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BOOM!: Part Two

by blubblub317


A few minutes later, I found myself sitting in the back of the class, writing down the extra homework that Ms. Fringle had assigned me in my agenda. The moment I had come back, everyone started muttering and even Ms. Fringle looked at me with disappointed eyes. Everybody continued to shoot scowling glances at me while my pencil scratched softly against the paper. It was Lila who had managed to make them do this. I was sure of it.

     After thirty long minutes of Ms. Fringle's boring explanation on the plant care in Meridell, the bell rang and students bustled out of the class to the cafeteria. I sat in my chair, waiting for all of the students to leave. Finally, when Ms. Fringle and I were the last two in the class, I stood up and walked towards her.

     She was grading some science quizzes when I said, "Ms. Fringle, can I talk to you about something?"

     She looked up with a somewhat interested gaze and nodded. I sat myself down on the chair adjacent to her, and all of a sudden, felt a mound of emotions building up in my chest. Oh no, this couldn't be happening! The one horrible effect that had happened to all baby pets: a sudden burst of tears.

     "I'm so sorry!" I cried hysterically, tears streaming down my face. "I didn't mean to throw my Math book! It's just Lila and her friends are always saying these horrible things to me and I couldn't stand it when she lied about me breaking our base! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

     I threw my face in my paws, my entire body trembling. Ms. Fringle stood up and slid her comforting arm around me, giving me a sympathetic look.

     "It's all right, Devyn," she said soothingly. "I talked to Vicky and she told me that you didn't do it."

     I whimpered and wiped away some more tears. "Then who did?"

     Ms. Fringle half-smiled. "I'm not quite sure yet, Devyn. I'll try my hardest to find out. For now, you and Vicky will get time in Art class to redo your base."

     In my mind, more anger fueled. Art was my favorite subject and now I had to miss the next class because of heartless Lila. I covered this all up, though, and smiled at Ms. Fringle as she helped me up from my chair.

     "I forgive you Devyn; everyone has their moments," said Ms. Fringle, "but I'd prefer it if you apologized to Lila tomorrow in front of the class."

     Instantly, my eyes widened. "No!" I said, stunned.

     Ms. Fringle raised an eyebrow, looking calm. "And why not?"

     "Because she asked for it!" I yelled. "She had no right to accuse me for breaking my project! I made it even between us."

     My teacher crossed her arms, looking very let down. "I'm sorry to hear this, Devyn. I would have expected much more from you than Lila."

     And that, for some reason, was the worst response I could have asked for.


     That night, I lay in my bed wondering what I would say in front of the class the next day. I could just imagine myself, standing there, frozen, while Lila smirked. My heart sank just thinking about it.

     There was sudden knock on my door and I said, "Come in."

     My owner poked her head inside. Her long blonde curls spiraled downwards with a certain bounce and her hazel eyes somehow radiated in the dimness of the room.

     "Thought of what you were going to say tomorrow?" she asked.

     "No," I sniffed, turning around so my back faced her. I didn't want to look at her after she had basically blamed me for everything after I had come home and forced me to apologize tomorrow.

     "Well, keep thinking. I'd like to know by tomorrow," she said sternly.

     I suddenly swiveled around. "I'll tell you my apology if I want to!" I yelled furiously. "You're not going to force me to state some heart-felt apology in front of everyone if you don't like my own, so just quit it and leave me alone!"

     Then, I stuffed my head in my pillow and began to cry. I could hear April standing there, her feet creaking against the wooden floor, obviously surprised. Then, I perceived the soft click of the door closing.

     With thoughts of anger and confusion swirling in my mind, I fell asleep.


     The next morning, my head ached with the thoughts of the apology, my science fair project, and my outburst with April. How could so much chaos happen in just one day?

     Slowly, I forced myself to get out of bed, hitting my alarm clock with a large amount of force so its annoying beeping would stop. The mirror before me reflected a different Chia, one that was determined to show everyone that she wasn't someone who could just be bossed around. No, I was going to show them all that I could win. And the Science Fair would make this all possible.

