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Tour the Haunted Woods - On Halloween!

by kittyai


HAUNTED WOODS - Now, I’m sure it’s happened to everyone--you wake up thinking it’s just a normal day and then an AMAZING revelation hits you! Actually, that’s never happened to me, but, well, it might do…sometime…well, anyway. Today I was woken up by my pets jumping on my bed yelling something about Halloween. ‘Halloween? Already??’ you may ask. Yes. We all love Halloween - the scary stories, all the cool costumes, did I mention FREE CANDY? Hehe, that made you listen. It gives all the more evil Neopians a chance to shelter from the cuteness that is rapidly taking over Neopia. So why not prepare early? Why not do something special to keep your pets happy this Halloween. I’m planning to give ‘haunted tours’ of the Haunted Woods all Halloween night! Good idea, huh? And, as you’re looking for something to keep your pets happy this Halloween, you can be the first to experience it…really. And no, you don’t have a choice.

Right…tour. Now, I just need to get some stuff from under my bed. You know the Haunted Woods can be a very, very dangerous place at night –insert evil laugh here-. I think the best place to begin is the beginning. But where is the beginning? Hmmm…something to ponder upon while I ramble pointlessly through this sentence. Hehe. We’ll start with the games. The Haunted Woods (from now on referred to as the Woods due to my laziness) has a few places to earn Neopoints. I’ll give you a bit of important information on them…over here, you will see Magax: Destroyer. Do NOT play that game! Its very foundations are full of Hubrid Nox’s ghostly army. *hurries away* Over there, you can see the game “Fetch”. It is evil. Stay away! Never fetch anything for the strange, um, creature, in the hood, unless you want to become one of them! And what about Eliv Thade? His house is spooky. I don’t want to play a game that involves actually using my brain *gasp*! In my opinion, this game is the scariest of all! No, don’t play those games. Play ‘Carnival of Terror’ instead. After all, what could be scary or dangerous about a bunch of clowns….?

Moving on…if you look right up there *points* you will see the Witches Tower. Edna, the potion brewer, lives here. It looks very spooky, don’t you think? But once you get up there it’s not so bad. OK, so it’s a little dark and drippy and it smells funny, but Edna’s actually quite nice as long as you don’t mention Meepits. Believe me, I found out the hard way. Some people do quests for her, too. :) In fact, there are tons of quests in the H W. Esophagor, Brain tree…it MUST be a conspiracy. Why else would these evil creatures (or whatever they are) actually give you something in return for your effort? Except for Edna the Witch. She is good. At least, I hope so, because I’ve just finished one of her quests. Here is one little warning about Edna’s Tower. Stay away from the cauldron. Why? Well, lets just say that Edna wasn’t always a Zafara.…

So you can’t do many quests and you can only play one game. But you can still colour stuff and try on Halloween costumes In fact, let’s go in there now. Hehe, these are kind of cute. Look at that cute JubJub. Ooh, but those Halloween Gelerts are scary - just look at their tails! Eeek, maybe it’s time we moved on. There are some cool neopet masks just over there. Lets all dress up as yellow Chias! Yay! And once the tour is over, you can check out the Haunted House (a game kind of like the adventure generator). But not now. I’m not going in there. Now, lets try our luck at some of the ummm…whatever you call them…those wheels and scratch cards and things.

Wow. There are tons of chances to get cheated out of your hard-earned Neopoints I mean, win fantastic prizes with the Woods’ amazingly entertaining games of chance. Ahh. So that’s what they’re called. I think. Anyway, you can spin the wheel of misfortune (is it just me or does that wheel only give out headless plushies?), test your strength by banging a wooden mallet on a platform thingy that’s rigged or scratch a Scratch Card. The bad thing is, you actually have to PAY to do this. No, really! It’s completely unbelievable. My advice is to stay clear of all these mean cheaters unless you have plenty of Neopoints to waste, and enjoy being meanly cheated.

And of course there are the shops. The Haunted Weaponry store, the Spooky food and the Spooky furniture shops, and of course, a petpet store. All these shops are very consumer friendly apart from the fact that the shopkeepers glare at you all the time and most of the buildings are covered with Spyder webs and slime. I like the petpet store and all the interesting petpets but most are quite expensive and I also find that’s it’s almost always sold out. The furniture shop is the same, but it sells the best stuff for a Halloween party, so if you like spooky stuff or you are holding a Halloween party it might be a good idea to check it out. I’m not much of a Battledomer so I can’t tell you much about the weaponry store, except that it’s a store that sells spooky weaponry. The food store is hardly ever sold out, which is hardly surprising, considering the stuff it sells. Jellied Eyeballs, anyone? If you want to eat here, bring your own food.

So. That concludes our tour of the Haunted Woods. There are a few things I’ve missed out, like the Stone Dome. I’ll leave it up to you to explore the Haunted Woods further, if you want to. It really is an OK place, although if you do go back alone, be careful of that tree with the red eyes by the Game Graveyard. It bites. I hope that you had a great tour, and that I maybe even interested you for a few minutes. One more thing: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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