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On a Different Perspective

by __mayrie__


When you are owned by something who has an owner, you can feel pretty small.

     That's exactly how I felt at King Skarl's party in Meridell. What an event it was. I saw many guests, and even a glimpse of King Skarl. He didn't look too pleased when he saw me chewing on the tablecloth. As he gave a lecture to Sarabella_967 on how to properly raise a Babyca, I wandered around the incredible castle.

     After a few tries, I managed to get into the "Room of Gold" past the Draik guards. They probably left to get some of the Chokato Cake that was on the table in the party room.

     Finally! Something that I can find easily in the city. I swam through the gold, laughing. I stared at the ceiling and remembered the trip on the way to the castle. Meridell was different. It was nothing like the city. Who was Illusen anyway?

     "And what was that funny word...'ye'?" I giggled.

     I didn't know how long I lay there; all I knew was that the noise of neopets talking had died down. When I finally had the brains to do it, I got up to look out the window.

     It was dark. It was as if Darigan's forces had covered the sky... but I was drifting off. I couldn't fall asleep in the heap of Skarl's gold. I could get thrown in the dungeon for all King Skarl cared.

     Out of my weariness, I wobbled out the castle. I followed the path to the left until I spotted a tree out of the darkness. As I went to sit by it... I fell! All I remember was landing on something...something furry. Its squeak was full of pain, and it filled the dark hole I fell in. I popped out of my sleepiness and covered my ears. Finally, the thing stopped screaming.

     "Ow...does this hole LOOK like the place to just fall in during the middle of the night? I mean, I welcome critters that jump in for fun during the day. A cup of tea or whatever but, YOU! I mean, you just...." The Symol stopped rambling. I guess he saw the lost look on my face. I looked down at myself, then spoke up.

     "AH! I'm dirty. Dirty like never before! This would of NEVER happened in the ci...ty..." I looked at the surprised Symol. "I'm sorry, I keep forgetting. I'm not in the city anymore. In fact, I think I'm lost. Sarabella, sh-she left me. Help me please..."

     The Symol told me to hush. He started to make some tea, which I assumed was for me, but before I could put my hand up to get it, he started gulping the hot liquid down. He said that his name was Peep. I didn't bother to comment on his name. Peep said that he'd help me, but after he slept in.

     "I beg you...hehe...Peep. I need to get back to Sarabella_967! She's probably worried sick," I said quietly. I tried not to look pathetic. I didn't exactly hear what the Symol said after that. Either "eh..." or half of a "whatever" before he drifted off to sleep.

     Soon enough, early next morning came.

     I stumbled out of the Symol Hole at about four o'clock in the morning. I was very dizzy, I didn't think I'd gotten enough sleep. Peep looked lively and awake. He was probably used to it.

     I was amazed at the peace and tranquility of Meridell. I didn't hear the sound of older neopets playing with their toys outside. Or the shopkeepers setting up early. There wasn't even a neoschool bell to wake me up.

     "This is amazing. Probably better than the ci-"

     What was I talking about? The city was my home. Peep ignored me. He started questioning me. I felt like I was in an interrogation. Question after question. Peep even threw in a "pah!" or a chuckle when I told him what the city was like. Having no owner, a Symol by itself couldn't make it to Mystery Island! He did happen to know a few stories about Neopian Central. After all, it was the main place in all of Neopia.

     First, we stopped by Brightvale castle, which unlike Meridell, I knew about. King Hagan sat on his throne with a strong look on his face. It was the look of knowledge, complete confidence. King Hagan was prepared; he looked at my face, full of sadness. Since he knew everything, I wonder if he knew what I was thinking. Peep asked for his wisdom.

     "Pity those who underestimate the charity in the heart of a faerie." King Hagan said in a wise tone.

      A faerie...I thought. Isn't there one around here? What was her name... Illusen? I bet Peep already knew that, so I didn't say a thing. He nodded at King Hagan, and we set off. When we got out of the castle, Peep threw more questions at me again.

     The questions never ended. Even while he walked he asked me things. Babycas are supposed to be curious, but this...was too much. When I looked up ahead, I realied that we were headed to a house covered behind the trees. Far up in the air...was a faerie. She was beautiful. She was dressed in green, and her wings were like leaves. Was this-? Yes, it was. It was Illusen.

     An Ixi came to the door of Illusen's Glade. "Early risers. I can't believe some Neopians actually WANT to work this early. Ya got any money on ya kid? You gotta know this, you'll NEED money."

     I didn't know if this Ixi of Illusen was teasing, or giving us tips, but Peep ignored him. And I did the same.

     "I-Illusen?" Peep looked up and asked timidly. "I know that you don't fare very well with the other faeries, but could you please take this lost Babyca to Queen Fyora? Queen Fyora would know where she belongs. and Fyora could take her back home. She's gotten lost. She thinks her owner is back in Neopia Central. If you...wouldn't...mind, um...flying her there, please." Peep slowed down. Illusen was looking out into the sky, as if she weren't listening.

     What Peep told her blew me away. Fly? I was going to fly on the back of Illusen? Wow. Sarabella_967 was missing this. I couldn't take it. I wanted to go home now. Tears slowly dribbled out of my eyes.

     Illusen noticed this right away. She flew down and started to comfort me.

     "Such a little Babyca on an adventure. How cute." She looked left and right, trying to look for the Ixi. "Watch over this place while I'm gone."

     I looked up at her with delight. I was going? I hugged Peep goodbye and thanked him for helping me. I took my last look at Meridell as Illusen lifted me up into the air. When I was high up, Meridell was wonderful. It was now late in the morning, which meant everything was running now. I watched as Turdle number two was first to leave the circle. I watched as the poor Kadoatie got smushed by Turmaculus. And I watched as Peep waved goodbye.

     The city was almost nothing compared to what happened in Meridell.

     Meridell was nice and relaxing in other ways that the city wasn't.

     Oh, and Sarabella_967...she'd never understand.

The End

Author's Note: Hope you like it! It's my first try.     

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