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Week - 262

Once Upon A Ship
by monkeybytes
Description: The Poogle quickly ran up and down the cages, looking in each one. They were all empty! Every last one. Each door swung open on its hinges. She knew immediately what she had to do...

Week - 268

by jellybeanott
Description: We can go trick or treating now.

Also by monkeybytes

Week - 271

A Slorgtastic Christmas!
by jellybeanott
Description: Really, you didn't have to!

Idea by monkeybytes

Week - 275

Slorgarific Adventures: Happy New Year!
by jellybeanott
Description: Halloween was months ago!

Written by monkeybytes

Week - 285

Lucky Everything
by monkeybytes
Description: "You didn't! That's the third time this week!" Pinc cried. Crystal had won a Spotted and Speckled Paint Brush in the last two days...

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