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Ancient Neopia: Part Twelve

by articuno_neo


They were now walking over the path and they could see the castle coming closer and closer. But first, they had to go through the valley. They climbed over the remaining hills as their surroundings started to become darker.

     The forest was quiet. The trees were turning grey and others were lying on the ground, dead apparently.

     "This place is giving me the creeps," Jarod announced, as he looked around him.

     "Well, that must mean we are close to the palace," Rio said, as he quickly dodged a small Chia guard that attacked him and smacked it through the air. "Yup."

     He looked around and saw a thin path and followed it. It was almost impossible to see it, as grass was growing on it and it was covering the trail. Jarod and Hero followed him.

     He cut away all the branches that were in the way and soon they came to an open place.

     They saw a small cottage and a piece of meat, roasting above a small fire. A Jubjub came out. Two large teeth were coming out of the little mouth. It was a gooish green color and tentacles were coming out of it.

     It growled and sniffed the air. Hero then stepped backwards.

     "Hide," he whispered, as the two others also started to step backwards. Quietly, they went back the way they came. That was when they heard a roar. They turned around and were met by a mean looking, Darigan like Krawk. It hissed furiously and clawed at Hero, who quickly jumped out of the way and knocked against Jarod.

     "Arrrrrrrr!" a squeaky voice above them said and everyone looked up, even the Krawk, to see a Pirate Mynci slinging from tree to tree. It then finally took its sword and fell down. It crashed right on top of the Krawk and smacked it. "Ar, ye matey!"

     The Krawk fainted and fell to the ground.

     "What's ye be doin' here, scurvy landlubbers?" the Mynci asked them, looking at everyone with suspicion. "This be MY place!"

     "Uh, we are just looking around…" Jarod said. "We are going to the Two Rings Castle."

     "Ah, ta' castle…" The Mynci laughed. "I don't thin' ye arrrr goin' to make it, matey!"

     "Well, we have made it so far, why quit now?" Rio asked. "I mean… it is like completing a study for blacksmithing and then you go… feed the Unis for the rest of your life!"

     "Arr, matey!" The Mynci grinned. "Ye have a point in dat one!" He sheathed his sword. "Say, ye be really goin' to the castle?"

     "Yes, we are…" Hero said.

     "Arr! Let me give ye this!" the Mynci said, as he handed two Strong Healing Potions to Hero.

     "Thank be to ye!" Rio said, as he grinned.

     "Arr, matey!" And with that, the Mynci jumped in the trees and went the way to the Jubjub they had just seen. Jarod could hear a piece of his conversation.

     "Arr, Jubby mate!" he heard a faint voice say. "We arrrr goin' ta move!"

     "We should too," Hero said, pulling Jarod out of his train of thoughts.

     Then they finally headed towards the castle, fighting off all the monsters and walking through muddy paths. Small stones were kicked away by the group's paws and footprints were left. They climbed a big hill and from there they could see the faint images of Sunny City.

     Several leaves flew through the air, riding the wind and the clouds were blocking the sun. The group then turned around and saw the ancient city of Kal Panning. Hero lead the way as they ran, walked and climbed.

     They had come to a river, where Rio could fly over. Hero and Jarod swam then and they continued. They then walked through a small forest and then they finally came at the end. A huge old, wooden gate was there. There were holes in it and Hero, Jarod and Rio could just go through it.

     They were greeted by the servants of the palace. They walked through small patches of grass and occasionally encountered a not working fountain. The walls were cracked and pieces of rock were scattered.

     "Rio." Jarod walked towards him and handed him a Strong Healing Potion. "Just in case."

     They then climbed old stairs and fought off Unis clad in armor, Chias with deadly sharp cups and saucers and also Chias in knight's armor. They proved to be a challenge.

     As they walked a long stairs, it started to get darker. And then they reached the top.

     A Cybunny ghost appeared. "Be careful… Jahbal is waiting."

     "Alright…" Jarod sighed. "Thanks, mom."

     She winked at him and then disappeared.

     It was a small room and the only light came from three windows. There was a door, which was open. The group walked through it and soon… a Red Eyrie came into view. A long beard, brown robes and a staff.

     He laughed maniacally and then turned around to face the group. He stopped laughing. His eyes were burning with hatred.

     "You have thwarted my plans long enough!" Jahbal shouted at the group, as he raised his staff. Surges of lightning shot through the staff and then it fired a beam of electricity at Rio, who jumped in the air. Hero looked at Rio and then ran towards Jahbal in an attempt to hit him, but missed.

     Jahbal jumped away and smacked Hero with his staff.

     "Masila!" Jahbal shouted, as Rio slammed away Jahbal's staff with his hammer. Masila stood on the roof of the house and jumped off as soon as she was called. She landed besides Jahbal.

     A portal then appeared.

     "This means…" Jarod started thinking, as he quickly jumped up to avoid Jahbal's staff. He dived to the ground and as soon as he landed he jumped right up and leaped behind Masila and then struck her. She then fell on her knees.

     "Why are you doing this, Masila?" Jarod asked, as he grabbed her robe and held her in the air.

