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The Neopian Watcher: Part Two

by beau_lis


The Neopian Watcher ~ Part Two

     By: Beau_lis

      The loud cheering and laughing brought her attention back to the room. The cheering was for Rasius, who won the match. At this point, Sage didn't care. She was starting to feel anxious. She congratulated Rasius on his win and then went over to tell Abigail she was going back up to their room.

      "What happened?" Abigail asked Sage.

      Sage looked at her friend and replied, "Happened? What do you mean?"

      "You could have beaten Rasius, but you didn't. Did you let him win?" Abigail answered. "And why were you looking out the window?"

      "Window?" Sage asked in confusion. Clearly, her mind was focused on what was outside.

      "Yeah, window. Why were you looking out of the window when you should have been paying attention to the game? You could have beaten Rasius." Flameboy commented as he walked up to Abigail and Sage.

      Sage pulled out of her thoughts and realized what her friends were asking.

      She thought a moment and said, "I thought I saw something outside."

      Both Abigail and Flameboy gave Sage a funny look.

      "Outside? In this storm?" Flameboy asked.

      Abigail added, "No one would be foolish enough to go outside in this. You can't even see anything, but the rain outside of the window."

      Flameboy, still looking at Sage with concern stated, "It was probably just something the wind was blowing around. That's all."

      Sage wanted to believe that with all her heart. She continually told herself that it was the wind. Yet, deep down inside, she knew that it wasn't anything being blown around. That's what made her feel uneasy and anxious.

      Saying her goodbyes, Sage headed out of the recreation room toward the staircase.

      "Hey now, watch where you're going little one," Mr. Pickles, the Neopian Pound chef said quickly. "You better keep your mind on where you're going."

      Sage realized she had narrowly escaped running into Mr. Pickles. He was on his way to the hallway entrance of the kitchen, carrying a box full of food. She figured he was going to the storage pantry. This caught her attention because she was very hungry and was looking forward to supper time.

      Following Mr. Pickles to the kitchen, she asked, "What's for supper?"

      Looking at her with a smile, he replied "Hungry are you? You'll have a few hours to wait. We are having a joint of ham with an orange glaze sauce, baked potatoes, carrots and broccoli and a fresh baguette. For dessert, I will be making a double cream vanilla sponge cake. Now out of my kitchen while I prepare for tonight's supper."

      Sage left the kitchen hungrier than when she went in.

      I can't wait to taste that ham and then the cake! She thought to herself, as she headed up the stairs. She wasn't very fond of the vegetables, but at least they weren't the nasty vegetables like peas or asparagus. Finally, in her room, she went to sit on the window bench. She adjusted her pillows, picked up her book and was ready to finish this long anticipated story.

      She listened to the howling of the wind for a little bit, then returned to her book in hopes to finish it within the next couple of days. She managed to read a few pages when she discovered she had read the last page over again. It was no use. She just couldn't focus on reading. Sage had an uneasy feeling, like something was coming. She went back to looking outside her window.

      What is it about this storm? Sage thought to herself. She stared hard out of her window. She felt it in every bone in her body. There was something out there. She just didn't know what. Not being able to concentrate on her reading and feeling anxious about the storm, she decided to go back to the recreation room.

      The Kacheekers tournament should still be going on, she thought to herself. She'd find Abigail and watch the rest of the tournament with her. It should be close to finished now, but she hoped to catch the finals.

      Taking one last look out of her window, Sage rose from the window bench. The storm still raged on, but she saw nothing outside. She went down the stairs when the lights started to flicker again. Sage caught her breath and stopped mid-step for a moment. The lights stopped flickering and she continued on her way downstairs.

      Something isn't right, Sage thought uneasily.

      She reached the bottom of the stairs and headed in the direction of the recreation room. Even before she arrived there, she knew something was not right. As she came closer to the recreation room, she realized what it was that was wrong. It was much too quiet. She couldn't hear any of the other pets cheering at the Kacheekers tournament. Sage pushed the thought aside. She assured herself that she would hear them when she came closer to the recreation room.

      When did this corridor get so dark? she thought as the lights flickered again. Just calm down Sage. It's just my mind playing tricks with the storm.

      Entering the recreation room, Sage was surprised to find the room completely deserted. She noticed the Kacheekers board still on the table with the pieces lined up as if to begin a new game. She just figured the Kacheekers tournament had ended and everyone left. This was so unlike everyone though. The recreation room was the place to spend free time, especially with a storm raging outside.

      Ah well, Sage thought as she left the recreations room. Maybe they are in the dining hall getting a snack before supper tonight.

      Sage turned the direction in which the dining hall would be found. Again, as she came closer to the room, she still couldn't hear any laughing or talking. In fact, she didn't hear any sounds from others at all.

      This is really odd, she thought. There were always other pets moving around the pound.

      As with the recreation room, she went into the dining area only to find no one was there. Sage's uneasy feeling became stronger. However, she pushed the feeling aside and tried to convince herself that it all made sense. It wouldn't be supper time for another couple of hours yet. Why would any of the pets be in the dining hall?

      'Grrrrrr' went Sage's stomach as she smelled the wonderful aromas coming from the direction of the kitchen. All thoughts of where the other pets were left her mind. She was hungry and the smell of the cooking supper made it worse. She couldn't wait for supper! She decided to go into the kitchen to see Mr. Pickles. Sometimes, he would give her a taste of whatever he was making at the time. She even got to help make the meal a couple of times! Sage thought the meals she cooked were the best she'd ever had.

      She turned toward the kitchen and followed the fragrance to the back of the dining hall, where the kitchen doors were located. Surely, Mr. Pickles would be in there, hard at work to prepare for the evening meal. Instinctively, Sage turned to look out the dining hall window, when she caught another glimpse of something. She went over to take a closer look. All she could make out were the sheets of rain. The lights flickered again and she quickly left the dining hall.

      "Hey, Mr. Pickles!" Sage called as she entered the kitchen. Stopping in her tracks, she looked around her. There were two pots on the stove with broccoli and carrots cooking in them. The joint of ham was baking in the oven.

      Ohhh, that smells great! Sage thought.

      She took a look at the sink and noticed whole potatoes were in it. On the counter were the makings of an unfinished salad. Thinking this odd, she went to the storage pantry, where she thought the pound chef might be. Opening the door and turning on the light, she could see the only things in there were the food items. She went back into the kitchen only to find that Mr. Pickles was no where to be found.

      Sage could feel the panic rising within her. Mr. Pickles never left the kitchen when he had food cooking! She stood in the center of the kitchen, trying to figure out what to do.

      "Find Ms. Snowflake!" Sage said out loud.

      Running out of the kitchen, she headed down to the staff area offices. Sage could see that it was growing darker outside as she ran by the window in the hallway. That's when she saw it again! Something was outside! Sage stopped and pressed her face against the window. This time, she saw it more clearly, but then it disappeared before she could make out what it was. All she could see was the storm again. Oh how it was a furious storm. The rain seemed to be coming down harder than before, if that was possible. She knew it was late afternoon and the sun should be out. Yet, the only light to be seen outside were the flashes of lightning.

      Sage pulled herself away from the window and went out into the hallway.

      When did this hallway become so eerie, she thought in fear.

      Finally reaching the door to Ms. Snowflake's office, she stopped to catch her breath. She bent and held her side as she tried to ease the cramp forming from running so fast. Slowly recovering from the quick sprint, she stood up and knocked on the door. She waited for an answer, but none came. Sage knocked harder on the door this time. Again there was no answer. Pressing her ear against the door, she tried to hear if Ms. Snowflake was inside. Nothing.

To Be Continued…

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