careful of the dark red and bright red blobs. Although unlikely you may confuse these and end up with a line containing bright red, dark red, bright red, dark red, bright red, dark red Slorgs in that order respectively.

Well... that's basically it for this game. I give it a 9 out of 10 since it's a bit difficult, but otherwise, it's great! Perfect for all you Slorg haters out there. The trophy is nice, too. Perfect for your lookup. :) Hope you have fun with this game!

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