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The Pirate Letter: Part Three

by czenko28


I came closer and closer to the land of Meridell. I couldn't believe all of this was happening so fast. I was so close to my goal, and all I had to do was just fly away from Mystery Island. Now I thought my goal had come easy. Apparently I was wrong.

     I landed right in the middle of Meridell. This is where all of the action should start. I looked around, and I found nothing. "They were supposed to be here," I said. "Maybe I was too late." They might have just not gotten here yet. There were no worries. I could just explore for a little bit. That's all.

     I looked around. It was amazing. This place was completely different than back home. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. There were so many fun games to do. The clothes all of the Neopets wore were puffy and weird; they all seemed to talk in an accent or something. Even though this place was totally cool looking, I felt like a huge outsider.

     The first thing I saw was a whole bunch of weird frog-like petpets. They didn't look at all pretty. To the left of them was a huge sign that said, "Kiss the Mortog." I read the words aloud. Then I asked myself, "What is a Mortog?"

     "I am glad ye asked, little girl," a Grundo said, who was covered in warts. "Before I explain the rules of the game, will ye pay 50 Neopoints?" the Grundo said.

     "A game!?" I jumped. "I want to play a game." I threw my last few Neopoints at the Grundo. "Okay, now will you tell me the rules of this game?"

     I probably wasn't thinking at this moment. In fact, I knew I wasn't thinking at this moment. I just wanted to waste some time with a silly game. The pirates weren't here yet so I thought it would be a good idea, but I didn't know what this game was. If this game had the word, "kiss" in it, then it probably isn't a very good game. If you like that kind of icky girly stuff, then that's good for you.

     "Okay," the Grundo started. "Those petpets right there are Mortogs. Your goal of this game is to kiss the Mortog that would become a prince, but if you kiss the wrong one, they would become unhappy, and they would blow up. Okay?"

     "What!" I exclaimed. I looked at the slimy Mortogs and gagged in disgust. "I wish I had known that earlier." A little Mortog came up to me. He showed big, pathetic eyes at me, the kind of eyes that nobody can refuse. "Fine, I will kiss a Mortog." I picked up the little, defenseless Mortog and held it up to my face. I couldn't believe that I was going to kiss one of these things. I held it up to my face and I pressed my lips against it. They are really slimy little creatures. The second my lips pressed against the Mortog, I pushed it away from me immediately. I looked down at the pathetic creature and I watched as it turned into a prince.

     "Oh thank you! Thank you!" the Usul prince cried. He bowed down and cried in delight of being set free from being a horrible Mortog. I thought my life was bad? This prince was just pathetic.

     "Yeah, yeah," the Grundo said. He shoved the prince away from me. He then turned to me and began talking quickly, like he had said the same thing billions of times (which was probably true), "Congratulations, you won 100 Neopoints Would you like to try again for 300 Neopoints?"

     I told him that I didn't want to, and I quickly walked away from the Grundo. I couldn't believe that I just did that, but now I had 100 Neopoints in my pocket, and that was good enough for me.

     The sun was coming down, and I had to go to sleep. It was a long day. I spent a really long time traveling, but I am not even done yet. I wasn't home anymore, so where am I going to sleep? I looked around the area and found a nice, grassy spot for me to sleep on.

     Before going to sleep, I took out a Cocoa Juppie out of my backpack. I ate it. That was my dinner. Then I laid on the grassy ground, and I eventually fell asleep.


     The hot sun finally started to rise, and shine up on my starry coat. The sun was warm, and it felt good to feel the sun's rays first thing in the morning. My eyes opened, and I stretched my arms. I yawned. It was just the perfect morning. Sleeping on the ground was not as bad as I thought it would be, I guess.

     I didn't really care for this place anymore, but I still had to be here. I had to wait for the pirates. I looked over to the ocean. There was a big pirate ship. I remembered that pirate ship. It had a huge sail with a painting of an Eyrie on it. I was sleeping, and they just snuck away from me. I had to hurry.

     I ran as fast as I could to the pirate ship. Halfway there I said, "Wait a minuteā€¦ I can fly!" I then took off into the sky, and I circled above the massive ship. It was completely deserted. Let me correct my statement. It was almost completely deserted. There was only one pirate Meerca who seemed to be there to keep out intruders. They were already on their way to Brightvale. They had a head start. The worst part is that the pirates are probably much faster than me. I gasped and I left Meridell immediately.

     There was the sign that said "Brightvale," and then there was a long trail that headed that way. I had to be quick and speedy. This is my one chance of saving Firaga. I had better not mess it up or else my life would end in misery. I must get there first. I just must.

     My wings flapped rapidly as I flew along the trail. I was close enough to the ground to pick up a lot of dirt. I went quickly, and I could see in the far distance the crew of pirates, just inches away from Brightvale.

     From where I was, Brightvale looked like a much nicer place then Meridell, but maybe that's just me. I could see the huge castle that Brightvale had, but that was it. I could see red bandanas and feathered hats from where I was, but they were so far away. I was going much faster than they were, but I didn't know if I could catch up.

     The pirates came closer and closer as I dashed like a bullet across the sky. "Firaga, I'm coming. Don't worry, I'll save you." Tears ran down my face. I was tired, but I still had to go. The pirates had already reached Brightvale. "Firaga, wait for me!" I yelled. Remembering Firaga's pleasant face when she was an Island Kougra made me go on.

     I couldn't think about anything else. It was all about Firaga. I then looked at the air and realized that I really was a bullet. My wings flapped harder and harder.

     As I was in flight, I took off my backpack, and I got out my spear. "I can't believe it. I am going to see Firaga again," I said to myself as I twirled around my spear.

     For some reason I felt sorry for my spear. It was just collecting dust all this time when it should have been in use. I am meant to be a fighter. I am fast and I am strong, and my owner spent a lot of money on the spear. Why did I ever neglect my training?

     I then found myself right there where the pirates were. They were standing right in front of the castle. I saw the pirates. There were Aishas, Blumaroos, Chias, Elephantes, and many other Neopets there. I saw Captain Woodbeak. He was a really well groomed pirate. He looked mean and strong. Then there was a Pirate Kougra.

     It was Firaga. She was right there. I couldn't believe it. I was actually seeing her for the first time in what seemed like forever. I thought we would never meet again. I could hardly breathe. She seemed to have become a real pirate. She looked like all of the others, but more like Captain Woodbeak than anybody else. She looked like the wisest pirate there.

     They were storming up to Brightvale's castle. I have to save Firaga, and I have to save her right now. "No!" I yelled as the door slammed right in front of my face.

     I ran right into the castle door. Could I have been any stupider? I pulled the door open and ran right in. I panted like crazy, and I was more tired than I ever had been in my life. I barely had enough energy to stand up.

     I could hear yells of pirates echo throughout the castle. The king seemed to be really worried. He made no sounds. He just was sweating like crazy. He was panicked because the pirates were searching for his treasure or something like that.

     I didn't care about anything like that right now. I just had to do something, and I did the first thing that came to my mind. So I happened to scream, "Firaga!" at the top of my lungs.

     Firaga's head popped out of one of the doors of the castle. She looked at me, and I looked at her in joy and happiness. I couldn't believe it. We were actually meeting. Firaga looked at me so confused, though. She just looked nervous. Then she just went back to whatever she was doing.

     It took me a couple minutes to realize what was going on, but now I just figured out that Firaga doesn't know who I am.

To be continued...

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