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Guide to the Petpet Battledome

by newageanubis


DARIGAN CITADEL - Even the little ones want to have some fun. Something fun that doesn't abuse Mootix or any other kind of Petpetpets. In the Battledome and other arenas, Petpets simply stand by and aid their owner in battle. In the Petpet Battledome, they are the main attraction. There may not be any Petpet abilities, or Petpet equipment to use in the Petpet Battledome, but it's still fun because it is raw fighting. Only weaklings use equipment! Real Neopians fight without any additional weapons or items of any kind! The higher your Petpet's level is, the more damage it will do to the opponent when it comes along to help your pet in the Battledome! There are other means to increase your Petpet's level, such as waking Turmaculus, king of all Petpets, but the Petpet Battledome is the quickest one, and you have more chances of gaining levels there than you have with the Turmaculus.

When you first attach your Petpet to your pet, it is at level one. The Petpet Battledome is in the Darigan Citadel, on the bottom left corner of the map. It is also accessible through the Action games section, Petpet Battles. You have to have a score of ten to gain a level, and every time you lose a battle, your score decreases by one. Every time you win a battle your score increases by one. You are allowed to fight up to 30 battles a day, meaning you can gain up to three levels a day! As your Petpet's level increases, you will gain access to more opponents. Opponents selected to fight your Petpet can be up to three levels weaker or stronger than your Petpet. The bad thing about the Petpet Battledome is that you can't pick which opponent you want to fight.

Health is measured by a health bar and in percentage. You have three things you can do: Body Blow, Head Shot and Shield. Body Blow has more accuracy, but less power, and Head Shot has less accuracy, but more power. Shield is a normal shield, but it is limited, and shown like health. It can also damage opponents. If you do an exceptionally strong or abnormal hit to your opponent, you may get more shield and/or health. Once you decide to fight, and you are randomly assigned an opponent, it will be from the list below. Notes are added to give you a little heads up:

When Your Petpet Is At Level One

Jekari, who has Saffron the Angelpuss (Level One)

Saffron is the easiest Petpet to beat. You will rarely lose to this one.

Enfanta, who has Quasar the Kookith (Level Two)

Quasar, I've had bad experiences with. It's like a stone wall, Quasar has good defence, so watch out for that.

Roxalia, who has Hamilton the Snorkle (Level Three)

Hamilton can be pesky if you're at level one, but then it gets easier. Since Snorkles are short, I'm guessing Head Shots will be harder to land.

Bacabro, who has Flash the Turdle (Level Four)

Like his name says, he is pretty fast and can destroy you quickly. If you're destroying him, he may make a fast comeback.

When Your Petpet Is At Level Two

All four opponents mentioned above

Brucey B, who has Biebo the Mallard (Level Five)

Biebo is quick, but a little easier to beat than Flash. His comebacks are a little slower than Flash's.

The battle system relies mostly on luck, but there is an artificial part to it. Once you choose an attack, a value is assigned to the attack. The higher your Petpet's level is, the better chance it has of doing more damage. This attack score is subtracted from your opponent's attack. Whichever Petpet has the higher attack does the difference in damage to the other Petpet. Suppose a Noil has an attack score of eight, and the opponent, a Bearog, has an attack score of two. Eight is greater than two, so the Noil would do six points of damage to the Bearog.

There are battle strategies which can increase your chances of winning. The most popular seems to be keep on using an attack until it fails to do any damage, then switch to the other attack and so forth. Shield is used only when you have an extreme need for it, and when the opponent is down to 15-20% of their health to finish them off. I alternate attacks, and use shield when my alternating doesn't work to do a little damage and then try again. If all goes well, I use Body Blow, then Head Shot and alternate. They both damage the opponent, and I get more Shield, and sometimes health in the process. If none of the strategies above work, you can devise your own strategy by experimenting. Using different Petpets or painting your Petpet might make a difference, so you might want to mix that in with your strategy experimenting.

Doesn't sound like much to go through to get your Petpet to a higher level, does it? The higher your Petpet's level is, the harder and sometimes peskier your opponents get. Your Petpet may not appear every time you battle, but it could come when you need it the most, when your pet and its opponent are low on health. It's a better way of using your time compared to gambling, as you could drain your bank account trying to win a coconut and 10,000 NP in Coconut Shy. Have fun in the Petpet Battledome! Good luck on gaining levels, and don't forget to drop by Lord Darigan's chambers and say, "Thank you for the Petpet Arena!" Leave when he tells you to, otherwise who knows what he'll do to the great Petpet Arena?

Author's Note: I am not responsible if you detach your Petpet while devising a battle strategy and you find out the next day that you could've won the PPL award had you left your Petpet attached to your Neopet, or if you spend all of your Neopoints buying Petpet paintbrushes.

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