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Advanced NQ II Part 3: Your Toughest Enemies Nailed

by aphromeda


Advanced NQ II Part 3: The Hardest Enemies Nailed: The Four Faeries and King Terask II

NEOQUEST - The final installment of the three part series will be a guide to defeating two of the toughest enemies in the game, The Four Faeries and King Terask II. Whether they will be as hard for you as the general population players depends a lot on luck. The two enemies are the two that I receive Neomails asking for tips on, and here is to share my tips with you.

The “Not-So-Fab” Four

Things You Should Know

• The four faeries, namely the Fire, Dark, Water and Earth, in the ascending order of the starting hp they have.

• The different faeries have, obviously, different sets of abilities:

o Fire: Obliterate, Anarchic Wind (Think Mipsy)

o Dark: Rampant Acceleration, Spellbind

o Water: Renew, Vivification

o Earth: Critical Hit, Stunning Strikes

• You should be armed with a minimum of 20 slow potions (5 for each faerie and to provide for misses).

• If you want, you can choose to haste your party with speed potions. It is not necessary though, but you do get to be doubly fast, thus making your job easier.

• You should ideally be around level 45 and upwards. As I have often told the players who ask me for advice, there is no point, in fighting them at levels below 45, except for some bragging rights — but seriously, who cares? You will still need the skill points and experience to fight more enemies later on. The Four Faeries are not King Terask.

Laying the Foundation (Beginning of Battle)

1. Begin by having everyone throw slow potions at the faeries, one by one, until every single one of the faeries is slowed.

2. If you have chosen to haste your party, have everyone use a speed potion, but Velm should heal as necessary if need be.

3. If Velm has some form of Mesmerization, cast it on the Water and Earth Faeries. However, from my experience of using it during Evil mode, I often missed, so you could always skip this step.

The Battle

1. Start by taking out the Fire Faerie first. She is the weakest and does a good deal of damage. Have all members, particularly Rohane, to attack her first. Mipsy and Talinia should use their individual damage (Obliterate rather than Astral Maelstrom) to make sure you defeat the Fire Faerie fast. If you don’t have Obliterate, do not worry, continue to use Astral Maelstrom. Velm should continue to be the healer of the party, and keep a watchful eye on Mipsy’s health.

2. Once you have the Fire Faerie removed, your haste and slowing may have worn off. Begin a new round of potion consumption.

3. You now have a choice between taking out the Dark or Water Faerie. You may prefer to take on the Water Faerie first, seeing that she is a hindrance as she often heals her party. However, the Dark Faerie does some powerful damage, as you have probably experienced, so is a bigger, nonetheless easier enemy.

4. You should be comfortably finishing off the above mentioned two faeries, if you are trained enough. Continue to delay the attacks of your enemies by ensuring that they stay slowed.

5. The final Earth Faerie has a good amount of hp but with the other three gone, it would be relatively easy. If you had been using Spray of Arrows / Astral Maelstrom, the Earth Faerie would have sustained some damage, but do not be too arrogant at this point. You can still lose, or be forced to flee now, if you let your guard down.

6. Continue to keep everyone’s health on high, and attack accordingly. Since she is the last enemy left, focus on individual than group attacks.

After the Battle

Do remember to replenish your stock of slow potions! From now on you will constantly see need for them. Keep enough for the final battle with King Terask II (which you should have already started, since Chapter 3).

King Terask II

Things you should know

• You cannot flee this battle once you have started it. You have to win, or lose to this creature to get out of it. Losing is, obviously, not an option at all, when you are on Insane mode.

• Bearing this in mind, if you find yourself on the losing side – say Velm is mesmerized, or when one of your party members is defeated when he is still going strong, do not attempt to continue fighting and waste valuable potions. Potions that you have bought or obtained before Lyra can never be brought back again, and this will become a disadvantage in your next attempt to fight Terask. Of course, this only applies to the Normal and Evil mode.

• You will need a full arsenal of potions from perhaps Chapter 3 onwards, especially Haste, Slow and Damage. Make sure you have 40 of slow potions especially.

• Velm is the one party member that should be protected at all costs. His healing ability is invaluable and his downfall will result in a chain reaction where all other members of the party will fall as well.

• This guide works on the pretext that all your party members have the following unique skills that may not be used by every player. They need not be necessarily maxed out:

o Rohane – Battle Taunt

o Mipsy – Group Haste, Damage Shield

o Talinia – Shockwave

o Velm – Group Shield

Also all party members should have innate melee or casting haste.

Feeling paranoid? Well, don’t be! You know you want to rescue Fyora and Faerieland (not to mention the getting the trophy) – so go on and beat Terask up!

Laying the Foundation (Beginning of Battle)

1. Have all party members throwing slow potions until he is slowed.

2. Once Terask is slowed, Rohane will taunt him, Mipsy to cast group haste during their respective turns. The actual battle will begin soon, now that you have the upper hand in terms of speed.

3. Also let Velm cast Group Shield; you won’t know how useful it actually is in this battle.

Keep checking constantly for four things (Get an alert friend, if you are careless):

1. Terask is slowed with your potions

2. Your party members are hastened with Group Haste.

3. Your party members have got Group Shield on.

4. All your party’s hp is in the green area (more than half of total hp)

The above is the preparation you should make before getting into the heat of the battle.

The Battle:

1. Check if he has Group Shields on (MR+30, DEF+30)

If he does, Have all party members attack him with melee except for Mipsy, using Astral Maelstrom or Obliterate, and Velm healing when necessary)

If he does not, have Rohane and Talinia attack him with Melee, while Mipsy and Velm throw damage potions. You must do this if you want to deal him the most damage possible. Also, if you think the slow potion you threw may be wearing off soon and his shields are down, don’t hesitate to throw another! Of course, Velm should heal when any party members are injured.

2. If you have the taunt ability, have Rohane taunt him whenever the ability is available, so that he leaves the other party members alone (most of the time anyway). If Velm is capable of healing Rohane, do so; otherwise if he has taken too much damage and Velm’s turn is still quite a few turns away, just drink the healing potions. You will have plenty of potions to choose from anyway!

3. Do not be too eager to heal Rohane if he is not more than 90 hp down. If you cast Panacea (which heals 90 hp to all part members) to bring Rohane to full health and Rohane gets mesmerized, he will continue to be so until Terask hits him again, which may take a long time in the worst case scenario especially if the Taunt you used (if at all) has worn off.

In the meantime when Rohane is mesmerized, the rest of the party cannot deal as much effective damage individually. If you are on Insane, you don’t want to die at this point! You should reserve a margin of 90 hp from full health before letting Velm cast panacea, so that if Rohane gets mesmerized, Velm can always bring him back to speed. Remember that Rohane has more than 300 hp so this is not too threatening. If his health goes into the yellow or red, do not hesitate to drink healing potions, again, he should have a HUGE selection to choose from.

Just take note of the above points and you should have him down in no time! The battle can take up to an hour, so make sure you have the stamina and concentration before going to fight him!

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