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Why I Rescue Kadoaties

by ezrhide


Where would we be without the Warf Rescue Team? Well, I know where I’d be; 3,000 Neopoints poorer each day. That’s right, I earn 3,000 Neopoints a day from this one game alone. And let me tell you, if 1,000 Neopoints per play wasn’t the limit, it would be much higher than that. This game has endless payout for you, my friend.

I once heard someone say that the Warf Rescue game was a good game to play because most people could get to 100 points, and in the payout of that 100 points, end up with 300 Neopoints for that play. That would end up equaling 900 Neopoints for that game each day. I was appalled. Which would you rather have: 900 Neopoints, or 3,000? Yes, that’s what I thought. So, I am here to help you become a master at rescuing those Kadoaties and certainly be well rewarded for the hard work

Basics: Let’s first review the basics and point of this game for those of you who have never played. Those mischievous little Kadoaties have somehow gotten themselves stuck up a tree (a very tall one in fact). Your job is to launch as many Warfs as you can by parachute to reach and rescue those little Kadoaties. The trick is, you have to stack them on top of each other. Your stack of Warfs must build up to the Kadoaties so they can climb down your stack and safely to the ground. You launch Warfs by clicking and holding the left button on your mouse. A little bar at the bottom of the game screen shows you where your Warf would land if you launched him at that point. The longer you hold the left mouse button down, the more power you give the launch. This means that your Warf will go higher in the sky, and then it will float down to join the stack. As your stack gets higher, you must give each Warf more power in their launch so they can reach the top of the stack. I recommend giving them all the highest power level possible.

     So, what happens if one of your Warfs misses the tower? (But you wouldn’t want to injure a Warf, would you?) Well, you lose a life. You have three lives, and when the last life is spent, it is game over. Just don’t miss the tower, ok? You must make your tower move up and diagonal at some times because there are branches on both sides of the tree, and the next Kadoatie could be anywhere. Don’t worry though, a little red arrow will let you know where the next Kadoatie is stuck so you can make your way to it. Also, you start with 100 seconds of time to rescue the Kadoaties, but with each you rescue, you receive more time to rescue more. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Scoring Points: There are a couple of ways to score points. First, of course, you can rescue the Kadoaties. For every Kadoatie you return to safety, you get ten points For every Warf you launch and successfully land on the stack, you get two points. It usually takes four Warfs to get to the first Kadoatie, so already you have 18 points Also, Warfs come in four different colors; pink, green, blue, and tan. You can get an extra point bonus for certain color combinations. For three in a row of the same color, you get a one point bonus. If you added another of that same color, then it’s a two point bonus. Some patterns also give you points. Lastly, if you get one Warf exactly on top of the last one, there is a point bonus. As you can see, there are many ways to score those extra points.

Techniques to boost your sad, low score: So, on your first try, you earned, what, 100 points? To reach the 1,000 Neopoint payoff that you are aiming for, you want to aim for a final score of at least 334. As long as your score, when multiplied by three, equals 1,000, well there are your points The first thing you want to make sure NOT to do is run out of time. If you’re out of time, well, that’s just the end. For each Kadoatie you rescue, you’ll get about 25 seconds added to your current time. If you decide that you need to skip a Kadoatie, your time will be run down. But that leads to another good point; skipping a Kadoatie does not have to be suicide to your points!

Skipping a Kadoatie is sometimes extremely necessary. When you rescue one Kadoatie that is at the far end of the branch on the left side of the tree, how can anyone expect you to make your Warfs stack towards the next Kadoatie that is located on the far end of the branch on the right? No, it is very hard to rescue every Kadoatie. You are also very likely to lose lives trying to get your Warf as far over as it can go. So, the answer to this problem is to use your time wisely. Only go for the Kadoaties that you are certain you can reach.

It can also use up a lot of time if you only launch one Warf every time the green bar at the bottom of the screen passes by where you want your Warf to launch. Instead of launching one Warf for every pass, launch three or four. You’ll have to click and hold to launch the first Warf, and then right when you let go, click and hold to launch another Warf. If you get the hang of this, you can build four Warfs in one pass. This makes up for the time you’ll lose when you skip a Kadoatie or two. Just build your stack very swiftly until you find out where the next Kadoatie is stuck.

So, think you’re a Warf Rescue Team master now? Why not go try it out and earn some extra Neopoints for that paint brush you’re building for? If you don’t get it the first time, just keep practicing. That little rating reads “Hard,” but I know you can do it! Just remember, don’t lose your lives by launching the Warfs into oblivion!

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