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BOOM!: Part Seven

by blubblub317


I don't know how long it was when Vicky and I finally crawled out of the table, but when we did, we were entirely covered in the foam as well and so were most of the people in the gym. About a dozen janitors had raced in the gym to clean the mess up and luckily the volcano had stopped 'erupting'.

     Two hours later, the mess was mostly cleaned up, but everybody was still wet from the fake lava. The judges were whispering quietly, deciding on Lila's group's score.

     Vicky and I exchanged looks of amusement because we could hear the purple Grarrl hissing loudly, "That project was absolutely horrible! One of the worst I've ever seen!"

     Lila was clenching her teeth heatedly on the stage and flashing scowling glares at me. I smiled sweetly at her. She was such a nice Acara.

     "We have tallied the scores," said an orange Yurble who was seated at the far left.

     He held up a black sign that read 2. Some people in the crowd jeered and laughed, including Vicky and I. A skunk Bori on the far left rose his sign up and it said 1. Finally, the purple Grarrl lifted up her sign, which read an obvious 0. Lila's group exited the stage furiously, murmuring very rude things about the judges.

     "We should get in line," whispered Vicky.

     I nodded, and followed her towards the pack of students waiting impatiently to present their own projects. It felt like forever, staring at the students who, one by one, walked up on the stage and tried to receive top scores from the judges. I looked at the clock. 10:56. I yawned and leaned my head back against the wall. After what felt like two hours, I opened my eyes and took another look at the clock. It was only 11:14?!

     "We better get ready," said Vicky, poking me softly in the ribs. "We're next."

     I stood up straighter. "We are?"

     "Yeah. Morgan's almost done with hers."

     We watched with wide eyes as Morgan received her scores from the judges and scuttled off the stage. Mr. Googlesworth walked back out, smiling stupidly. "What a nice project there, Ms. Morgan. But it'd be best to refrain from using 'invisible utensils' as a project next year. Now, our next participants are Devyn and Vicky, with their replica of Queen Fyora's castle."

     The two both exchanged nervous glances and walked up the stairs that led to the main area of the stage.

     "Why, that certainly is a…creative idea for Queen Fyora's castle," said Mr. Googlesworth, looking slightly puzzled. "Did I read correctly my paper?"

     "Oh, sorry about that, mister," I said quickly. "We both decided to change the idea."

     He paused and then nodded, still appearing confused. "Okay, then. Good luck ladies."

     We thanked him and then stood nervously on the stage. Everyone was looking at us, everyone, and I could feel my heart pounding faster then ever.

     "W-well, we have..um," I stuttered, sounding all cracked up, "a…model…" I froze, not knowing what to say next.

     Vicky suddenly stepped forward, a fake but lively smile flashing on her face.

     "Devyn and I decided to construct a model of the most important thing in the world: a home," she began, determined. "You see, homes are something that we all need. In our homes, the people that we love the most are there for us, and it's where we get the comfort that we desire. Even if you don't get that Usuki Doll set that you you've wanted since Christmas, or a White Weewoo that all your friends have, you'll still be happy.

     "And here, with this replica, we've created the epitome of an average home, with a loving owner and a kind pet. And we can't forget the petpets and petpetpets! Homes are more important then schools, or volcanoes, or the world that spins around us. Home is that special thing that lies in our hearts forever."

     The entire audience paused, absorbing all of Vicky's amazing words. Then, a stream of cheers suddenly broke out. What seemed like half of the school stood up, whistling louder then I had ever heard in my life. All three of the judges had tissues in their hands, damping their wet cheeks.

     "Wow, that was certainly a beautiful explanation," Mr. Googlesworth said, walking up to the pair. "Judges, what are your scores?'

     The judges didn't even whisper to each other like they had done with all the other participants. The Yurble had a score of 9, while the Bori had decided on an 8, and the Grarrl smiled and rose up a perfect 10. The gym cheered again and I almost felt like breaking in to a dance of joy when I saw Lila's yelling furiously at her friends because of our near perfect score.

     Once we got off the stage, I wrapped my arms around Vicky, hugging her as tight as I could. "That was amazing, Vicky!" I exclaimed, tears trickling down my face.

     "You were the one who made this awesome project," she said, laughing and crying at the same time.

