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The Revenge

by peacenjoy58


Make note: peacenjoy58 is also owns a Freaky Factory Guide. She writes many guides to help out fellow Neopians. :D

We all know the game Attack of the Revenge. Some of us Neopians think of it as just a game. Others may believe it is an actual protection from further attacks of the feared Captain Scarblade. But the truth? It probably does stop Scarblade from attacking our beloved Maraqua further... Believe this today and protect us by playing the game daily! Fend off Nathan, Benny and the others of the Revenge crew!

However, as much as some of us do want to help, we admit difficulties we have with with this game. Some of us do find the game hard, challenging, confusing, or perhaps even terribly annoying and vowed to ourselves never to play it again unless Scarblade really does strike again and Neopia needs all the help it can get. But what if you realized that someone could help you get past your problems with the game? What if someone told you that this article could help you?

I conducted a couple of interviews and a passing Usul admitted it was the most frustrating game she's ever come across. A Nimmo said he felt that the game was required qualities he lacked. Yes, there are a few qualities that are essential.

Are you only lurking in the 100s for a final score? Well, here's where this guide will help you out. We understand how tough this game can be. But truly? This game is just a game of Memory in disguise. It is also a game where haste is definitely required. Don't have a good memory? Not very quick? Well, I suggest reading the guide anyway. Perhaps it may help even though you lack those important traits.

First, I suggest having a keyboard. You'll be needing that. But make sure this keyboard of yours is fairly sensitive; if you have to press the left or right arrow key, it must happen instantaneously. If it doesn't, it will slow your character on the game, Garin, down and you're likely to lose 1 of your 5 lives.

Second, you'll need to learn how many points each opponent is worth:

Nathan: The Blumaroo. He is worth 2 points. 4 points when the cannonball or bucket of water is the weapon.

Fred: The Tuskaninny. He is also worth 2 points. And like Nathan, he can also be worth 4 points when he is attacked by a cannonball or bucket of water.

Swabby: The Krawk. He is worth 3 points. 6 points when fended off by cannonball or bucket of water.

Benny the Blade: The Bruce. Also worth 3 points. And also worth 6 points when fended off by cannonball or bucket of water.

Scarblade: The Captain. Worth 5 points. 10 points when he is fended off by cannonball or bucket of water.

On occasion, the Orange T-shirt guy appears in the game! He is worth 10 points! And he is worth 20, that's right, TWENTY, when you keep him away with the cannonball or bucket!

Alright, Level 1: You'll need 25 points.

This level is obviously the easiest. Move forward when the level starts. You'll be on the edge of the boat. Not to worry, you won't fall.. This way, you can just move left or right to fend off the attacker of the Black Pawkeet. Now, keep relaxed and poised. When an attacker appears, move in front of it, using the left or right keys and press space to swipe them with your sword.

Level 2: You'll need 75 points.

Now here is where you are introduced to two new items to help you fend off you attackers. However, these two items are both at the “back” of your boat. Ergo, you'll be using all four of your arrow keys. The two items are the cannonball and the bucket of water. Both these items can be thrown/poured onto you opponents, hence making them back away. Both of these will double the original score of the opponent of just swiping them with your sword. You don't have to but it is suggested, as it'll get you through the level quicker. Like Level 1, keep relaxed and poised. However, you must be more alert, the opponents will be coming quicker now! Also, keep to the back, in the middle. That way, you can either move left or right quickly to retrieve either a cannonball or the bucket of water. I suggest before the attackers come in the beginning, arm yourself with either the cannonball or bucket of water. Then wait until they show. As soon as you fend one off, quickly move back and arm yourself again.

Level 3: You'll need 150 points.

Ah ha... this is where the big cannons and the fact that both the cannonball and bucket of water have two uses are introduced. The tricky thing about Level 3 and up is that, now, you have to go around the cannons, you can't just move left and right. This is where all those four arrow keys are important.

The second use of the cannonball is that it is used to load the cannons. Pick up a cannonball by hitting the space bar. Then stand behind the cannon and hit the space bar again to load the cannon. Do this swiftly three times – one for each cannon. Who lights these cannons, you ask? Well, the good news is, you have nothing to do with that. The bad news is, you are timed because Jacques, your best friend since childhood, will suddenly just come swooping down without any warning to light them! This is why it is important that you should always quickly load the cannon again.

“What happens when the cannon isn't loaded and Jacques comes to light it?” Well, I'm glad you asked. When this happens, your cannon will be set ablaze! Quickly use your bucket of water to put those flames out! This is the second usage of the bucket of water.

Now Level 4 and over, this is where this whole game is just a game of Memory. As much as the fact you must load the cannons, arm yourself with either of bucket of water to soak the pirates or a cannonball to teach them a lesson by hurling them toward their direction, you must realize, Level 4 and up is when those pirates will come ganging up on you. Not to worry. You just have to realize the pirates will need to “climb” into your ship before they can manage to raid it. Therefore, this is your advantage as all of them take the same amount of time to be able to come in. Say for example while you were busy loading up the cannons, Swabby attacks, then Fred attacks and then Scarblade does. First of all, RELAX. Second of all, either pick up a cannonball or bucket of water, whichever is closest, and head to Swabby first since he appeared first. Then go to Fred then Scarblade. Remember in what order they attacked. That way you're leaving time to fend each of them off and you're less likely to lose lives. This is where your memory is important.

A few last tips before you go...

1. Prioritize what is important and what isn't. Pirates are more important than loading your cannons. Pirates intruding into your ship can cause you to lose lives. Cannons however can be saved with just a splash of water. If one of those cannons are destroyed, don't worry about it; they'll be back on the next level. (Pretty cool huh?)

2. People tend to forget that their sword still exists when the cannonball and bucket of water is introduced. Don't forget about the sword! You can still use it!

3. When Jacques lights the fuse of the cannon, don't be silly enough to put it out with a bucket of water. This takes off a potential 12 points from your score. Yes, that is possible.

4. Where you were last on the last level is where you will start on the next. Also, if you still had a cannonball in your hand when the level ends, you will still have this cannonball in the next level. Use this as an advantage and load those cannons!

So get out there now! Play the game. Protect Neopia! Stop Swabby. Stop Fred. Stop Captain Scarblade!

But most importantly, stop...

The Revenge.

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