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Petpet Cannonball: the Guide

by p0lkad0t3


KRAWK ISLAND - *A pirate Buzz runs by*

Me: Are you going to Petpet Cannonball?

Buzz: Yes! It's great fun!

Me: Doesn't being fired of a cannon, well, hurt?

Buzz: Not really…If the pirate firing is trained well.

You heard the Buzz, didn't you? You should get educated on how to play Petpet Cannonball! And this is exactly where you can learn! After you read this guide, you'll be a pro…at least after some practice!


So, you want to know how to fire your petpets out of a cannon, do ya? It's probably not the best idea in the world to do so, but that's okay, since there aren't any cannonballs around. Anyway, I can give you great tips how, matey. I may not be on the high score list for this game, but I've come close a lot of times. Here's me ship-worthy guide, I hope it helps!


Mainly, the game is about firing pirate petpets out of a cannon. Is that simple enough? Now, hold on before you run off to play! It gets harder, bucko. There is a wooden barrel you have to get the petpets through, since firing petpets out of a cannon isn't really that hard. I mean, if you had to just fire petpets out of a cannon, I wouldn't be making this guide, now would I? It's somewhat like Ultimate Bullseye, but it's harder and more pirate-like.


Actually, the controls are quite simple. The up and down arrow keys control the cannon, making it move up and down. You have to be careful on how you position the cannon. I'll explain why in a moment. The space bar shoots the cannon. You have to hold the space bar to actually make the cannon work. The power bar located below the cannon shows how much power you are planning to use. How do you get that power, you ask? By holding down the space bar!

Power Bar

Most of the game revolves around the power bar. Without the power bar, there would be no way to shoot petpets out of the cannon. With no way to shoot petpets out of the cannon, you couldn't get them through the wooden barrel. With no way to get them through the wooden barrel, you can't score neopoints. So that wouldn't be much of a game, now would it? Anyway, as I wrote above, you must hold the space bar to get power. When the power bar turns yellow, you don't have much power. When it turns orange, you have a good amount of power. When it turns red, well, you have a lot of power; so much power that the petpet you are launching will be likely to be shot to Kreludor! The higher the level, the faster the power bar fills up, so be careful! When you hold the space bar and the power bar gets up too high for your liking, keep holding the space bar, and eventually, the power bar will drop down and go up again. It also repeats the process, if you're the kind of person that doesn't also succeed at first or second try…

The Cannon

Another important thing in this game is the cannon. It launches petpets, it goes up and down, it launches petpets, it's the main thing of the game, and did I mention it launches petpets? Anyway, once you position the cannon, and you hold or press the space bar, you can't move the cannon, so you have to be careful on how you position the cannon.

Petpets and Weight

Now, did you start to think this was one of those games where you remember what you do, and then do it over and over again? Well, it's not; that's why it's not the easiest game in the world. Well, there are different petpets and weights to the different petpets. Each petpet weighs a different amount than another petpet. I'll list the petpets and their weights below.

Buzzes weigh 0.8kg

Slorgs weigh 0.9kg

Babaas weigh 1kg

Faellies weigh 1.2kg

Angelpusses weigh 1.4kg

Snowbunnies weigh 1.5kg

Now that you know the weights of the petpets, you're probably thinking you're all set to run off and play Petpet Cannonball, now don't you? Well, you are wrong about that. See, the weights of the petpets matter because that helps you estimate how high the power bar needs to go. Buzzes and Slorgs should have the least amount of power. Babaas and Faellies need to have a medium amount of power. Angelpusses and Snowbunnies need the biggest amount of power, but not in the red. Also, when you get a petpet through the barrel, you get points. The heavier the petpet, the more points you get, so keep that in mind!


A lot of Neopets games have lives. Examples of these games are: Warf Team Rescue, Mootix Drop, Hungry Skeith, and so on. Well, this is one of those games. Right from the power bar and above your score, you find how many "tries" you have left. Tries are just like lives, just to clear that up. You start the game with ten tries. You can lose and gain tries, just like in Web of Vernax and other games. The way to gain tries is to get two or more petpets through the bucket in a row. You can only go up to ten tries though. The way to lose tries is to miss getting a petpet into the bucket…But you probably already knew that…


*Pirate Snowbunny runs over and whispers something*


Oh, that's right! I almost forgot! There are different Neopets that fire out the petpets out of the cannon! They don't really mean anything, but I'll name them off anyway! There is a Blumaroo, a Krawk, a Tuskaninny, a Bruce, and a Mynci. They each do different things when they get the petpet and don't get the petpet through the barrel. I'll list those things too.

Blumaroo- When the Blumaroo makes the basket, it does a flip. When it doesn't, it sits down and cries.

Krawk- When the Krawk makes the basket, it puts its hands in the air and laughs. When it doesn't, it puts a hand over its eyes and cries.

Tuskaninny- When the Tuskaninny makes the basket, it shows its muscle and waves its back flipper. When it doesn't, steam comes from its head.

Bruce- When the Bruce makes the basket, it punches the air with its fists at different times. When it doesn't, it puts both hands over its eyes and cries.

Mynci- When the Mynci makes the basket, it jumps up and down. When it doesn't, it shakes its head while steam comes from it.


Well, that's the end of this article! Now is time to go out and shoot some petpets, me matey!

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