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Full Moon Fever

by squeemush


I awoke with a start, frightened at the horrible nightmare. I stumbled around and was quickly brought back into reality. My fur was damp with sweat. It only took me a moment to remember that the horrible nightmare I had was real. My pajamas were ripped and slashed, and a stinging on my arm was quickly identified as a bite. I don't know how or why but I was in one of Neopia's most disgusting, dirty, rotten and gross alleyways. Considering the large piles of trash and bright lights shining in between the buildings, I was in the middle of Neopia Central. The moon shone brightly. Full.

      A growl rang out behind me. Green eyes glared at me from inside a trash can, the lid shadowing the figure. Those eyes were so frightening. I turned to run and stepped into the moonlight. Before taking another step my ears rang and my head began to spin. My chest was on fire and my arms rippled and bulged. I tore through my already damaged pajamas and felt my tail, fangs, and claws lengthen. I had more of a desire to eat. I have never felt such a powerful craving for food. So I took off into the night. Not bothering to find the owner of the green eyes. Not caring if my bare paws stepped onto broken bottles of sand or grackle bug sticks. I just ran. Eat eat eat. I didn't care about anything else. Eat eat eat. So I ran. I ran into the darkest parts of the night. Eat eat eat. That's all I planned to do.


      My job is not an easy one. I hunt down the most vile villains and creatures to try to bring out their former side. Tonight I've heard about a Werelupe terrorizing the local Neopians. I stocked up with bones and chew toys and, of course, chocolate Chia treats. Hey, it takes a Lupe to know what one wants.

      I approached Neopia Central with a certain haste. The Werelupe's mind is one of hunger. Lots of hunger. I loaded my homemade gun with Chia treats, and scanned the streets. Nothing…nothing…there! In the bushes! A large figure roughly the size of two Grarrls dove behind a bush. I sneaked behind him slowly. He cocked his head and sniffed the air. I couldn't help but notice how puppy-like he looked. I prepared to fire. He turned around and barked a perfect target. I shot a Chia treat right in his chomper and he let it melt in his mouth with pleasure. Just as I suspected. No Lupe in any state can resist the chocolatey goodness of a delicious Chia treat. Good thing I loaded them with sleeping powder.

      Three hours later, at about midnight, he finally awoke. I leaned back in my chair.

      "Welcome back."

     The creature shook at the bars of his cage madly, so I threw a normal Chia treat his way. He devoured it hungrily and instantly quieted down.

      "Yeah, roar, roar to you too, buddy."

     He began shaking the bars and screaming again, and noticing I was out of Chia treats, I threw a bone and chew toy. That seemed to quiet him down a bit. No matter how many times I did something like this, I just can't bring myself to leave the creature in the cage for the night. I wait for the moment that he seems to be most interested on his new playthings and unlock the door. Very quickly, I dash to up the stairs and lock the basement door. He seems to have not noticed that the cage is open yet, but I'll know when he does. For now, I shall observe him. I walk outside and take a few stairs down to the basement window. And so I wait.


     I prowled around a bit after slightly satisfying my hunger with a half eaten ice cream, until I found a particular shiny thing in the bush. I bit it and found it inedible. I stopped. Something smelt like cheap soap. I turned my head, and whipped around, barking. There was a blur of brown before a delicious thing flew into my mouth, half choking me. I gobbled it down instantly, and almost figured out what it was before falling into a dark and long slumber.

      I woke for the second time this night with fear I was in danger, and for the second time that night, I was. I grabbed the bars of my prison and shook them madly. I had to get out. I had to eat. Someone said something I couldn't understand in my current state, so I shook some more. Another one of the delicious things flew out in front of me. I gobbled it quickly and went silent in pleasure. Another slur of speech I couldn't understand, and I suddenly I realized the source of it was coming from the brown smudge I saw behind the bush.

      He did this to me. I shook the bars and roared louder than before. A bright red thing that squeaked when I bit it and a hard white thing that tasted like beef were thrown at me. I chewed on both of them and didn't have time to bark any more. There was a door slam, and a metal lock. I was enjoying my new items too much to care.

           After a little while, the things got boring. I swallowed the beef flavored thing and squeezed the air out of the red one. I found the door to my metallic prison open. I sniffed at the door curiously, then pushed it open and stepped outside. Not much of anything to look at.

     In a sudden fit of unexplainable rage, I destroyed. I smashed a chair as if it were made of cardboard. I kicked a desk and sent it flying. I scratched and ripped at the posters I didn't bother to read and broke the bright light that hurt my head. I jumped in fury and rage and felt my body tingle. I looked outside the window. A figure quickly jumped away from view, but I had no interest in it. The moon rose higher. My muscles screamed out in pain, and the ringing in my ears returned, only this time a thousand times worse. I felt myself grow until the tip of my ears touched the ceiling. The pain was unbearable. And just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. I was bigger than before and maybe a hundred times stronger but my hunger also multiplied. I punched the wall, furiously now. Something shattered, and a gasp rang through my ears. An open space, just big enough for me to squeeze through as now viable from across the room. I dashed to it.


      He did nothing at first, but I saw him tire of the toys. He ate the bone whole and popped the squeaky toy. He grew irritated but then noticed the open door. I felt warmth in my heart knowing that I did right. That lasted for about two seconds. He began trashing my basement, though I expected no less of him. He broke everything, and suddenly looked my way. I quickly avoided his glare but couldn't help but think he saw me. Suddenly he began to scream. I looked back and my eyes widened in fear. He was huge now, a giant. He must've also gotten a bigger temper because he began pounding the wall. My window broke. I gasped and took off running. I dared to look back and saw him wiggle out from the hole, and begin to chase me. I was fast. He was faster. He pinned my wrists down and licked his lips. I tensed myself, and felt him bite me. He took a good bite, but he didn't take anything lethal. The Werelupe stood up and stared at the sky. I looked up. The sun began to rise. As the werelupe changed back, I examined the bite. Not bad, but a werelupe bite none the less. I knew what that meant. I was one too. I was scared but a strange excitement ran through me. I didn't have time to think about it anymore.

      "Da-dad?" A familiar voice rang through my ears. My son kidnapped by pirates and dropped off on Krawk Island. Rumor had it a brave pack or Neopets had beaten the pirates and returned the children to their parents. The Neopian Times had said that each children had been returned to their rightful parents and…

      "All but one." I recited the words of the Times. My son had made it on his own. I wrapped him in a hug and felt tears run down my fur. Yes, I am still a new werelupe, no way to change that, but now, with my son, it didn't feel so hard.

The End

Author's Note: This story is dedicated to fireandwater2121!

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