     Feeling more confident. I quickly brushed my disheveled fur and brushed my teeth until I thought they were spotless. April's usual calls that breakfast was ready were not there and I knew it was because she was angry at me.

     Thinking that I would sort things out with her later on, I made my way downstairs to the kitchen and wolfed down a bowl of cereal and took some sips of orange juice.

     "Bye, April!" I yelled at the front door, just to let her know I was leaving. Opening the door, I stepped out into the brisk air and tightened my grip around my backpack, somehow finally knowing what I was going to say in front of the class today.

     Ten minutes later, I was sitting alone in the classroom. Ms. Fringle hadn't even arrived yet, which allowed me time to practice my speech even more. But how would I tell Ms. Fringle I was ready to apologize? It would be an embarrassing situation, but if I didn't tell her, April would check nevertheless.

     Suddenly, the front door swung open and in marched Ms. Fringle with a leather brown purse around her shoulder and a huge worn-out binder in her arms.

     "Uh, Ms. Fringle," I said softly, trying to catch her attention.

     She set her binder down and looked up. "Oh, hello Devyn. You're certainly here early."

     "Well," I said, feeling horribly nervous, "I just wanted to tell you that I'll apologize to Lila."

     Ms. Fringle smiled warmly, causing the many knots in my stomach to untie themselves. "That's very brave of you, Devyn. You can do it this afternoon after lunch."

     And it was as easy and simple as that. Four minutes later, the shrill ring of the bell erupted in the classes and halls and most of the students came rushing in the school. I quietly opened my science binder, waiting for Ms. Fringle to start the class.

     Lila suddenly walked in, announcing as loudly as she could, "Ms. Fringle, may we put our science fair project at the back table? It's very heavy."

     Curious, I peered up and literally felt like I would have a heart attack. In four of Lila's friends' arms was a half-built volcano, which was even larger then the back table itself. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so well constructed, so perfectly detailed. They would most surely win first place at the science fair.

     And this caused a pang of anger and jealousy to hit my heart. Life was so not fair; these little brats would be winning the science fair because Lila's rich owner probably hired a real life architect to design the project.

     "Of course, Lila," replied Ms. Fringle. "Your group's project looks superb."

     Lila flashed her big set of white teeth and deliberately pushed past me as her cronies walked eagerly towards the table. I had to try my hardest to resist tripping one of them.

     "Class, class, please sit down!" Ms. Fringle announced moments later, causing the chatter in the classroom to simmer down.

     "Hey Devyn," a voice suddenly said. I turned to my left and found Vicky sitting in her desk excitedly.

     "What's up?"

     "I'm just excited about this science fair," she replied, sounding a bit agitated as well. "I hope you don't mind, but I rebuilt some of the base at my house last night."

     Again, another pang hit my heart, but this time it was full of guilt. "Wow, thanks, Vicky."

     "You can come to my house after school if you'd like and we can start building the turrets," she quickly retorted, seeing that I felt bad for not helping as much as I should have.

     "Okay," I said, wearing a fake smile. I had been hoping to relax after school today and forget about my troubles, but this science fair obviously was going to get in the way.

     "Please open your science textbooks, class, and we'll begin our lesson on photosynthesis."

     "What's photosindapes," said Quinto, who was quite an ignorant blue Skeith, from the front.

     Ms. Fringle smiled with a stern look in her eyes. "That's what we'll be learning about. Now please, no more interruptions."

     Most of the class listened attentively to Ms. Fringle's important explanation of photowhateveryoucallit, but I scribbled pictures of Lila in my notebook. She had a horrified expression on her face as her volcano model broke in half and I laughed silently while admiring it.

     I suddenly heard a stream of murmurs from behind me and I wheeled around to see who it was. I sighed, realizing that it was merely Lila and her friends probably gossiping about me again.

     Turning back to my notebook, I felt weary and glanced at the clock. It was only 9:30; it would be such a long day. I wrote random things down in my notebook without taking much notice, gazing at Ms. Fringle with droopy eyes.

     I peered back to see what I had written when a mound of excitement suddenly flooded my mind. Written there, quite innocently, was a jumble of letters that spelled out 'sabotage'.

To be continued...

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