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How to Shop for a Queen

by lilshorty1496


NEOPIAN CENTRAL – Shopping for friends and family can be one of the toughest experiences anyone in their life may have to face. You may spend countless hours searching for that special gift that really speaks for you, or if you’re like me, spend those same hours looking for the cheapest gift for the amount of Neopoints you find under your Zen rug that says the same message.

    But when it comes to a really special someone, or even royalty (which in turn can be the same thing for some people, and not literally), buying almost anything can seem like a hassle! Whether it is clothes, jewelry, or even snot flavored food, the decisions and possibilities are endless… unless you have some greater insight.

    With assistance from some of the greatest minds in all of Neopia (only as far as Krawk Island… those on Mystery Island give me the willies), and some locals located right here in the fantastic city of Neopian Central, I was able to assemble a guide to buying for even the most complicated of recipients.


    Now when it comes to buying furniture, one most be very careful about the type and style of the purchased piece. While it may not seem important to the trained eye, a slight mistake can mean certain disaster. Take for instance Kau style fixtures. While Kaus make great friends, you might be sending the wrong message with these pieces.

    Something you can never go wrong with is anything of the Ultranova set. The color speaks loudly, and looks great in almost any room of any Neohome. The colors are perfect next to almost any other light colored set, and would compliment anyone with an existing set of Faerie related furniture.


    What more can one say, if you present a wonderful and exotic flower. Well, if done incorrectly, you may have a lot of explaining to do, but with practice and an experienced taste, you can pick the right flower every time for any occasion.

    A great choice for the rich and famous is something extravagant and colorful. An excellent choice to fit these conditions could be that of Colour Lillies, Fire Bushes, and of course, the exceptional Colour Changing Tulips. Each can be purchased for the right price, and are perfect gifts for that certain Hidden Tower owner in your life.

    WARNING: When it comes to flowers, there are a few that must be avoided at all costs. Failure to remember this rule could have faeries ignoring you for many years to come. At all costs, do not purchase All Seeing Trees, Oozing Tulips and lastly Gnarled Stumps. In fact, do not even think of buying these for your evil nemesis we all know you have, as even that is very unkind in all cases.

    Gift Shop

    Of course if you’re looking for a simple present to just say “Thanks!”, the gift shop is the place to be. While chocolates may seem overrated, you can never go wrong with a classic candy. The gift shop is the ideal place for those looking to save a few Neopoints, and stick with more novelty items.

    Novelty items like memorabilia of their favorite concerts and musical bands that perform around Neopian Central from time to time. Personal favorites like M*YNCI, Sticks N Stones and of course, Chomby and the Fungus Balls! Almost every concert that’s ever played can be found in the numerous aisles located within the shop.

    HELPFUL TIP: The Gift shop stocks numerous exquisite rings, and as some are familiar with, jewelry can say it all. Take your time and find one that really stands out.

    Deep Catacombs

    Many well-kept secrets have been carefully tucked away in these dark hallways, and that’s really unfortunate, as most provide wonderful places to shop. Now some may think this to be quite odd, but each of the shops located in the Deep Catacombs has something for everyone.

    First there’s the Coffee Shop. If ever you have to treat a certain crown-wearing someone to lunch, look no further then this quaint little café. The establishment offers everything from assorted Teas to multi-flavored Cappucinos and lastly, a personal favorite, Sludge Frappucinos (Hard to drink at first, and for the shake of an argument, we’ll call it an acquired taste). While you sip your drinks, the shop presents many things to nibble on, including Tigersquash flavored treats.

    If Coffee isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for something that doesn’t burn your paws when handled, you may want to try the coin shop. Everyone, from Neopets to Faeries, knows coins are better then stamps, and not just because they’re shiny. Coins provide a great gift, as well as an investment for the receiver of the present. Oh, and did I mention they’re rather shiny in the sun?

    Post Office

    Well… what’s to say about buying stamps. Nothing really… because they aren’t shiny!

    WARNING: Stamps are not shiny, and coins are. Which do you think will keep someone’s attention for longer periods of time?

    Book Shop

    Books are great for anyone with large amounts of time on their hands, and anyone guarding the Hidden Tower twenty-four hours a day sure could use a light read.

    When buying a book for someone, it’s always best to know what they’re into. If you buy something that they find boring, they might ask you never to shop for them again. If they’re intelligent, and enjoy learning about the world around them, then pick up Theories of Physics. If they enjoy guarding a concealed tower full of luxurious weapons and items, then Saving Your Neopoints or even Connect the Dots would be a thoughtful thing to pick up.

    HELPFUL TIP: It cannot be stressed enough that knowing the person you are buying for is one of the most helpful pieces of information you can use when looking to shop. Buying them a book on Inside the Mind of Bob when they’ve never met the poor fellow would do no good.


    When it comes to shopping for someone with everything, it may seem hopeless. But with a lot of work, and some insight on what shops have to offer, even Queen Fyora herself will have the happiest of days for years to come.

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