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The Truth You've Been Waiting For...

by thecandyandfoodlover


Dr. Sloth sighed as he dragged himself out of bed. He wasn't a morning person, not at all. He glanced at his alarm clock that had been beeping for who knows how long. 9:30! The secret meeting will start in fifteen minutes! Dr. Sloth hurried himself as he got ready for the secret meeting that he had to be at.

    Meanwhile, there was another who was sleeping in late. Count Von Roo couldn't believe that the meeting was at 9:45 a.m. When it was still daylight! The count grumbled to himself as he grabbed him favorite cape and a Neocola. He was glad he didn't buy the caffine-free Neocola, he needed all the caffine he could handle to stay awake. This meeting better be worth it! Count Von Roo thought as he grabbed a big hat, sunglasses, slapped on sunscreen and headed out into the cursingly bright sun.

    Balthazar was already up and ready when the sun rose. He had plenty of time to spare after he got ready, so he caught a few faeries and sold them at a reasonable price. Balthazar chuckled to himself as he counted the money he made in one morning. Today was a good day! And he had enough time to walk to the secret meeting and be on time! I wonder who is hosting this meeting... after all, who would invite me to a meeting? I never got an invitation to anything before... Balthazar thought. When he got the invitation it sent a thrill down his spine. Somebody actually wanted him! He hummed a little tune as he strolled down the path to the spot where the meeting would take place.

    The Snowager had considered not going to the so called "secret" meeting the invitation stated he must go to. After all, who would guard his treasure? What if those irritating Neopians stole all of it? He stroked his new item he just received, a Camouflage Paint Brush, with the tip of his tail. Well... he mused. I suppose I could go just for a little bit... perhaps I could ask if Jhudora would guard my priceless treasure, in exchange for a Dariagan Paint Brush...

    But Jhudora was going to the secret meeting as well. "Let's see... should I wear my purple nail polish or my green nail polish?" she asked herself as she examined her nails. The new dark green shade she painted them a few days ago was chipping. "Or perhaps black? Yes, black with my black necklace, that would look rather sinister indeed..." Too bad she was invited to this odd meeting, for the Snowager asked her to guard his treasure in exchange for a paint brush! Perhaps... perhaps the Snowager is invited as well? she thought. Nah... I highly doubt it. Probably just wanted to terrorize a bit, as he is always sitting in the same place. Jhudora quickly painted her nails and flew off to her destination.

    So the five Neopians made their way to an island near Krawk Island, where they made a discovery...

    "What are you doing here?!" Jhudora and Dr. Sloth yelled at each other.

    "What? You NEVER leave your lair!" Count Von Roo shouted at Snowager.

    "ME?! What about YOU?! You NEVER get up during this time of day!" screeched the Snowager at Count Von Roo.

    Balthazar stared at everybody dumbly for a moment. Then he said, "You guys don't get it, do you? We've been set up." This grabbed everybody's attention. "Somebody, perhaps TNT, are after us, and have finally gotten us all together. We're trapped! Probably will be thrown in jail! Forever!" Balthazar howled.

    "Please, please, calm down!" shrilled a high pitch voice. "You guys have been called here... now, listen to me! Stop howling, you! Jhudora, what are you doing with tha-OUCH! Puh-leeze be quiet!" but nobody was listening to this young blue Krawk that had just appeared out of nowhere. "SHUDDUP!" he yelled, and everybody turned to him. Dr. Sloth was being zapped by Jhudora, the Snowager had Count Von Roo blasted with ice, and the Balthazar was howling hysterically until the shrilly voice rudely interrupted him.

    "What in Neopia are you doing here, kid?" asked Jhudora, dropping her wand on Dr. Sloth's head. Dr. Sloth bit his lip to stop his tears from pain.

    "My name is Dorak, and I have gathered you all to please listen to what I got to say!" said the young blue Krawk. "For years, evil villians have tried to conquer Neopia, but none of us have succeeded! Yes, you Snowager, Count Von Roo, and Balthazar haven't really tried to get world domination, but you have tried to cause Neopians misery. Well," continued Dorak, grinning ear to ear. "We should all join forces! All evil Neopains unite and create an army like no other! We will rule Neopia!" and here he attempted to do an evil laughter, which ended up sounding like a Pteri with indigestion.

    The five minions stared dumbly at the young blue Krawk named Dorak. Then they burst into their own forms of laughter.

    "Muahaha!" bellowed Dr. Sloth, while Jhudora cackled "Teeheehee!" in an evil way. Count Von Roo laughed out "Bwahaha!" while Balthazar chuckled his throaty growl. The Snowager had the craziest laughter, sounding like thunder really close up. But they were all thinking the same thing: What in the world...?

    Dorak cried out, "Please don't laugh! Together we will rule Neopia!"

    Dr. Sloth shook his head, trying to stop his laughter. "Look here, kid!" he said in between chokes of laughter. "Ruling Neopia may be what Neopians think we want, but really we just want the world to be interesting!"

    "Yeah, life wouldn't be very fun with a whole bunch of light faeries flying around everywhere!" Balthazar added.

    "Not to mention a little luck and chance here and then! Like betting your pet's level!" Count Von Roo said, choking back his cackling.

    "And having a quest is fun, too! I mean, one that actually gets you something useful, instead of strength and health and all the other faeries give you when you complete a quest!" Jhudora added, checking her nails to make sure her polish didn't come off while she had her hysterics of laughter.

    Dorak looked crestfallen. "So... That is it? You don't want to rule Neopia, you just want to have a little fun in life?"

    "Absolutely!" roared the Snowager. "After all, eating Neopians when they try to steal your stuff, and not being sued because, after all, it was completely their fault! You Krawks taste really good when fried, let me tell you!" the Snowager said, eyeing the blue Krawk while licking his lips hungrily.

    "Look kid, just go and have fun! You're young, you're little! You have your whole life ahead of you! Go play some practical jokes on people, nobody will suspect a little guy like you!" Jhudora said in a tone quite kindly, patting Dorak on the head. "Have fun!"

    Dorak looked up at all of them. "Okay... I guess I will continue to find treasure..."

    The Snowager grinned. "That's it! Get yourself rich! Make millions! That's how you get far in life!"

    "Only... one more thing," Dr. Sloth said.

    Dorak looked at him. "What?"

    "You won't tell anybody anything about this... will you?"

The End

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