     "I was going to take over the world…" She growled and kicked Jarod in the stomach. He growled and ran towards her. He then jumped through the air and slammed Masila. She almost fell off the castle.

     Jahbal, Rio and Hero were busy with a very big fight. There were holes in the ground and Jahbal was looking tired, but he then quickly ran towards his staff.

     Masila saw the staff and jumped towards it and took the staff, which surprised Jahbal.

     "You!" he hissed as he raised his hand and shot a ball of energy at her. Masila dodged it with ease and was about to Jump into the portal, until Rio slammed her with his sword. The staff rolled towards Jahbal's feet.

     Masila groaned and sighed in defeat. She then stood up.

     "I underestimated… you…" she growled at Jarod. She then took a dagger and almost threw it at Jarod. Hero crashed into her before she could throw it and she got sent into the portal. Masila screamed out of anger and then disappeared. The portal was now growing smaller.

     "You are going to be defeated!" Jahbal shouted. Jahbal's voice came from behind Jarod as he shot three fireballs at the group. Jarod almost landed in the portal, but dodged it. He did land painfully on his side. Rio flew up but almost flew over the edge, but Hero was unaffected.

     A strange glow surrounded him and then he turned around. He stood still. Jahbal then fired a fireball at Hero, but it only hit the ground. It went through Hero's figure, but it then faded away.

     Suddenly, a sword hit Jahbal, which sent him to the ground. Jahbal recovered and swung his staff around him. But no Hero. Another strike and Jahbal growled.

     Hero then finally appeared and stood in front of Jahbal, who was leaning on one leg.

     "You…" he hissed, but he then started to glow. He threw his staff in the air and the group was blinded by a bright flash. Suddenly they were thrown to the ground. Pain shot through them.

     "There…" Jahbal cackled, as he watched the three pets on the ground.

     "Mom… Dad…" Jarod felt a tear slide down. He looked at Hero, who was lying on the ground motionless. The same for Rio, when he turned around to look at the Korbat. Jahbal grinned.

     "Your friends are gone!" he shouted. "Now… It is time for you!"

     Then, a Cybunny ghost appeared. Jarod looked at him and tried to stand up. But he couldn't. This time, he saw his father…. But now he was wearing armor.

     "Dad…" Jarod croaked.

     "Don't worry…" his mother's voice said in his head. "He will be okay."

     "What about Hero and Rio!?" Jarod stood up. "You. Are. Toast," he hissed at Jahbal. His father turned around and nodded.

     "Use your power," Karod said.

     "Alright..." Jarod swiped away the tears and was going to use his power. But how… "How?"

     "Find it…in your heart," his father said as he turned around. "I will distract him! Hurry, son!"

     "If you use it… we will disappear, Jarod," his mother then said. Jarod stared at his father, who was fighting Jahbal. He was going to disappear. His mother, who always cared more about other people… was going to disappear.

     "But remember… we will always be there," his mother said. "You can't see us… Your father and I will always be with you, even though you can't see us. It is called a bond. That bond is never broken, even not when I am far away. Even… when I am so-called 'gone'."

     "Mom… Dad," Jarod said. "I love you."

     And with that, he started to glow. His father jumped away, turned to face with Jarod and gave him a nod of approval. Light also surrounded Rio and Hero, as their wounds disappeared. He then followed the instructions his mind gave him. He jumped in the air and unsheathed his sword. He then grinned and went for the ground. As he fell, he prepared his sword for the crash. The sword would go into the ground.

     "What is this!?" Jarod heard Jahbal cry in confusion and anger.

     As the tip of the sword hit the ground, electric surges came up and his sword was becoming longer. The glow grew even brighter. The electric disappeared, as Jarod turned to face Jahbal, who was shuddering in fear.

     Electric came from his sword now and then he swung his sword in front of him. The sword turned into a ball of energy, that was growing bigger and bigger. Jahbal made a desperate attempt to dodge it, but he was not quick enough. The ball hit him and exploded.

     It blinded everyone for quite a while.

     But as their vision returned, they couldn't see Jahbal. There was only a pile of sludge on the ground. Jarod kicked away the sludge and watched it fade away on the wind. Just like his parents. But now… he would never forget them.

     He watched the trees grow and the grass turn green. And in the distance… he swore he saw a light in the sky.

     "Goodbye," Jarod whispered. And his words too, were taken with the wind. Rio and Hero looked at him, and then looked at everything that was changing.

     "This is the place I have always dreamed off… even as a kid," Rio said happily, even though he had a nasty scar on his leg.

     "Yes," Hero said in agreement.

     "This is…" Jarod looked around, with a smile appearing on his face. "Ancient Neopia."

     Jarod then lived on in Ancient Neopia. In Swamp Edge city, to be more precise. He had talked to the people of the city and they told him the birthday of his father. On that day, he left to the cliff where his father had left and stared up in the sky.

     A cloud then started changing and it started to turn into a Cybunny head... Wait... another one appeared.

     "Never forget us," Jarod waved at them. "Remember."

     "Goodbye... Michelle and Karod," Jarod sighed, as the cloud disappeared. "Goodbye... mom and dad." One last tear fell on the ground. Now they were gone… but they had a place in his heart.

     The stars smiled at him.

The End

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