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25 Ways to Beat the Neopian Heat!!

by sevryn


Now that summer is in full swing I bet you find yourself constantly looking for ways to escape the heat. Terror Mountain is suddenly a rather appealing place, whereas simply making that daily trip to Coltzan’s Shrine seems like an arduous journey. But never fear! For even on the hottest Neopian days there is relief to be found; you just need to know where to look! I’ve offered some suggestions that I hope you’ll find helpful. But, as always, I take no responsibility for any repercussions these may have! Stay cool out there!

1. I hear the water temperature at Kiko Lake is pleasantly cool this time of year. Why not stop by for a visit? Every pet deserves a relaxing get away every so often.

2. Anyone up for a game of Rink Runner? Just be sure you don’t fall through the thin ice or you may get more of a chill than you bargained for.

3. The Ice Cream Cart in Happy Valley is open for business, so long as you have a card! That Mr. Chipper may seem like a cheerful fellow but I don’t think he’ll be giving out any free treats, no matter how much things heat up in Neopia Central.

4. Mika and Carassa love visitors. Stopping by their Igloo will provide some much needed relief from the heat. And who knows, while you’re there you may be lucky enough to find some great deals at their garage sale.

5. Taelia’s home sure is cold. But he warned, she loathes loiterers. If you plan on paying her a visit you’ll need to do her a small favor… But the good news? She may give you a snowball as a reward! That way, you can take the cool home with you.

6. While she may not actually cool you down any, playing with a shivering Snow Faerie Doll will at least remind you of the winter months! Plus, she’s just so cute.

7. Lucky for us Neopians, Snow Wars is in operation all year round. If you decide to play a game you’d best wear your snow gear, however.

8. A fresh cool smoothie may be just the thing a hot pet needs to cool off. You can get one in the Neopian Bazaar, but be warned… Some of their flavors are something of an acquired taste.

9. I hear the Snow Paint Brush pleasantly chills a pet to the bone. However, it is one time use only and leaves your pet susceptible to melting.

10. Hungry? Hot? Well I’ve got good news. Snowmuncher will not only cool you down but it will also satisfy even the biggest appetite. Try the blue snow, it’s marvelous.

11. If you’re feeling brave Hannah and the Ice Caves may be just the thing for you. But watch out for those booby traps.

12. Mystery Island may not seem like a very good place to go if you’re already overheated, what with the Volcano and jungle humidity… But believe it or not, Mystery Island is home to one of Neopia’s finest beaches. So grab your swim trunks and get ready to dive in! Make sure to bring a towel, as that sand gets hot!

13. For pets who crave a little action and excitement there’s always Krawk Island. This adventurous little spot is just perfect for taking a lazy rowboat ride around the lagoon and the ocean breeze keeps the island nice and cool. But watch out for those pirates, you may be in hot water if you run in to them!

14. Too hot to leave your Neohome? Not in the mood for swimming? That’s alright! Luckily there are many food items that are sure to cool you down. Ice Neggs, for example, and Snow Pizza. Mmmmmmm….

15. Feeling lucky? The Scratch Card Kiosk in the Ice Caves is located in just the right spot if you’re looking to cool off. While you’re there why not buy a card? You might get lucky and hit the Jack Pot!

16. Did someone say snowball fight! Just be sure not to get hit with any yellow ones… Ewwwwww…

17. If the Smoothies in the Neopian Bazaar weren’t to your liking you could always stop by Happy Valley and pay the Slushie Shop a visit. Just stay away from the Stone and Slime Slushie, really.

18. The Ice Arena in the Ice Caves is waiting for any pet bold enough to enter. Watch the Arena floor, though; it’s slippery!

19. That tingly feeling on the back of your neck may not be from the cold if you decide to stop by the Shop of Mystery on Terror Mountain. Tarla’s magical, mystical wares are full of strange power. Be sure to handle with care!

20. For the ultimate in frosty fun why not pay a visit to the Snowager? Don’t disturb him if he’s awake unless you want to be eaten. However, if you can catch him sleeping you might score yourself some treasure. Or, if you’re really lucky, he’ll hit you with an icy blast that you’ll be feeling for days.

21. I wonder if drinking a Freezing Potion would have negative effects? Well, if you’re desperate…

22. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your pet why not play a game of Kacheek Seek? Both Happy Valley and the Ice Caves have plenty of great hiding places!

23. I wonder what that mysterious patch of ice on the Southern side of Neopia is? Maybe you could set up an exhibition to find out. At the very least, I think it’s safe to assume it will be cold there.

24. Playing the Ice Cream Machine game might help make you feel better. Dodge as much ice cream as you can while trapped inside this chilly factory. If only it weren’t a dream!

25. If all else fails, why not try furnishing your Neohome with snow furniture? You’ll need a strong air conditioner to maintain your luxurious new décor but there’s few better ways to stay cool on a hot summer’s day in Neopia.

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