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The Annual Neopian Heroine Convention

by no1_tails_fan


Good Evening, I am writing a report for the Neopian Annual Heroine Convention, where all the nicest heroines attend. Never heard of the Heroine Convention? That’s because they like to keep all the conventions quiet here in Neopia, except for the Usuki and Chocolate Conventions. Unlike other the other conventions, the heroine convention only allows one reporter per convention, so there isn’t much hassle.

The whereabouts of the convention changes each year, and only those with invitations are allowed to attend. All the heroines are here, from Isca to Nuria, Illusen to Hannah.

We’ll start off by interviewing a few of the familiar faces. Ok we’ll start with the first Heroine I see, *looks around* ah! There’s one! The Soup Faerie! Best known for her soup and how she doesn’t care for her appearance.

Me: Excuse me, Ms. Soup Faerie, would you mind having an interview?

Soup Faerie: Okay, make it quick, though; I’ve got food to serve.

Me: Oh! How tiresome! Okay, first question: Why did you decide to help the less fortunate?

Soup Faerie: I just felt sorry for them, so I sold all my fancy clothes, except for the one I’m wearing now, I use this for special occasions, and used the money to make a Soup Kitchen in Neopia Central.

Me: That is a very nice dress! It suits you! Second question: Do you have a name?

Soup Faerie: Yes, I do it’s *plate smashes*.

Me: Really? That’s a nice name! Do you have time for one last question?

Soup Faerie: No, not really. I better check on that food in the kitchen; that faerie wocky from caption contest 570 is cooking. She is a very bad cook.

Me: Oh well! Thanks for your time!

The next heroine I’m going to interview is Isca, the Aisha from the Curse of Maraqua plot.

Me: Hello Isca! How are you? I hear this is your first Annual Heroine Convention, how is it so far?

Isca: Oh! It’s really good and Caylis is here also, she’s over in the food buffet! *points to food buffet*

Me: She looks very happy there, is she happy?

Isca: No. She was a bit concerned on coming here today.

Me: Why’s that?

Isca: She says she had a vision of the kitchen here catching on fire.

Me: I doubt it. Thank you for this interview Isca, I hope Caylis will be okay!

After Isca I set out to find another heroine at this convention, but I found a rather pleasant surprise! I found Eithne, the so called “evil” fire faerie from the Mystery Island Volcano Mystery; not much is known about this faerie, I’ll see if I can interview her.

Me: Eithne! What are you doing here? You’re meant to be a villain!

Eithne: Oh! Hello, it may seem that way, but I’m not really.

Me: Then why were you in the volcano, trying to awaken Moltenus?

Eithne: Who said anything about that? I was trying to stop that Evil Shaman from awakening him.

Me: Then why did you tell us to get lost?

Eithne: For your own safety kid! Now it’s my turn to ask a question: Why didn’t anyone save me when that monster tried to eat me?

Me: Hey, Don’t blame me, I didn’t even try and solve that. Were you involved in any of the kidnappings?

Eithne: No. Jhuidah was making me a Botago Root to help me.

Me: What about that note that Jhuidah found?

Eithne: Pah! I had nothing to do with that note! The Library Faerie gave me a copy of the note and the translation. Note how it was signed “J” and it mentions minions, so it can’t have been me!

Me: Three more questions, Eithne: Who do you think it was and why? And how did you escape Moltenus?

Eithne: Personally, I think it was Jhudora. I think that because my name starts with “E” and I don’t have minions. I escaped him by flying away; I’m a faerie.

Now that my dispute with Eithne is done, we can move on to our next heroine, Kauvara, the Kau that runs the Potion shop in Neopia Central.

Me: Kauvara, hi, would you mind an interview?

Kauvara: Not at all! Go ahead!

Me: How is your potion shop going?

Kauvara: Business is booming and those morphing potions sell out the second I bring them out! But those healing potions aren’t selling very well.

Me: I think that’s because the Healing Springs Faerie sells most of them for cheaper and sometimes for free.

Kauvara: That’s rubbish.

Me: So how did you make it here?

Kauvara: Well I was on my way to Roo Island to get some berries for my potion and I thought I’d come in!

Me: Yes, okay, how’s your Mootix going?

Kauvara: Oh! He’s going very good thank y... Wait a minute! How do you know some much about me? Are you stalking me?

Me: No I am not. I better interview someone else; you’re scaring me!

The next heroine is Hannah, the adventurous Usul from Krawk Island, who recently help to save the Bori.

Me: Hello, Hannah. It’s nice to see you.

Hannah: Yes, nice to see you too!

Me: How was your trip to the Ice Caves?

Hannah: It was very good, thank you!

Me: Is there any more adventure in store for you in the near future?

Hannah: Not unless there’s treasure involved.

Me: Are you going to go back to work at the Golden Dubloon?

Hannah: Not likely, it’s so boring there. LOOK OUT!!! *a cupcake flies over head*

Kauvara: Oops! Did I do that?

Me: Excuse you Kauvara! Anyway, if another game featuring you as the main character was made, what do you think it should be called?

Hannah: I get asked that question tons of times, but I usually change my answer every time. I’d have to say “Hannah and the Faerie Caves” or maybe “Hannah and the Volcanic Caves” or how about “Hannah and the Haunted caves” and then there’s “Hannah and the Prehistoric Caves”. I could go on for hours, but I won’t.

Me: Thank you, Hannah, for this interview; it has been a pleasure!

And with that, another day draws to an end; Kauvara is still suspicious about me, Eithne is trying to blend in, Hannah is waiting for something, Isca is making sure Caylis doesn’t eat too much and the Soup Faerie is leaving the kitchen, and still no sign of that fire! *flames come out of Kitchen* Oops, I guess I jinxed it.

Soup Faerie: I told you not to turn on the oven!

Caylis: See, I told you it would happen!

Eithne: I’ll help!

Kauvara: It was him! *points to me*

Hannah: Oh boy! Finally some action!

While the Heroines try and put out this fire, I’ll call the Fire Department and see what they can do. I shall go now before Kauvara tries to hit me with another cupcake.

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