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The LAZIEST Neopians!!!

by emslyacting


You get a quest, you do it. You never ask why, do you. I don't. I don't suspect really anyone does. I mean why would you?

Free levels, items, and Neopoints... if you are willing to spend some time and money. I haven't done many quests myself, but I have done my share. The items are sometimes very hard to find and cost a lot of money.

If you have done a quest, you most likely know who gives them to you.


Plain and simple.


I find them to be the laziest Neopians of all time.

Let us start with the Queen Faerie.

Have you ever gotten a quest from the Faerie Queen? Not many Neopians have. And I can see why. She wants the most expensive things. She most likely wants them so she can show her wealth off to her lesser faeries. What a lazy bum. She can't get her own items like the rest of us poorer Neopians.

She sits around all day waiting to give someone who has not that many Neopoints or has been playing a long time a quest to buy something that most likely costs more than most are willing to spend.

Here is an interview with tweener_dogg. He is a Neopian that has only been playing for one month:

Q.) How much did it end up costing you?

A.) They cost me 10,999.

Q.) What did she want?

A.) She wanted Blue Jetsam Drawers

Q.) Do you know why she wanted it and if so explain.

A.) I don't know why she wanted it, probably because she wanted a place to put her clothes and those Blue Jetsam Drawers are snazzy.

Q.) What did she give you in return?

A.) She gave me stats boosts, not sure how much and in which ones, but strength and level I know went up.

Q.) How long did it take you?

A.) It took me 10-15 minutes.

Point number two on why I think she is the top laziest Neopian.

Have you ever been to her shop? I have; it was for an avatar. Now I see why the avatar is very hard to get and almost nobody has it. The least expensive item in that store was 39,000 Neopoints when I went there. I suspect that she sells her items for so much because she is too darn lazy to get up and EARN her Neopoints the hard way, by playing games and endlessly buying and selling items. She just makes people do expensive quests and buy very expensive items. How rude.

I chose the lesser, but more common, quest givers. The lesser faeries.

Second I chose Jhudora.

You can take her quests every single day. Although she doesn't give very expensive quests, she gives so many more of them. She just asks and asks for items that will "help her take over all of Neopia". How is a green toothbrush going to do that? I speculate that she just wants items so she can display her "wealth", (more like laziness), to all her faerie sisters.

She just wants and wants and wants.

Next in the line for laziness is the Fire Faerie.

Have you ever read the Quest Help page? Here is exactly what it says about her:

This Faerie keeps scorching her outfit and needs more clothes. In return she will increase your pet's strength.

Basically she wants to be cooler looking by making you spend money just so you can increase your pet's strength. You could go to the Training School to do that.

Next is the Air Faerie.

She makes you go get beauty products so she can be more beautiful and in return she makes your pet faster. What good will that do you? With a fast pet you have to take it to the Battledome to get beat up so you can try out its new speed. Boohoo.

"Water Faeries will raise your defence for a price. They are hungry for knowledge, and if you provide what they need, they can be very generous."

That was the Water Faeries' description. You have no idea what she can give you! You may spend 1,000 Neopoints and in return only get something that can be sold for 300!!! She once didn't give me anything but one level that never showed up.

In return for certain magic items, the Earth Faerie will give one of your pets a grand feast!

A grand feast; you don't even need to feed your Neopets. If you have under 2,000 NP you could stop at the Soup Faerie for FREE!!! Magic items cost sometimes much money. Phooey.

Now, the Light Faerie.

She wants trading cards, so much Neopoints, just so you can get a level. If you don't go to the Battledome that is a waste.

Most people on this website probably don't want to go to the Battledome anyway. Yeah, you can get avatars, but do you really want to risk your pet getting injured to the point where Healing Springs won't help? Then you would have to spend money on potions or medicine just to heal. That takes time, money, and effort.

For some the Light Faerie can help but, not for all.

Besides faeries, there are other lazy bums on Neopets.

You know that one game where you have like 50 moves to get something for your "master"? The one where you play someone who looks like Punchbag Bob? Well, if you do, you will get this.

That master is mean. He makes this poor, beat up old guy go out and in 50 moves get to the item and back or he will get beat up. That master guy probably knows where the item is, but he is lazy and can't get it himself. So he makes this cute, beat up thing get it. Or get beaten. How rude.

Well, I hope that from my article, you can now think twice about what you do...and for whom...

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