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Lucky Quest

by fairyrose3221


The sun was shining, and it was another beautiful and sunny day in Mystery Island. Mya could hear young Neopets playing beach volleyball, swimming in the clear, refreshing ocean, and just having a good time. That's what Mystery Island is all about right? Just having a fun, relaxing time.

      As Mya walked along the coast of the Mystery Island beach, she thought about what she was going to do today. Mya was a green Kougra who was born in this one-of-a-kind paradise. She knew every part of the beach, and every one who lived there. She had visited every place, every owner, and had even bought something from every shop (even if it wasn't the most expensive thing there).

      She decided she would go to the Island Mystic first, just to make sure that the island gods were pleased with her, and weren't going to give her any bad luck.

      "You shall have great luck on Mystery Island!" the Mystic declared. Mya was pleased, and thought about where she could have great luck. Instantly, she thought about Tombola.

      On her way there, she saw many of the villagers she knew. She waved to Roger, the blue Acara who asked if she wanted to come over later, but she declined his offer and kept on going. When she finally got to the Tiki Tack Tombola, they were out of money. And of course, without having the two hundred thousand Neopoints that the place still needed to get opened, she had to try some place else.

      "Oh darn. Well, this isn't where I'm going to be lucky," she said to herself. She thought harder about where she could have good luck.

      "I know! I could get good scores in games, or even a trophy and avatar!" Mya thought about all the possibilities. An avatar from the Gadgads game, a trophy from Beach Volleyball, even thousands of Neopoints that she could show off to her friends!

      She couldn't wait any longer; she sprinted to the GadGads game first, and she almost fell down twice, tripping over her own four paws, yet no luck came. The same thing happened when she did Beach volleyball. (That darn turdle!)

      "Well, I guess I'm not supposed to have good luck with games today," the aggravated Kougra said. "I'm going to try every place on this beach until I have good luck. I'm going to go to the Rock Pool, the Trading Post, The Training Academy, just everywhere on this island!!" Mya screamed.

      Still no luck. The Rock Pool was jammed, the Training Academy was too busy, and she couldn't afford anything on the trading post. She looked under every palm tree and bush on the island, to see if anyone had dropped anything of value. She went to every place on that Island; well, at least she thought she went everywhere. She was starting to get mad. "I think that that Mystic is just a fake, an imposter, a joke, a……."

      The Kougra stood there, beside the only place she realized she hadn't visited yet. The Kitchen Quest's door was open. Looking from the outside, all you can see inside the hut was darkness. The Kougra walked through the door and looked around.

      "Hello?" Mya said.

      "Yes, I'm in here," a deep voice responded.

      Mya walked into a small room. She saw a blue Flotsam standing in front of a black pot that had a delicious scent coming from it.

      "Mmmm…. That smells good. What is it?" Mya asked.

      "It's Caramelised Cress with Chervil pancakes," the chef said.

      Mmmm… Mya thought. Anything caramelised was destined to be one hundred percent delicious! "Can I try it?"

      "No, not yet. It's not ready. I still need two more ingredients. Say, do you think you could get me a purplum mocha and a savoury sausage roll?" the chef suggested.

      "Sure! I'll be right back!" and with that, Mya ran out of the hut and to the trading post. She spent practically everything she had, but it was worth it. She got the two ingredients and came back to the little hut that before today, she never even knew existed.

      "Thank you!" the Flotsam said. He crumbled the sausage, and set it into the pot. He poured the purplum mocha in. Mya was in heaven! That smell was even better than when she came in! It took almost all of her strength to not jump in that pot and devour everything so quickly. But she was more mannered than that, so she controlled herself, and sweetly smiled.

      "Ahh... This is perfect. Thank you, and for your generosity, I will reward you. You know, I'll even give you a choice! Would you like to taste this, or would you like to know what and where these foods created at the Kitchen Quests go?" the chef said.

      Mya thought about it, then she said, "But I know what the items are used for, aren't they fed to Mumbo Pango?"

      "No, that's just to attract people. You know, business isn't doing that well. Mumbo Pango gets enough to eat from the villagers who inhabit Mystery Island, so what do you choose, tasty food, or something that very few islanders know?" he asked, finally.

      Mya thought long and hard about it, the scent filled her nose, it was really tempting but the curiosity took over, she finally decided on her choice. "What are the items used for?"

      "Wise choice," he said, "Many Neopians, and many Neopets, have petpets. A Neopian must feed a Neopet, but neither the owner or the Neopet must feed petpets. Something most owners take for granted. Kitchen Quests take the items retrieved by Neopians and make one recipe. Each recipe can feed fifty different petpets. The food keeps the petpets full, happy, and healthy. Doesn't that make your life easier?" the chef said.

      "Wow, really? It sounds like it would make life easy, but I don't have a petpet, so-" Mya was interrupted by a puff of smoke that appeared where the chef stood. He was gone.

      Mya thought he had left to deliver that food. When the Kougra stepped out of the hut, she saw a homeless Harris, just starring at her with his large, gleaming eyes. She picked him up and said to him, " Where do you live, little guy? Are you lost?" The only response she got was giggle. She didn't know what that meant, but since he didn't have a collar or anything else, she decided to keep him. She finally had some good luck. It took a while, but she finally had some.

      "Maybe that mystic isn't a fake after all," she said to her new found friend. On her way home, she thought of the perfect name. Lucky.

      She felt happy to finally have a petpet, but she knew that wasn't why she was lucky. And she wasn't the only one, every owner of a petpet is lucky that some people care enough to do Kitchen Quests.

      So the next time you visit Mystery Island, after playing Tombola and playing some Beach volleyball, pay a visit to the Kitchen Quest Hut. Who knows, maybe you'll find luck on this relaxing island too!

The End

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