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The Forgotten Neopet

by phsycoticdancer


Peophins are rare magical creatures. They are very shy and don't mix with other species very often. They are rumoured to bring good fortune and happiness to those around them.

Waves wear constantly against the deserted northern shores of Mystery Island. The hut of the Island Mystic can be seen through the morning fog, and the Lost Village lies in the south. The sands are a depressing grey color, with the occasional glint from pottery that washes ashore. Whether it is Maraquan or from Geraptiku, one cannot tell, as the two are too similar to be distinguished from one another. No living creature stirs in the area, just the sounds of the sea, wearing away at the sands of time.

     I like to take strolls there in my free mornings, as the empty beach provides to my thoughts what a blank paper does a writer- a place to think. Local superstition keeps both natives and tourists away, and most people never venture farther north than the Training Academy or the Trading Post. Sometimes, however, a lonely straggler of the Mystery Island plot might come searching for clues, or a poor newbie still trying to find the Mystic Kyrii avatar may somehow lose his way.

     Imagine my surprise, when one morning as I was walking, I saw a Neopet emerge from the deserted Geraptiku and disappear into the waters. After some time, it did not reappear, and I wondered, what sort of Neopet can travel both above and beneath the waves? From my brief glimpse of it, all I could remember was the beautiful, shining gem on its forehead and the grace with which it moved.

     My question was answered as, a little while later, the Neopet reemerged. I was astonished to meet the large, brown eyes of a Peophin, and not just any Peophin, but a grey one at that. I stood rooted to the spot, stunned by what stood before me. Many people do not believe in the magic of the Peophin's gem, and most think that it is there to adorn the Peophin's homely and modest appearance. Perhaps it was because I had gained some appreciation for its beauty that it chose to show me its true abilities (thus starting out by freezing me where I stood).

     Unable to take my eyes off of its glowing gem, I watched the Peophin come ashore. Though I was mesmerized, I was interested in seeing how it could come from water to land. Even the Uni, who is a land animal to begin with, cannot leave the water once it has been painted Maraquan. This Peophin, with the greatest ease, used its forelegs to pull itself onto the beach. As it came towards me, I saw that its hooves trotted along the sand like a Uni, while its tail and fin moved like the Hissi.

     It came within a short distance of me and snorted into the air cautiously (can this human be trusted?), before looking straight into my eyes, as if it could read the thoughts that tumbled behind them. This seemed the experience of a lifetime! "...Rare, magical creatures..." Rare, indeed! How many Peophins can be found featured in the gameroom? And how many are seen in the still snapshots of the Maraquan war? Even Peopatra, who sells pottery in what (according to legend) used to be her underwater kingdom, keeps hidden behind her veils and tents to avoid the sand and scorching heat. I was wont to take the opportunity to observe such a fantastic creature up close, except that its solemn demeanor told that it had another purpose to fulfill.

     Having finished examining me (I obviously meant no harm), it approached and seemed to beckon for me to place my hand upon its head. I wanted to stroke its coat, as it is said to be tougher than scales but softer than the fur of a baby Gelert, but my hand was drawn to its ever glowing jewel. My hand tingled at the touch of the smooth, cold, metal-like crown (no one knows what the Peophin's crown is made of), and for a moment, it seemed that time had stopped.

     The Peophin's eyes glowed, and its mane flew wildly around it, though no wind blew. The sea ceased its roar, becoming still enough to walk on, and my senses seemed surrendered to the Peophin's power...

     Hello, stranger.

     The voice was female, and so musical that it sounded like bells within my mind, yet I understood what was being said.

     Much time has passed since humans roamed these lands. Many ages ago, I had a name, and an owner, who lived in this village.

     I saw the skies clear, and the sea draw back. The sands were white, and the ruined village rebuilt itself... I heard children laughing, and saw the Lost Village of Geraptiku as it once was.

     There once was a time when all Peophins belonged to the village of Geraptiku. We were prized above all things in Mystery Island, and we served our owners faithfully and with much adoration.

     The scenes of her story unfolded before me.

           The faeries of the island, the ancestors of Jhuidah, granted my species and our descendants a magical gem to wear upon our crowns. In turn, this gem allowed us to use magical abilities, some of which were made stronger by the love between owner and pet.

     Then, the inevitable occurred, and Mystery Island was discovered by the rest of Neopia. New species were introduced to the island: Myncies, Kyrii, Techos, Nimmos, and more. The novelty of these new pets caused the descendants of our original creators to forget the traditions of old, and forget about the Peophins who, for so long, lived in harmony with their people. The population of Geraptiku dispersed, some leaving the island, the others traveling south to join the Tiki Tack Man in the Mystery Island Market as all of Neopia came to visit the newly discovered land.

     Our forests became overrun; our village, neglected. The Peophins of Geraptiku became outcasts, as we were neither bound completely to the land, nor did we belong completely to the sea.

     The eyes of the grey Peophin dimmed slightly, and I saw the sands, sea and village fade back to their current state.

     Ever since then, we have roamed the seas, forests and mountains in search of a place to belong again.

    The faeries granted us long lives, wisdom, and the ability to bring good fortune to those around us, but these things cannot bring us the true companionship we seek.

     And so we roam alone, shying away from the people of today, constantly hoping that the days of yesterday may come back... and maybe... once again...

     The grey Peophin took her snout out from under my hand, and her deep brown eyes looked mournfully at the old village. I closed my eyes, remembering the images that I had seen, and when I had opened them again, all I saw was a grey flipper slipping silently beneath the waves.

     I stood alone on the beach, sharing in some of the hope that these Peophins would someday find their home again.

     I appeal to you, my readers, to take a little time out of your busy Neopian lives and walk alone on the northern beaches. Perhaps you will hear the music, the lonely call, of the forgotten Peophins of Geraptiku.

     Fondly Yours, Psycho

The End

Author's Note: The legends of Geraptiku have been fabricated by the author and have no relation to its real creation.

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