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The Ultimate Guide to Girl Unis

by unicorngirl383


The purpose of this guide is to teach you everything you need to know to take care of a girl Uni. They're very vain creatures and need special care. If you didn't know that, you already learned something new. Anyway, I'm sorry that this guide I wrote is only on girl Unis, but it is sort of difficult to write about something I don't own. But if you do happen to own a boy Uni, I guess you could still read it.


Girl Unis are VERY picky about what they eat (I’ll explain later). You have to know what they like to eat, and what they do not like to eat. Here is a list of what they DO like to eat:

- omelettes (who doesn’t?)

- gourmet foods (that was no surprise...)

- most pizzas (Hold your Unis! I'll explain the 'most' part later)

- fruits

- most chocolate foods (guess I should explain that too.... later)

- most sugary foods (I warned you they were picky....)

- faerie foods

- foods at 'The Golden Dubloon'

I have some explaining to do, don't I? Heh heh... Well, the muddy pizzas are the reason why I put 'most' up there for the pizzas. I mean, who would eat that stuff? And the sugary foods, well, sometimes they’re just not good enough for girl Unis. What's that? Oh yeah, the chocolate thing. Once, I was out shopping and found this yummy looking chocolate pie, so I bought it. Then, when I tried to feed it to Nightingale280, my Uni, she just said, "Do you really expect me to eat this?" and didn't even touch it. Talk about picky. Here's a list of food girl Unis DO NOT like:

- most Tyrannian foods

- most spooky foods

- all gross foods (here is a reason why they are called 'gross'....)

- mud pizzas (for those who are not paying attention)

- most foods that look just plain U-G-L-Y (here's where common sense takes place; if it looks disgusting to you, do you really think your Uni will like it? No)

Also, add in some nutritious foods with your girl Uni's diet. Otherwise, she may start to look a little... well, let's just say unattractive and chubby. I’ll cover nutrition in a later section.


When you make your Neohome, make it with your Uni in mind. By that I mean that even if you have other pets, make a room or two (maybe three) just for her to get away from everything. If you have only your girl Uni and yourself, then life is going to be easier for you in this section. Listen to your Uni. When they say they want to live in a chocolate castle, like mine, make the Neohome out of chocolate. There are different things I put in each room. In the bedroom, I put a nice, BIG bed in there. (Unis roll around when they sleep. I found that out the hard way…gosh my back hurts…) Also, I found a dresser, a mirror and a closet for the bedroom at a really low price. They’re pretty pink too! That’s the key for making a Neohome good, Uni or not. Finding good furniture CHEAP. I also put a Taelia Poster in the bedroom, just because Nightingale280 LOVES Faeries. Make sure that all of your rooms reflect your Uni’s personality, or any Neopet’s for the matter.

For the kitchen/dining room, I found a Pretty Pink Table, some purple chairs, a stone Tyrannian Ice Box (hey, I don’t have a fridge yet), and most importantly, a Cookie Jar. Unis love sweets and a Cookie Jar is the perfect place for them.

For the living/family room, I found some really comfy chairs, sofas, and rugs at the auction house.

The bathroom is still in construction. It’s amazing that essential toilets cost so much! The cheapest I’ve found them are at 3,000 NP. Good luck in that department.

I consider the playroom a work of art. In there I tacked posters of bands to the walls, tossed tons of Pawkeet pillows I got from codes in the corners, put a Clockwork Wocky in the center, and placed a purple petpet ball somewhere in there. It’s probably buried under some pillows. Or maybe it’s under a beanbag chair…

The rest of my Neohome is still under construction. I hope you got some pointers from that on how to make your Neohome.


One of the most important things to good health is to eat healthy food. Here’s a list of nutritious food to feed your Uni:

-Organic Fruit

-Organic Veggies

-Prime Veggie Burgers

-Vegan Cheese


Another way to keep your Uni healthy, without them knowing about it, is take them “shopping” around Neopia Central. They think they’re window shopping, when they’re getting their daily exercise. Since girl Unis love to shop, they’ll think it’s a treat, not exercise.

The last way to keep them healthy is to visit the Healing Springs every now and then and never, I repeat, NEVER feed them rotten or poisonous food. I made the horrible mistake of feeding my Uni a rotten omlette and she came down with Ugga Ugga, and is still suffering from my stupidity. She’ll be O.K. though.


Unis love to be groomed. No ifs, ands, or buts. The following is a list of grooming products to use on your Uni:



-Hair Styling Products (Ex; Hair Spray)





-Lipstick (all colors)

-Eye Shadow (all colors)

-Blush (all colors)


-Hair Accessories (Ex; Hair Clips)

-Hoof Polish (Girl Unis are proud of their hooves. After every Battledome fight, make sure you apply at LEAST 3 good layers of Hoof Polish to their hooves.)

You may be wondering “Why in the world didn’t she list Nail Polish?” That’s because Unis don’t have nails. You could still use it, but it wouldn’t make a difference in their appearance. (Unless you paint little designs with it on their hooves?) There are obviously other beauty products, like Illusen’s Eye Cream, but I was just trying to name the basics. Any grooming product would be good for a girl Uni.


This section is just to let you know how daily life is for a girl Uni. Since I’m not a Uni, I figured I’d just interview my own Uni. (Note: The daily life of a Uni may vary for different Unis.) The following is an interview between me and Nightingale280, my Uni.

Unicorngirl383’s Neohome

Me- Hey, Nightingale280! Can you come here please?

Nightingale280- Sure thing!

*Nightingale280 enters room*

Me- So, what exactly do you do normally each and every day?

Nightingale280- Well…Normally I wake up between 8 and 11AM NST and hang out around the house ‘till about 1 or 2PM. Then I head down to the Money Tree to try and grab something good. I don’t stay long, though. Then I head to the Bazaar and shop around. I limit myself to only 1,500NP a day, otherwise I’d run out of NP in my account. Anyway, I stay there until about dinner time and then head back home. Around 8PM, me and some of my friends go to a concert at the Concert Hall once a week, usually Wednesday. Then I go to bed around 10PM. Not too exciting, but I like my life. But since I’ve been sick, I’ve had to stay home. That’s fun too. Uh oh, my throat’s starting to swell up agugga ugg.

Me- How ‘bout you go rest, OK?

Nightingale280- Ugga ugg gug guga ugg.

(end of interview)

Sorry about the end. Her case of the Ugga Ugga came back. Hopefully you learned about what Unis do each day……Despite the ‘uggs’.

Hopefully you’ve now learned how to take care of your girl Uni. Just follow this guide, and you’ll have a healthy and very happy Uni of your own to brag about.

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