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Safety First! A Neopets Guide To Halloween

by scottsangeljean


HAUNTED FAIRGROUND -- It's that wonderful time of year again. Pets joyously creating pretty, wacky, wild, and scary costumes. Owners rushing out to buy tons of candy treats. The demand for all things orange and black go up. Yup, that's right. It's Halloween.

Now, if your pets are going to be Trick-Or-Treating, like many (including mine!) will be, there are some safety precautions you and your Neo-family should all go over to make sure you make the most out of this fun holiday.

Lights: It is extremely important for at least one Neopet, or human, in your group to carry a flashlight, or maybe one of those cool glow sticks. This way, you can watch out for anything you might trip over, whether it be twigs, someone’s foot, by stepping in a hole, or somebody’s petpet. Not to mention stop anyone from sneaking up on you. It’d be embarrassing if you screamed loud enough for the whole block to hear, now wouldn’t it?

Walking: We know you're in a rush to get that candy, but don't run, walk. It's much safer. Now, just think how embarrassing it would be if you were running, tripped on your costume, and fell flat on your face in front of all your friends. Not to mention your candy spills everywhere, some of it going into the street, only to be stomped on.. well, you get the picture. Walk, don’t run. You also need to avoid the middle of the street, always stay on the sides, or pathways if they are available.

Staying Together: It's not wise to go off on your own. Who knows what creatures may be lurking in the shadows. It's more fun in a group, anyways. You can show off if you get more treats than they do. Also, avoid places that just don’t seem right. Think going down that alleyway will be an adventure? Stick to getting candy. It tastes better.

Costumes: Besides the treats, the costumes are the best part of Halloween! For one day of the year, you can be anything or anyone you want. Always wanted to be an elusive Draik or Krawk? Now's your chance! But there are a few things you need to be aware of. Never use real knives or swords, you don't want to be brought in by the Chia Police, now do you? Also, even if they are made of plastic, do not wave them around at anyone. This could severely damage one’s eyes if it hit a certain way. Try and make sure your costume doesn't drag the ground, that makes it easier to trip and embarrass yourself even more. Also, try not to frighten young Neopets. Yes, I know it's fun to many of you, but, it IS kind of mean...

Masks: If you can avoid it, try and not wear a mask. Not only do they make your face sweaty, they can make it much harder to see things that may pose a threat. Try using costume makeup instead. If your owner is a female, I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to help you apply it. And if your owner is a male? Well, I’m sure he’ll love to help you too. It could be an interesting and fun experience for the both of you. If you must wear a mask, make sure the eye cut-outs are big enough to see clearly, the nose cut-out is big enough to breathe properly, and the mouth cut-out is big enough to talk normally.

Carry Extra Neopoints: It would be a wise idea to carry maybe five or ten Neopoints with you, in case you need to call home, or any other place. It could also come in handy if you pass the Chocolate Factory, which is now sporting a ‘80% off all chocolate’ sign, but for Halloween night only. Just ask your owner to lend you a couple, I’m sure he/she won’t mind.

Petpets: Watch your petpets, especially if you are going to be handing out candy with them around or taking them with you trick-or-treating. This experience will probably be exciting, maybe even overwhelming for them, and they may get scared. Make sure they are on a leash, and you have hold of that leash at all times. Don’t let strangers touch them if you think they might bite, and do not let them eat any chocolate, as it can make them very sick.

Be Courteous: I know, this is supposed to be a holiday full of fun, but don’t forget your manners. Did the Kougra in front of you get the last piece of candy from that sweet little Uni? It’s neither of their faults, so don’t blame them. Besides, be nice, and maybe that Kougra will share! Also, always remember to say thank you. These Neopians and their pets are using their beloved Neopoints to buy you all of these treats, so the least you could do is say thank you. It takes about a second and it will leave a smile on their face.

Use Your Head: What if a stranger invites you inside? Kindly say no. Even if they promise a lot more chocolate and treats, or say they have a rare petpet they would like to show you. If they try to force you inside, run away and call the Chia Police immediately.

Candy: Okay, so now you're home, you empty out that bag, and candies and chocolates and toys spill everywhere. You can't wait to sink your teeth into them, but you're going to have to. Let a human check all of that candy and make sure it's safe. Who knows, that little old Techo across the street could actually be Dr. Sloth in disguise, and those Caramel Kiko Sweets may be filled with some kind of mind-controlling liquid…makes you think, doesn’t it? Always remember: When in doubt, throw it out.

And the number one thing to remember is to have fun! Halloween isn’t a competition (unless you’re in a costume contest..), it isn’t for being mean. It’s for having fun!

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading, everyone. I had A LOT of fun writing this article, and if it makes it in, it will be my first! I hope you enjoyed, and have a Happy (and safe!) Halloween!!

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