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Cleaning the Mess

by sarahsuk


I was lying on the bright yellow couch with big red polka dots in my room, reading a book (actually, I was just looking at the pictures) about faeries with a potato chip hanging out of my mouth and my Cobrall, Maze, wrapped around my head. If you couldn't already tell, I was BORED.

     My owner, Tiffany, walked past my room and froze. She stood in the doorway and looked at me with horror. I glanced up from my book. Fyora was talking about what makes a good faerie good so I wasn't really interested in THAT.

     "Did a tornado blow through here!?" Tiffany cried, walking in. "I can barely move with all your junk on the floor." What a liar. She was walking like she was her whole life.

     "This is all my stuff!" I argued, sitting up on the couch. "And it's your fault for giving me a big room!"

     "Well, I'm going to take away the big room if you don't clean it!" Tiffany snapped. "It's Saturday and you look bored. What perfect timing!"

     I screamed so loud that Maze fell off my head. "NOT FAIR!" I yelled.

     "All's fair when this is my house," Tiffany said, grinning. "Now get started, Karina! I expect this room to be CLEAN from top to bottom." With those final words, she left the room.

     I sighed and scooped up Maze. "You're going to help me, right?" He gave me a funny look which obviously meant no way on this Earth. I smiled. "That's good because I can use all the help I can get!" Maze hissed.

     Tiffany poked her head back in my room. "By the way," she said. "Where did you get that couch?"

     I blinked. "What couch?"

     Tiffany rolled her eyes and left.

     "Shall we get to work, Maze?" I carefully stood up, several potato chip crumbs dropping from my lap. Where to start… ah ha! The closet of course!

     I skipped over to the bright pink closet in the corner of my room, stumbling over several toys on the way. When I finally reached the 'blinding' closet (as Tiffany called it) I opened the doors and yelled out loud when several things fell out and landed on top of me. I heard Maze cough loudly.

     I grabbed a giant plushie Zafara (green like me) and threw it to the ground, creating a space for me to stick my head through. I took deep breaths and started to hunt for Maze. Pink Slorg Plushie… no. Fun in the Sun Usuki… definitely not. Buzzer Vacuum Cleaner… eh. Orange Fuzzle stuck in the Buzzer Vacuum Cleaner… not likely. Choking Cobrall… ah ha!

     I yanked Maze out of a pile of Evil Fuzzles. He wrapped himself around my head and hissed at the Blue Evil Fuzzle. I laughed at him and started to sort through the pile of items around me. I found my old ballet shoes which now looked grey instead of pink. I also fished out my box of chocolate bars I would eat when I was feeling sad. I opened it and brought out a half eaten chocolate bar. I nibbled it and gave some to Maze. I wrapped it up again and then put it back in the box. Suddenly I saw something pointy sticking out of a pile of old pajamas.

     "Look at this, Maze!" I said, holding up a framed photograph of me and a Green Cobrall. "It's us!"

     Maze hung over my forehead to take a good look. I grinned as I remembered the first day I had bought Maze….

     Tiffany had gotten me a book that had every single petpet ever created and told me to pick one. I had looked through and immediately fell in love with a Cobrall. Tiffany said she didn't like Cobralls so told me to earn the money myself to get it. So I did.

     I played Meerca Chase and Snowmuncher every day until I had enough for Maze. I ran to the Petpet Store to get him and there he was, waiting to be purchased. When I first saw him he was curled up in strange patterns like a maze. The name immediately popped into my head.

     Maze hissed and wrapped himself around the photograph. I rolled my eyes. "Okay, okay, you can have it." I started to sort through several other things.

     Maze pointed at something shiny with his tail. I picked it up. It was my medal! Last year at school we all got medals for what we were best at. Mine said (in big silver letters) MOST WEIRD. I was so insulted by that because I am SO normal! I pushed my giant red heart bracelet up my arm.

     "YOU CLEANING UP THERE!?" Tiffany's voice yelled from downstairs.

     "YEAH!" I yelled back, dropping the medal. I carefully grabbed the huge pile of things in my arms and shoved it back into the closet, slamming the door before anything could leak out. Now on to the desk!

     I opened a bright purple drawer to reveal several Purple Fuzzles. Those could stay in there. I slammed the drawer shut. I surveyed the top of my desk. Papers and funky looking pencils were strewn all over the place. I snatched a paper clip out of Maze's mouth. "Bad!" I snapped at him. He curled up on my shoulder.

     I grabbed all the papers and pencils and wet paper clips (MAZE!!!) and dumped them all in my drawer. I slammed it shut and brushed my hands off. I noticed a piece of yellow paper sticking out of the drawer. I pulled it out. It was a picture I had drawn for Tiffany when I was only a little teeny tiny baby. Aww, how cute! I looked at the picture, but I couldn't identify anything except for a few trees. Eh, I was little. Don't blame ME for how I drew. SO not my fault!

     I walked over to my big yellow bed and looked under it to reveal a basketball, one month old chips, a box of pizza… it looked okay to me. I grabbed the box of pizza and opened it. I took a slice of pepperoni out and took a big bite. Maze hissed at me. I gave him a piece of pepperoni that was slightly green on the edges. That's okay, Maze can handle that kind of stuff. I dropped my pizza slice back into the box and shoved it under by bed. It's good for about another… two years or so.

     I left underneath the bed to the top of the bed. I dropped my blanket over a stack of books I was planning to read that night. A Nancy Flew Mystery poked out from behind the blanket so I hastily shoved it back. There. It looked good as new. Who would ever know?

     I walked over to my bookshelf and grabbed a stack of books. I stuck them into the corner and threw a giant stack of plushies over it. I carefully piled up a bunch of items on to my couch and threw a blanket over that. Then I stacked up a pile of shoes and dropped it into the corner.

     Maze gave me a satisfied squeeze around the arm. I grinned.

     "ARE YOU DONE YET!?" Tiffany yelled.

     "YEAH!" I yelled back. I skipped down the stairs with Maze.

     Tiffany stared at me suspiciously. "That was quick," she remarked.

     "I'm a wunderkind," I said. Then I skipped into the living room, lay on the couch, opened up a book about potatoes (some VERY interesting pictures in there) and started to munch on some chips.

The End

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