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10 Recipes for Hidden Tower Items

by medanteth


Do you want your pet to own in the Battledome, but just can’t afford those expensive Hidden Tower items? Then this is the guide for you! For less than 3500 NP, you will be able to make any one of ten Hidden Tower items, all by yourself! Simply follow these instructions, and your pets will be Battledome masters in no time!

All prices shown below (with the exception of Hidden Tower item prices, which are taken directly from the Hidden Tower) are approximated, with the aid of the shop wizard, at the time of writing. Quiggle Scissors and a Learn-To-Paint Set are recommended to make most of the items below. The cost to make each item does not include these items.

1. Weapon: Carrotblade

Hidden Tower Cost: 8,000,000 NP

Your Cost: 700 NP

How To Make It: You will need a carrot (300 NP) and a chocolate ghostkersword (400 NP). Stick the carrot onto the pointy end of the sword. Sharpen two sides of the carrot with your quiggle scissors. For a slightly more expensive, but smellier version (not available in the Hidden Tower, or anywhere else, for that matter) use a rotten carrot, costing 1000 NP.

2. Weapon: Bagguss Bomb

Hidden Tower Cost: 1,750,000 NP

Your Cost: 301 NP

How To Make It: You will need a mechaberry bomb (300 NP) and a bagguss (1 np). Cut a hole in the top of the bagguss. Scoop out the insides, insert the mechaberry bomb, and replace the top of the bagguss. Carve a face in one side of the bagguss for extra ‘splosion power.

3. Weapon: Asparachucks

Hidden Tower Cost: 8,000,000 NP

Your Cost: 3100 NP

How To Make It: You will need some asparagus (3000 NP) and a seasonal yoyo (100 NP). Cut the string off the yoyo using your quiggle scissors. Attach each end of the string to the stalk of a piece of asparagus. You may need to cut the yoyo string a little shorter, and you will likely have some asparagus left over, so you may as well make more than one. Warning: Do not attempt to use against Adam, as he controls all asparagus; therefore your plan would backfire, and you’d probably just end up hurting yourself.

4. Weapon: Rainbow Clockwork Grundo

Hidden Tower Cost: 3,400,000 NP

Your Cost: 3150 NP

How To Make It: You will need a clockwork icy skeleton (150 NP) and a buzzer clay sculpture set (3000 NP). Use the clay from the sculpture set to turn the clockwork icy skeleton into a clockwork grundo shape. Let the clay harden. Use your learn-to-paint set to paint it rainbow. If you want, you can even paint it your own way to make an uber clockwork grundo.

5. Weapon: Slorg Flakes

Hidden Tower Cost: 750,000 NP

Your Cost: 1010 NP

How To Make It: You will need a springy green slorg (1000 NP) and a nice container (10 NP). Cut up the slorg with your quiggle scissors. Put the pieces in the nice container. You could use an empty healing potion flask as your container. If you wish, use a learn-to-paint set to paint the outside of the container to look like the real thing. Note: I would assume a real slorg would work better, but I didn’t try it because I wanted to avoid a mean...because that would be cruel and I didn’t want to hurt the slorgs. Yeah.

6. Weapon: Werelupe Claw Necklace

Hidden Tower Cost: 8,000,000 NP

Your Cost: 100 NP

How To Make It: You will need a seasonal yoyo (100 NP) and a werelupe friend (priceless). Cut the string off the yoyo. Then invite your friend over for a sleep-over. When they fall asleep, cut off two of their claws with your quiggle scissors. Poke holes in the claws, and string them on the yoyo string. Tie the ends of the string together. Get out of town before your werelupe friend wakes up.

7. Weapon: Yoyo of Death

Hidden Tower Cost: 8,000,000 NP

Your Cost: 100 NP

How To Make It: You will need a seasonal yoyo (100 NP). Paint your yoyo to look like a yoyo of death, using your learn-to-paint set. Look in the hidden tower if you don’t know what a yoyo of death looks like. Show off your owning yoyo skills to all your friends.

8. Weapon: Radish Bow

Hidden Tower Cost: 2,000,000 NP

Your Cost: 1950 NP

How To Make It: You will need a radish (600 NP), a wooden mop (1000 NP), a seasonal yoyo (100 NP), and a forest arrow (250 NP). Take the end off the mop, so you have a wooden stick. You may need to cut it, and shave it down so it’s both thinner and shorter. Quiggle scissors may not be sharp enough for this, so it is recommended that you get something better. Cut the string off your yoyo, and trim it so it’s a bit shorter than your mop handle. Attach the string to each end of the mop handle, to make a bow. Stick the radish on your arrow, so that the bottom end of the radish is facing foreward. If you wish, paint the rest of the arrow green, to match the leaves of the radish. Sharpen the radish tip with your quiggle scissors. Fire at will.

9. Weapon: Meuka Snot Gloves

Hidden Tower Cost: 4,350,000 NP

Your Cost: 900 NP

How To Make It: You will need a pair of padded acara gloves (900 NP) and a friend who has the sneezles. Get your friend to sneeze, or blow his or her nose on your gloves until they are sufficiently covered in mucus. Remember to wash your hands after each use.

10. Weapon: Battle Dung

Hidden Tower Cost: 5,000,000 NP

Your Cost: 1 np

How To Make It: Use real dung! (For starry dung, paint your dung using your learn-to-paint set. For rancid dung, leave your dung in a sunny spot in your neogarden while you go on holiday for a few weeks.

I am well aware that I have only described how to make ten of the many hidden tower items. If your heart is set on an item that I don’t mention in this guide, I’m very sorry to disappoint. However, I encourage you to use your imagination and come up with your own creations. Remember- You can do it... the shop wizard can help. Cheers.

Disclaimer: Any or all of the above methods may or may not work for you. Neither the writer, nor should be held responsible for failure of these “weapons” to work like the real thing.

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