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The Return of Celia Synoptics: Part One

by appaloosa500


"Starship Fantastico VII arriving in spaceport 3C. Repeat. Starship Fantastico VII arriving in spaceport 3C," announced the Virtupets Space Station loudspeaker.

     A sponge Grundo jumped to his feet excitedly. "That's the ship! The Alien Aisha ambassador has arrived!"

     The Space Faerie stood from her circular throne and examined the sphere-like central operating room of the Space Station. "This is a wonderful day indeed, officers. The Alien Aishas have sent a representative to readjust the trade agreements to allow for greater freedom and less prejudice. Lieutenant Coreily and Commander Grayson, please go to meet Ambassador Sonix. She's a yellow Alien Aisha and should be accompanied by her husband, Chief Engineer Sonix, also a yellow Alien Aisha. Escort them to the prepared Emissary's Suite."

     The two officers bowed from their positions and left the room by way of a downward descending circular platform. The Space Faerie sat again and pressed a hidden gray button on the armrest of her throne. Queen Fyora's face appeared as a hologram in front of her.

     "Your majesty," the Space Faerie bowed her head. "The emissaries and parents of the escapee under our protection have arrived."

     "Indeed, my dear. Take good care to not discuss or reveal any information pertaining to the escapee. You are to act as if you know nothing-as they will undoubtedly ask questions."

     "Yes, your highness." The Space Faerie bowed her head again and ended the connection. "It shall be done," she whispered to herself.

     There was a matter they didn't consider. What some may call a wrench in the works. Namely, a stowaway. Specifically, an old nemesis of their escapee, and one with inside-intelligence information.


     An astoundingly beautiful red Alien Aisha with long, thick red hair kicked a sleeping giant Green Alien Aisha. "Get up, you dolt!" she hissed. "We're here!"

     The giant sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Yes, Miss Synoptics."

     The red Alien Aisha smiled wickedly. "Celia Synoptics is back! And I'm going to get that Sonix brat if it's the last thing I do!" She clenched her fists determinedly.

     "It may be the last thing you ever do," mumbled the large green Alien Aisha. "I can't believe I've sunken as low as hired help to settle a childhood dispute! And against someone under the Faerie Protection Program-"


     The 'Sonix' in question was lazing in his Fix-It shop with his new best friend. The yellow Alien Aisha looked absolutely nothing like an alien. He only had two earstalks to a normal Alien Aisha's four. He was dressed in an old stained T-shirt and ripped jeans. The only thing that drew attention was his extreme shortness and his lack of an "A" collar. His name was DeSoni-his birth name was Derek Sonix.

     "Question six," DeSoni said, reading from a magazine. "If he/she was kidnapped by aliens right before your eyes, would you (a) run away screaming, (b) stand still screaming, (c) run and get help, or (d) stupidly try to save your friend and get vaporized for your idiocy."

     His best friend, a tall red Ruki named Rickster_Rocker, shook his head. "D, of course. And I definitely think whoever wrote this quiz is anti-alien."

     DeSoni laughed. "Undoubtedly, Rocky. But a quiz is a quiz is a quiz. Besides, I'm procrastinating." He gestured to several broken items on worktables and scattered throughout the shop.

     Rocky sighed. "Whatever, Soni. What'd I score?"

     "Negative 30. According to this, you value your friend too highly and need to rethink your ideas of aliens. See page 15." The small yellow Alien Aisha flipped to page 15. He read the title impassively, then passed the magazine to Rocky.

     The tall Ruki scanned the page before exclaiming, "Another anti-Alien Aisha agreement article! These people make us Neopians look bad."

     "Us Neopians?" queried DeSoni with a small smile.

     "You know what I mean," responded Rocky. "Just because Alien Aisha technology is so advanced, these nutters go crazy! I blame the NT for over-dramatizing Alien Aisha attacks on Neopia." The Ruki walked over to a large wastebasket and tore the magazine in half, then quarters, over it.

     "Speaking of our Neopian Times," began DeSoni, sitting up and pulling the newspaper from under the table they'd been slouching against. "Here's today's issue." The tiny Aisha tossed it to the tall Ruki.

     Rocky read aloud: "Revision of Alien Aisha trading agreement. Emissaries Ambassador Deanna Sonix and Chief Engineer Daniel Sonix arrived this morning at Virtupets Orbital Space Station #4 at 0800 hours, ready to pave the way to a glorious future of-" He paused, suddenly remember something. "Hey, isn't Sonix your family name?"

     DeSoni smirked. "Would you like to help me do some more procrastinating? I'm in the mood for an adventure!"

     Rocky shook his head. "No. No way. I may not be anti-alien, but I'm not gonna help you drown yourself. Traitors don't get off light, even if they are geniuses!"

     "Nothing like that," sighed the tiny yellow Aisha. "It's just been so long since I've last seen my parents." He shook his head sadly. "You're right, it's foolish."

     Curious despite himself, Rocky asked the question. "I'm not agreeing to anything, but what did you have in mind?"

     DeSoni smirked. "Sneaking into the Space Station to try glimpse my parents. No real point, I guess, but wouldn't it be fun?"