     "I would've been nothing with you there!"

     "And I would've been nothing without your project!"

     We both paused, smiling at each other. Then I told her, "We would be nothing without each other."

     We then broke into laughter and hugged each other once more.

     "Ahem, may I have everyone's attention?" Mr. Googlesworth suddenly declared from the stage.

     The chatting quieted down, and everyone listened attentively to the principal.

     "We had twenty groups who participated in the science fair, and you all did a fantastic job, with the exception of some." He eyed Lila's group, who were rolling their eyes and looking quite disgusted.

     "In 20th place, we have Lila, Allison, Kathy, and Monica, with their model of a volcano!"

     Everyone booed at the four as they walked up the stage miserably. The teachers didn't even try to stop the students! For a moment, I felt a pang of pity hit my heart, but when Lila started calling people in the crowd 'losers', it quickly disappeared.

     As Mr. Googlesworth continued calling out the names, I took hold of Vicky's hoof, a mound of sweat forming on my brow. Nervousness was starting to overcome me. I clenched my teeth, praying that I would be somewhere at the top.

     He had already reached 9th place and our group still hadn't been called out. Morgan ran up to the stage, receiving the second smallest trophy there was. The people who placed behind tenth received an ugly certificate.

     "5th place goes to Jessica and Taylor, with their Jelly-flinger!" the Tuskaninny exclaimed cheerfully.

     "Oh gosh, we're in the top four, Devyn!" Vicky piped, giving me a hug.

     "4th place goes to…" Vicky and I closed our eyes, "Ray, with his flower x-ray goggles, built from Virtupets Inc.! Or so he says…"

     We both shrieked in delight, jumping and down. We were now in the top three! Would we finish first place? Our scores had been pretty high.

     "3rd place goes to Mary-Ann, Glenn, and Peter, with their 'portable spaghetti'!"

     I almost felt like I was going to faint. We would either be first or second.

     "We've now reached the top two! The groups that are left remaining are Vicky and Devyn with their 'epitome of the average home', and Shadow, with her translucent-chocolate-bouncy-trampoline!'

     Everyone clapped with great force. I gulped, never breaking my view from the Tuskaninny.

     "Our second place winner goes to…" A drum roll suddenly started playing from out of nowhere, "…Vicky and Devyn!"

     My heart sank but then bounced again. I had wanted to get first place, but second was still so great!

     "Devyn, we rocked!" cried out Vicky, pulling me towards the stage

     "GO VICKY AND DEVYN! GO VICKY AND DEVYN! GO VICKY AND DEVYN!" The gym boomed with the roar of those words. I smiled at everyone, trying to remember when I had felt this much happiness.

     We took our very large trophy, which weighed a ton. I felt sorry for Shadow, who almost collapsed on the ground from her trophy.

     "Thank you to all who participated, the crowds and the judges, who spent hours examining the projects and giving them scores!" said Mr. Googlesworth, grinning at everyone.

     After the science fair ended, school was let out early that day because everyone was way too excited to spend time in the classroom. Vicky and I chatted non-stop as we made our way outside.

     "We did so awesome!"

     "I know! And Lila's group bombed!"

     "I'm really happy for Shadow. Hers was great!"

     "I know! We got second but we were still great too!"

     We giggled as we swung the doors open. A large group suddenly stopped us in our steps.

     It was Lila, who looked like she was ready to pounce on me. She didn't look so Royal anymore.

     "Congratulations on your win, Devyn," she hissed, sounding entirely fake.

     "Thanks Lila!" I exclaimed. "Maybe you'll do a less crummy job next year."

     She gasped, her friends all muttering, 'what a stupid baby'.

     "But you know what, Lila? I doubt it."

     Vicky and I pushed our way through her group and left them standing there in complete fury.

     "You know what?" said Vicky, continually polishing our trophy with her hoof. "We never did find out who sabotaged Lila's project."

     "Probably a teacher," I said, winking.

     We paused and then burst into laughter.

     "It's great being friends with you, Devyn."

     "I agree."

     We exchanged big smiles and then held hands, dancing away to where our win had all started from. Home.

The End

Author's Note: Phew! I hope you enjoyed this series! I really had a great time writing it! Neomails are much appreciated. ;)

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