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Throwing Your Very Own Neopian Times Party

by iamfaq


Looking up at Issue Number 202, you suddenly realize it's already past the 200th issue of the Neopian Times. Wow! Maybe you feel a little old, noticing it's how many issues the TNT has put out. But what better excuse to send out the invites, turn up the music, and have a party! Well, to help you get started on your Neopian Times party, I've got the ultimate party planner!

Step One: Who to Invite?

Now, to make your party successful, you've got to have your neofriends come over! But one of the most trickiest things to do is to choose who to invite. It's important to have your bestest buddies at your party, so write them down on the list. And also some people you know from your guild. But then, all the best parties have those guest celebrities, who really get the party started. That's where it gets hard. Fyora? No, she has a bad habit of giving quests away at the party, causing your guests to leave to find the item. Dr. Sloth? No, he'll bore you with his list of '100 Ways to Take Over Neopia.' The Soup Faerie? She tends to smuggle some party food for her soup. Eventually, you'll find a good celebrity for your party. Most of the characters from the games are good guests, so I'd recommend the Kikos from Kiko Match, or the Elephante and Puppyblew from 200m Dash.

Step Two: Invitations!

Here's some instructions to make your own Neopian Times party invitations. First, take some old copies of the Neopian Times (the colorful, old layout of the Times works best) and cut one piece into a rectangle. Then, fold it over so you have a card. On an index card, write the information for your party, and glue it inside. Or, better yet, cut out letters and words from the Neopian Times and arrange them in your card like a collage so it says the when, where, and why of your party. And if you're not that talented in making your own invitations (everything's ending up crooked), you can always run down to Neopian Central or the Bazaar to pick up premade invitations from a store.

Step Three: Food!

Food is also one of the 'musts' to have at a party. Whether it's some omelettes or rare food from the Gourmet Club, every party needs it. The trick is to have enough for the number of guests. For example, if I were buying neggs for a party, and I had 30 guests, I'd buy 60 neggs. I find it helpful to estimate every guest will eat two pieces of food. However, if on a low budget, serving omelettes or jelly is a good alternative. Or, you could have a potluck, with everyone bringing there own dish to share. However, the downside of this is of everyone bringing the same thing. To prevent this, it's good to assign something to your guests, like Sally will bring the dessert, and Matt will provide the drinks.

Step Four: Atmosphere!

No party is ever complete without the decorations or music. From a few streamers hung on the walls and music quietly playing through a small speaker, to an over-the-top affair with thousands of balloons, a smoke machine, streaming lights, and the popular 50,000-NP-an-hour DJ blaring music over a state-of-the-art Virtupets sound system with 10 speakers, you need to spruce up the space to add that flair to your party. To go with the Neopian Times theme, I'd try hanging white-and-black balloons and streamers. Also, for a tablecloth, try using old Neopian Times. It's also a good idea to hire a DJ, or at least rent one of those fancy boom boxes for the day playing the hit tunes like the Meepit Juice Break or Hassee Bounce.

Step Five: Your Outift

Now it's time for the fashion advice. It's best to dress with the theme of the party... but not to overdo it. Perhaps a checkered black-and-white look would fit in this occasion. Or a somewhat 'reporter' looking outfit. A pencil behind the ear makes you look smart and knowledgeable, too.

Step Six: Party Activities!

If you're planning to have everyone sit around and talk to each other, the chances are people won't have much fun and want to come to another party of yours. So, plan some activities and games to do during the party. How about NT Trivia? Or the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe? Or how about taking a stab at those lovely multi-player games in the gameroom? Just remember to be polite, and let the others win a few times, even if you're on the Top Score boards. (Nobody likes to lose.)

Step Seven: Paaaaarty!

Once you're finished writing those invitations, ordering the food, putting up the decorations, choosing your outfit, and planning the games, it's time for the party to begin! Make sure to mingle with everyone, and introduce those who don't know each other. Stuck on what to talk about? It's a NT party after all! Discuss your favorite articles, or how you think the latest series might end. Use some jokes from past comics; your guests shouldn't know the difference! ;) Here's some conversation starters for you to use:

Remember when ______ and ______ did ______ and got ______ mad at them?

Have you figured out how to get that ______ Secret Avatar yet?

What do you think is Dr. Sloth's next scheme?

What's black and white and red (read) all over? (Answer: A Newspaper, or any other variation you choose)

How's ______ doing?

Or, if all fails, talk about the weather.

And that concludes the Neopian Times Party Planner! Everything to have the PERFECT Neopian Times party is right here, in just seven easy steps. Just remember to brush your teeth and wash behind your ears! And to not let Dr. Sloth hear anything about your party. (Let's say, I've had past 'experiences' *shudders*) Now good luck! Now, all you got to do is cross your fingers and hope for the best! Ooh! And don't forgtet to invite your favorite Guest of Honor.... me.

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