     "Whenever you say that something goes horribly wrong," groaned the Ruki. "And shouldn't you tell the faeries before you do something rash?"

     DeSoni laughed. "What could go wrong?"

     Rocky grimaced. "I hate it when you say that even more."

     The little Aisha continued. "Seriously, now. I got an invitation to lecture a class at the Space Station Technological Institute-you know, the one where Khargana made her memo-briefcase. Anyway, I've got two first class tickets…"

     The lanky Ruki blinked his enormous eyes. "Okay, I got the invite part, but you can't go dressed as you are anyway! Quite honestly, Soni, you're a slob when you work. And what in the world would you lecture on?!"

     "Elementary particles interaction and fusion between advanced chemical compositions. It generates a rather spectacular effect on the-"

     "Okay, whatever. And your clothes?" said Rocky, grasping at excuses.

     DeSoni frowned and thought. "You know, I think I've got some brown slacks and a tan blazer in the back of my closet at appaloosa500's Neohome."

     "And the FPP?"

     "The Space Faerie signed the invite, so I'm sure it will be fine. And you'll be coming?"

     Rocky reluctantly gave in. "Okay, I'll go-but only to watch your back!"


     The emissaries sat on hoverchairs around a circular table as the two officers from earlier escorted the royal Space Faerie into the suite. Gracefully, the Space Faerie took a seat in a hoverchair across from the couple and dismissed the officers.

     The two yellow Alien Aishas nervously held paws and kept silent. They were dressed in the standard silver uniform of most Alien Aishas and both seemed unusually depressed. There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment or two, then the Ambassador spoke up.

     But the voice that spoke was not one of a governmental representative, but of a worried mother. "Please, madam Space Faerie. I say this in the uppermost confidence. Our-our son, Derek? I plead with you for information of him!"

     A confused look came over the faerie's face. "My dear ambassador. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sure your government has contact numbers and listings of all assigned agents."

     "But he… he…" she didn't finish.

     Her husband squeezed her paw comfortingly. "Don't play dumb, Madam Space Faerie. We know as well as you that he's gone AWAL and turned to you faeries. He looks for all the world like a Neopian Aisha, but if need be I can prove beyond doubt that he's our son and a full-blooded Alien Aisha."

     "I'm sorry, emissaries," continued the Space Faerie. "I really cannot help you here."

     The Ambassador jumped on it. "So you do know! Please, please help! We just want to see him, maybe talk with him!"

     The Engineer continued for her. "This is strictly personal, but I've said and done so many things I regret! I'd just like to apologize."

     The level of emotion was escalating out of the Space Faerie's control. Even under Queen Fyora's orders, her natural inclination was to tell the parents their son was perfectly all right-the proprietor of his own shop, in fact. She would've liked-no, she couldn't. Even if the Sonixes were truthful, she had no way of knowing if they had high-tech recording, listening, or transmitting devices secreted on them.

     She stood up. "I'm sorry, but it seems now is not a good time for our treaty discussion. You two probably have a lot to talk about, so I'll leave you be. I'll see you tomorrow, 0900 hours. Good night." With that, the Space Faerie left.

     "She knows something!" whispered Deanna Sonix, almost jealously.

     "Don't worry, my dear. We'll find information of Derek-I'm sure of that!"


     As soon as the faerie exited the suite, a red Grundo jogged up to her with a slip of printed paper.

     "Neomail quick-message, madam!" he said, handing it to her. "First class, grade A privacy."

     Since it sounded important, the faerie reached over and took the slip. She glanced it over, then abruptly backtracked and read it a second time more carefully, her face draining of color meanwhile. "By Fyora's crown!" she gasped, and, still gripping the paper tightly, she dashed down the corridor toward the bridge.

     "Did someone die or something?" asked the Grundo, staring in shock at his departing leader.


     "Fyora!" gasped the Space Faerie in her private ready-room.

     "What is it, dear? You look horrified!"

     "The-the fool! DeSoni!"

     "What? You're not making any sense," kindly responded the Queen.

     "An S.S.T.I. teacher sent him an invitation to lecture, and he accepted!"

     "No danger-he's lectured before, hasn't he?"

     "Yes, but the memo said he's coming now!" said the Space Faerie in exasperation.

     "Now! As in, on his way?! With his parents as emissaries! How can he possibly expect us to keep him safe if he keeps going off on these crazy ideas?"

     "He'll arrive at 1500 hours, Fyora. I intend to keep him at S.S.T.I. the entire time, but you know how he can be. They have a new landing port, so even though he's on public transport I'll reroute the Space Bus's traveling instructions. We'll say we had to close up the public landing port for maintenance."

     "That would be fine. Keep me posted and the cameras on DeSoni 24/7. He mustn't be allowed to come across his parents!"

     "Yes, my queen."

To be continued...

Author's Note: As always, let me know what you think! Questions, comments, whatever--throw them my way. This story doesn't move quite as fast as my usuals, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it anyway. Thanks to everyone who wrote to say they wanted more DeSoni and Rocky stories!

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