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The Pirate Letter: Part One

by czenko28


Dear Kera,

     You have not heard from me for months, but I still remember you like yesterday was the last day we met. I miss you dearly and I am sure that I have transformed a bit since we have been away. Ever since that day, life has changed so dramatically. I am sorry to tell you that I am not doing all that well.

     I haven't made any friends since I have set sail on the pirate ship that day. Everyday I think of you, and how good you were to me. Life is pretty harsh here. The food isn't tasty at all. The pirates here aren't at all friendly. All they do is think about treasure, and that someday we would all be rich. I don't want to be rich. I want to be home. This rusty, old ship isn't home.

     You remember the day when I went away, don't you? We were the happiest little island Neopets. We played together all the time back then. You were the nicest Shoyru I ever knew. You are actually the closest friend I have ever had, even though we are far away from each other. I know that we are the closest Neopets. in Neopia at heart.

     That day when I left, we were playing volleyball on the beach. We were both pretty strong Neopets. We trained often. We played volleyball all the time. We were both pretty good, but we were the best as a team. When it came to team sports we were different, but that combined to make the perfect team. You know, I don't think we have ever lost a game of volleyball together. Have we?

     I wish I had never seen that pirate paint brush that day. It was just so pretty. I had to pick it up. That was the most expensive possession I have ever gotten. The paint on the tip of it was so shiny. Pirates did look pretty cool at the time, but now I just can't stand them. All they have is tattoos and piercings. They have no sense of color at all. It is sad that I am one of these pirates, and I have to wake up to the same pirate body everyday. How could I ever think that they were cool?

     We were so exited when we found the paint brush. We just argued for hours about who would be the neopet to be painted. You insisted that I would take it. So I did. I don't blame you for making me take the paint brush. If I didn't, then you would. I deserve this torture more than you do, anyway.

     We took a boat all the way to the Rainbow Pool. I hadn't been to Neopia Central in so long. Neither had you. The place was swarming with Neopets. The place was crammed full of shops and new places to go to. We just wanted to run into all of the shops and go shopping. We didn't have much money with us. Our owners would spend all of their money on codestones. So there was really only one choice, and that was to go to the Rainbow Pool.

     You couldn't bear the excitement. Your knees were shaking like crazy. You dragged me up to the Rainbow Pool. You insisted on being the one to paint me. The second I gave you permission you just blobbed it all on me. I was just covered in goo from the paint brush. I remember not knowing how the paint brush worked. You had to tell me what to do. "Dive into the water, okay?" you said to me.

     Without a word of hesitation I just leapt right into the pool. The magic water swallowed me. It was a great experience. The water felt so nice. The blob of paint started to soak into my skin, creating a grayish color. I held my breath as long as I could. I swam around in circles as the paint spiraled around me. My new look was forming right in front of my eyes. I just thought it was so amazing. There was finally a point where I couldn't hold my breath any longer and I had to swim out of the water. I was no longer an island Kougra, but a pirate.

     I had a scar across my eye, and a ripped ear with many ear rings lined up next to each other. A red bandana stretched across my head. I looked fierce. Actually, I still do look like that. I was the strongest looking Neopet on Mystery Island. I was a pirate. What more could I want?

     When I walked out of the pool with my new look, you were jumping up and down. You were so happy to see me as a mighty pirate, and I was too. We laughed with each other for no reason next to the rainbow pool. The sun was shining brightly and the rainbow pool glistened as we laughed.

     Today I think you would have been the better pirate. You are so adventurous. I am not that way at all. I would prefer to sit here and write this letter to you. Most of the pirates here don't even know how to read and write. That makes me different from the others. They were painted at such a young age that they can't even remember anything else.

     We walked away from the rainbow pool with such joy. I looked so strong, and my voice changed a little bit (you know, saying 'ahoy' instead of 'hello.') I was a strong Neopet. You knew that. It just didn't really look like I was that strong back when I was a Mystery Island Kougra. Well now I looked like the strongest, meanest Neopet in Neopia. Everybody would be afraid of me when we got back to the island. Nobody would take my lunch box when I went to Neoschool or any of that stuff. I was free to do anything I pleased, and that feeling was good.

     When we were walking back to the ship to go home, a pirate spotted us. It was an Eyrie. He had the latest issue of the Neopian Times in front of his face. He was not looking at the Neopian Times. It might have been because I was a pirate, but he was interested in me. My sharp eyes caught him. The pirate Eyrie saw this, and began to spread out his wings.

     Why am I telling you this story? You were there to experience all of this. You remember the horrible sight of the Eyrie flying right at us. Yes, it was a horrible sight. I was telling you how I was feeling invincible. So I wasn't afraid. I was ready to fight. The only problem was the fact that I had no weapon.

     You saw how the Eyrie just twirled around me and held a sword up to my neck. I just stood there, helpless. I saw you. You had tears in your eyes. You wanted to attack, but you didn't have a weapon either.

     You heard how the pirate demanded how I joined his team. You saw what happened, and I was just so grateful that you tried to attack him even if you didn't have a weapon. I remember you jumping on him and trying to use ninja moves on him, even though you didn't know ninjas very well. I was so happy that you tried to help me, but I couldn't slip out of his arms.

     When he knocked you to the ground, I gave up. It was hard. I said, 'fine, I will join ye crew.' I didn't even have time to say goodbye to you. He just put his sword against my neck once again as we walked to the ocean where the pirate ship rested.

     I can remember your face so clearly. The expression you had when I left you. You didn't cry, but you were breathing heavily. I could tell that your heart was beating rapidly. You were just so shocked. You didn't move an inch. You didn't say goodbye. You just stood there, lost.

     I cry remembering this horrible day, but you know I am still here. I still remember you everyday, and I hope you do the same. I have mentioned how life is like here, and it isn't pleasant at all. How is life back home? I hope you are having an okay life without me.

     The Eyrie's name is Captain Woodbeak. He is the smartest and strongest pirate on the crew. He seems to like me more than the other pets. I don't know why though. It might be because of my knowledge to read and write, or maybe it was the fact that I came from Mystery Island. Well, he is the Neopet I like the best. He is stronger than I would ever be. There is no way I could compare to his strength and skill. It seems I could never leave this crew. I am stuck here forever.

     When I got on the ship, the pirates taught me everything I needed to know. After the teaching was over, Captain Woodbeak came up to me and presented me with a Fire Sword. He told me to always have it by my side. I never would know when I might need it. He told me that I would have to use it often. He told me to use it well.

     The Fire Sword is my closest friend now. I can handle it better than any other pirate in the crew. I am actually the only Neopet here that has a Fire Sword. I use the Fire Sword with such great skill now. It is amazing. It has never let me down, but no matter what sword, they don't make good friends.

     I am heading to Brightvale now. I better get going. I wish to see you again. Maybe someday fate will bring us back together. I just want to see you one more time.

     Your friend,


To be continued...

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