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Conquering Qwerty: a Typing Terror Guide

by incheesuswetrust


Are those clockwork grundos too fast for your fingers to destroy? It’s okay, I’m here to help. With this guide, the only thing that’ll be standing in your way from getting that high score trophy will be how fast you’re able to type.

In Typing Terror, your mission is to type the word that appears on the clockwork grundos that are heading your way before they reach you. When I first played I thought, “Oh, this is a piece of cake, I’m a fast typer. At last, a game I’m awesome at!” But after a few tries I realized that typing fast wasn’t the only skill you needed to be good at this game. At the end of each round, bonus points are awarded for how accurate you are for that particular level. You calculate this by dividing the percentage of -correct- number of letters that were typed by the -total- number of letters that were typed. But I’m sure you’ll just let the game figure that out for you. Just in case you were wondering. You get 200 bonus points if your accuracy is 100%. Be careful! Don’t be like me when you mess up. I got mad and hit a load of keys out of frustration and my accuracy ended up to be 55%. Oops.

Let’s divide up the levels. There are 5 levels total, and then you face that horrible clockwork grundo monster machine boss guy. He’s scary, I know. (6 levels total when you include him if you want to get technical)

Level 1 – Destroy 12 robots. Three letter words.

Level 2 – Destroy 14 robots. Four letter words.

Level 3 – Destroy 16 robots. Five letter words.

Level 4 – Destroy 18 robots. Six letter words.

Level 5 – Destroy 20 robots. Seven letter words.

Level 6 – And finally for the boss, you must type 25 of those long words in -one- minute to destroy him. These are all eight letter words.

In the first level, the grundos all have three letter words. As you progress to the next level, one letter will be added to increase the difficulty, and the grundos will approach you faster…as well as the number of grundos you have to destroy.

Now, in my first few tries of this game I kept scoring from a range of 2,900 to 3,100. Then I looked at the high scores and those were around 3,800. I thought to myself, “How in the world are they scoring that high? This is really hurting my self-esteem and how fast I can type!”

Then as I played more I took a look at how many points I was getting for each grundo I was destroying.

~ Yellow robots are worth a measly 5 points.

~ Red robots are worth 20 points. That’s getting better. (By the way, these are the only robots that have their words printed UPSIDE-DOWN. I hate trying to type these. Sometimes these make me lose on the fifth level if there’s a load of them. Don’t feel bad.)

~ But there is one other type of clockwork grundo. THE BROKEN RED ROBOTS!!! THEY ARE WORTH ONE HUNDRED (100) POINTS. I love them. This, folks, is your key to that high score. (We’ll say that they’re red even though their body things are purple. Tee hee. They’re broken, so they have a color malfunction!)

Let me make a note here that on each level only four clockwork grundos appear at a time. My strategy (at least for about the first three levels) was to let the grundos approach me, and I’d only destroy them when they got very close to me, or when there were four yellow grundos out already. I did this so I could try and make more of the broken red robots appear so I’d score a load of more points. w00t! The fourth and fifth levels get pretty fast for me at times, so I just type everything I see, but go for the broken ones whenever they appear. It’s okay to yell a lot when there’s one in the back and then a load of yellow ones are blocking it. My only strategy for this is to catch the first letter of the broken red robot or red robot and then you can see the rest from the hint box down in the lower right-hand corner. The hint box feature is also useful if you’ve accidentally hit other keys and you aren’t sure which word you’re trying to type.

This brings me to the boss, or level 6. Dunn dunn DUNN! I don’t think he’s that hard. In fact, I think he’s the easiest thing about the game. But I suppose that’s because I type okay. If you type and it feels natural to you, and you aren’t really thinking at all, this is no trouble for you. If you’re finding it hard, my only advice is to install a load of those typing programs or take a keyboarding class. Or you can play this game a lot and go from there. xD There is a training section you could try for a while, but no points are awarded.

At the end, more bonus points are awarded for how many lives you’ve got left. If you still have all 3 of your lives, you’ll get 300 bonus points. If you have 2 lives, you get 200 points. If you’ve only 1 life left, you’ll receive 100 points. And then of course your accuracy will be figured into that as well for the boss level. You get more accuracy points for the boss level, though. If your accuracy is 100% for the boss you get 300 points. That’s 600 points at the end of the game if you have all of your lives and your accuracy is perfect!

If you are trying to get a high score, like myself, I usually want to get a good score for the first level before going through the whole game. That would be a waste of time. This means getting around 3 broken red robots, plus your accuracy score, totaling up to 500 or more points for the first round. Other wise going through every level would be pointless. I’ve been using this strategy and I typically end up between 3,300-3,600 points at the end. So even getting that many points at the start may not be enough, or I’m just not getting a lot of those broken red robots in later levels. Try some experiments of your own and see what works best for you. If you’re really determined, like me, you’ll get that trophy in due time.

    And now for the credits. I’d like to thank TNT for FINALLY making a game that I’m some-what good at – besides Ice Cream Machine (which I still need to try and get a trophy for). Myself, for playing this game for hours to try and get a trophy. If I hadn’t have done that, this guide wouldn’t exist. The people at the games board who don’t even know me because I was lurking around to try and figure out how to get more points at this game. And my friends for entertaining me while typing up this guide. You’re the best.

Feel free to send a neomail my way if you’ve got any further questions for me. That’s in-cheesus-we-trust minus the hyphens. Thanks, you’ve all been a wonderful audience. See you up on the Typing Terror high score list!

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