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Week - 229

Rule Number One on Terror Mountain
by shadow_zapdos
Description: I may not be the smartest Lupe in Neopia, but usually I'm smart enough to not do anything TOO stupid... up until about two weeks ago. I was on an errand to Terror Mountain with my sister...

Week - 232

No News is Bad News
by shadow_zapdos
Description: "Well, that's not the point. I can't believe that they'd cancel my birthday! Lack of interest-huh! I'm plenty interested!"

Week - 252

DUH! Incorporated - Something Has Happened!
by shadow_zapdos
Description: The Lava Ghoul floats menacingly...

Week - 260

DUH! Incorporated - Epic Proportions
by shadow_zapdos
Description: WHAM!

Week - 268

DUH!Incorporated - Anger Management
by shadow_zapdos
Description: RAWR!!

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